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Mine was carbon/kevlar nice light 39 lbs took it out one day when it was a little rough on our local lake and I was having fun as I paddled into the waves 1-3 footers coming off the starboard bow but when I turned around to go back with the waves off my port quarter I could not get that thing to go downwind the bow just wanted to go into the wind I was pretty well wore out by the time I got back I just kinda let the wind push me sideways for awhile while I caught my breath.It needs a skeg or rudder for those conditions and since I don't like either(I prefer a hull that can be managed without those devices) I sold it.

I use these pretty much all the time for kayaking,my boats are usually pretty low volume Greenland style,so these work great,where a standard wet shoe or boot won't work.Another nice thing about them is you can turn them inside out after rinsing for drying and they dry faster than the standard wet shoe or boot.

I have paddled and owned many kayaks,I think the recluse is one of the best for my size, 6' 200lbs. Mine is about 39lbs,It's a 2000 model in pretty good shape I bought it used from the second owner. It still had some rough spots on the inside that needed to be sanded. I normally paddle it for 2 to 3 hours on our local lake and river. When I first got it I removed the fore and aft hatch covers that had the wood cut out on top of them they looked kind of funky and they felt pretty heavy too, so I replaced them with some better looking and lighter flush screw in hatches.
I enjoy making it go straight in all kinds of wind and wave and keeping it on course without skeg or rudder using only paddle strokes and braces.

Beautiful kayak,I like how it looks, it has more cockpit room than my Tahe Greenland, but I think it is more suited for rougher water than on the calm lake where I usually paddle, my Tahe tracks straighter while the SS tends to wander a little when you take your paddle out of the water. It has quite a bit more rocker than the Tahe, I didn't get the chance to try rolling it but I talked to someone who owned both and they said the Tahe was easier. I used it probably 5 or 6 times on our local lake.

I have been in many kayak models and have found that the seat pad that comes with CLC boats kayak kits is one of the most comfortable and inexpensive.I have replaced the seat pads in just about all of my kayaks with this seat pad and have no regrets.It is lightweight and simple to install.

Nice boat - 2006 model - foam brick for back support is horrible... trying to rig up a backband; foot braces are cheap plastic keepers... replaced with aluminum. Is just a little harder to roll than the Greenland; rear deck is a little high for layback rolls, hatches stayed dry after numerous rolls.

I would prefer a different hatch maybe a screw in. Original hatches had a small piece of rope drilled threw cover, it didn't seat properly till I removed them, Now I pry open the hatches with a piece of metal. Initial stability is a little more tender than the Tahe. 6ft 200lbs. I'm going to try and fix the seat issues and either keep it or sell it.

I have had my NRS Powerhouse jacket for a few years, I like most of their products and they are a good company to do business with, but the neck closure barely closes. I have a 17" neck and I don't consider it fat, I can barely get it to close on the velcro I guess I should have said something earlier to them, oh well. other than that the jacket is fine... I would have preferred a large pocket in the middle instead of the shoulder pockets but I think I purchased it on sale. Other than that it's a fine jacket.

I have paddled the Greenland all summer on calm water and up to 3 footers (wind driven and boat traffic). I bought it second hand but it was hardly used, I had to switch the foot braces around because they were on the bottom where my heels are, it was pretty hard getting in there but I did it. I didn't care to much for the hard seat so I took it out and put in a nice comfy CLC seat pad and shaved off 2 lbs making it 37 lbs. I also had to add my own thigh braces, I also removed the black deck rigging and replaced it with neon green, being that this boat is all black, I think it looks pretty cool now.

I am 6ft 200 lbs, and I fit in nice and snug, I usually paddle only for 2 or 3 hours at a time, this is probably one of the best kayaks I have ever paddled. An extension of my body.

Nice kayak, all black carbon version, probably one of the best kayaks that I have owned, I have went through many, very well behaved in wind and wave, I felt the skeg was unnecessary, for 48lbs, I wish they could make them around 40lbs and I probably would have kept it. They put the skeg slider right at my right thigh I had to cut the foam on the inside it bothered me, it protruded out about 3 quarters of an inch. If the bow and stern weren't so upswept it would probably be faster.

Nice pair of boots; it is nice getting in and out of the kayak without wet feet,would highly recommend them. Good company to do business with.