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I put in a review after owning a Magic for 6 months in 2003. It was a short great review. After using my Magic for over 8 years, it is still a wonderful canoe and I have no reason to replace, well maybe with another Magic? It tracks straight as an arrow, handles wind and current well, and is stable.

I have a QCC 600 that I also like. When I paddle my Magic with my kayak group they are shocked when I out pace them every time. They are surprised when I take the canoe out of the water using one hand! I am 64.

I have owned my QCC600 for over 10 years. It is an excellent kayak, please refer to my 2001 review.

I have looked at many kayaks over the years and I still think the QCC is best for me. Steve, the owner is wonderful and stands behind his product. My kayak has been flawless over the ten years and it is used primarily in salt water. I had a deck component fail and received a replacement in a few days.

QCC has been a great choice for me!

Five years and still going: I can't believe it has been five years since I purchased my 600. It it still a great kayak. Fast, stable and has held up very well. I recently did a three day paddle in the 10,000 islands West of Everglades City, FL, on the trip I got a chance to paddle with another QCC owner. It was great fun and paddling aginst a 4 knot current was fun.

I agree with all of the reviews. Of the numerous paddles that I have purchased, the Wayfarer is by far the best. I have the 2 piece carbon fiber model, it felt like it was a part of my body from the very start. My boat speed increased 30%. I can cover more distance in less time and with less stress. I typically paddle 10-20+ mile day trips. It is great for short trips too. This paddle is well worth the money. I purchased the two piece in order to travel more easily.

Camp Paddle Company, Bainbridge NY – Three years ago I was shopping for touring paddles for my wife and I. Coincidentally there was a review on canoe paddles in a magazine, of which I can’t remember the specific magazines name. They mentioned the Camp paddles as a quality well priced paddle. I found them on the net and spoke with Bev and her husband. I found them to be wonderfully helpful. To make a long story short I ordered two microlite bent shaft paddles and have enjoyed the light weight/quality construction and design for three years.

Recently in addition to Kayaking and Tandem Canoeing with my wife, I added solo canoeing having purchased a Bell Magic. I needed a little more paddle than the Camp microlite that I use with my Wenonah Jensen-18 so they recommended the FoxFire. They made a great recommendation and I have truly enjoyed this paddle. All in all they make a variety of quality paddles and are very knowledgeable and helpful. They are pros that paddle and have a customer focused family business.

I have paddled my Majic/Kevlar for about six months and have found it to be a fast straight tracking canoe that handles well in all wind and current conditions. For me it is a great tripping canoe. I can pack a fews days of food and gear along with my 70# labradore and move very quicking on the streams and rivers in Florida. It's narrow beam does make it a little tippy but once you are used to that the speed is well worth the stability trade off.

I purchased my Jensen 18 about a year ago based on the reviews on this site and a test paddle I took at Rudabagas in Madison, WI, the day before "9/11". My criteria was a fast light weight day and weekend tripper. The Jensen kevlar was all that and more. Previously my wife and I paddled in seperate kevlar kayaks, but when she paddled with me in the Jensen, she sold her kayak and only paddles with me in in the canoe. The canoe is fast, quiet and stable. It very easy to put on the top of our SUV and carry to the water. It is worth very penny. The people at Wenonah and Rudabegas were very nice and helpful too. They made the decision very easy.

A few friends thought I was foolish to purchase a kayak sight unseen over the Internet, but with the guarantee that QCC offers and the level of comport and expert advise that I received on the phone, it was an easy decision. Based on their advise I purchased the Kevlar model, yellow deck and white hull with skeg and the flag/light option. I recommend that you follow their expert advice. The kayak arrived in a "big-long" brown box, when I slid it out I was immediately impressed with the quality of workmanship and the components they used. The boat was flawless and it smelled good too.

This review is based on padding most weekends and several multi-day excursions. I also did a few open water crossings of over 7 miles in smooth and choppy sea conditions. All of this over the past six months. I used it for BCU 4-Star training and surfed inlets loaded with gear and water (250 lbs). The boat is dry, stable and seaworthy. What can I say except that I love the boat. I wanted a boat that I could solo paddle, that was easy to load on a car by my self, easy to pack for 3 day trips, and be able to portage. I paddled my 600 in winds up to 20 knots and tested the boat at all angles to the wind, the boats tracks straight and reacts to edging very well. The 21" beam initially feels tippy but quickly becomes unnoticeable. The great thing is the efficiency you gain from the overall design. The hull is fast and efficient. What I noticed immediately was that I heard now sound as I moved through the water at 4-5 Knots proving the great laminar flow of the hull design. The hatch design is flawless and the best that I have seen.

One other important item is the seat is comfortable. I have paddled without getting out of the boat for 6 hours and many 12 mile non stop paddles all with no discomfort, which is not true of the other boats I have owned. The QCC kayak is a great value and a great boat to own!!

I have been a Thule rack owner for over 20 years. I have ordered new components as I changed sports and changed car models (mostly Volvos(5) and Honda Accords (3)). I have moved kayaks, International Optimist dinghys, Lasers, plywood, and lumber, safely and efficiently. I would recommend Thule to anyone requiring a rack. I also recommend the Thule rack design application that is located at their web site. This expert system will helpyou design the right system for you. It has been great for me and for the people that I have recommend to use this tool. Thule is a quality product.