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Rhythm 11.0 Reviews

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The Rhythm 11 seems to be…

Submitted by: Paddler1234 on 12/27/2023

The Rhythm 11 seems to be well built but that’s where the pros end. I could not keep it tracking straight. It’s like standing on a ball so the experience is terrible. I called the company and they won’t stand behind it because I can’t locate the original receipt. They came up with excuses why it isn’t tracking but pretty much left me on my own. It’s disappointing that they won’t offer at least some sort of help because of a receipt. The serial number clearly indicates that the kayak is within the 5 year warranty. I’ll be looking elsewhere for my next kayak.


This is the first kayak I…

Submitted by: FFpaddle on 8/17/2020
This is the first kayak I have bought, I've tried many other ones but this one fits me well. I'm 6'4 and I don't feel trapped in it. Sometimes I struggle a bit to get out of it but overall it works for me. I've taken it on a lake and river. It was stable while on the lake when I would get waves from boats going by. With lots of room available you can store stuff for a day trip or for a overnight trip if packed correctly. The only real complaint would be the seat its not extremely comfortable but its doable.

I love my Rhythm!! I've had…

Submitted by: paddler779493 on 5/21/2020
I love my Rhythm!! I've had it for 13 years and it has stood up amazing well. My even has to spend most winter's covered outdoors and still okay. My one issue is the seal for the bulkhead went bad and I've tried and tried to fix it with no luck. So if I want to keep my things dry I put them in a dry bag. I do flat water and some white water. Very happy. It may track a bit off but I think that's more about my storage than the making of the boat.

I picked up 2 Rhythm 11.0's…

Submitted by: purdueguy on 5/6/2020
I picked up 2 Rhythm 11.0's at Dick's Sporting Goods last summer for my daughter and son. The size is perfect for their smaller frames, but they are not little kids, they are teenagers. My daughter is fairly short and it fits her very well. My son is bigger (but also not as big of a kayaking fan). I'm 5'10'' and I have taken it out and I really like it myself. It has a dry well, which I think is a very important thing on a kayak. It's a smaller cockpit opening than my kayak but I like that. Your knees are covered but there is plenty of room. Shock straps on the front give a place to strap on a water bottle and map. If it could use one thing it would be a molded place on top or a strap on the side to secure the paddle when not in use. All in all, this is a great rec kayak.

Pro: light for 11' (45…

Submitted by: paddler229681 on 5/3/2020
Pro: light for 11' (45 pounds); nimble; accelerates easily; comfortable; one bulkhead; does everything from flat to white water and Puget Sound quite well; Con: a little wet ride when in waves. Why do manufacturers drop good designs and replace with heavier ones. E.g., my Emotion Edge was replaced with heavier. Also, Jackson Riviera has gained 7 or 8 pounds over the years. I did not realize that and had to sell mine. I recommend the Rhythm if you can still find one-- a real Swiss army knife of a kayak, like the KLR650 is to motorcycles.

We recently purchased this 2…

Submitted by: purdueguy on 7/31/2019

We recently purchased this 2 Rhythm 11.0 kayaks for 2 of my kids. I also took it out for a test drive. It is a nice size for a smaller person, but is also fine for an average size man (I'm 5'10'', 160lbs). It is not too wide so you save your knuckles. It has a smaller opening that other rec kayaks, but is very comfortable. The pads underneath the deck are placed well. It felt like it cut through the water well, but took a little adjusting from my 12.6 kayak to get it to go straight. But after about 30 minutes I had it down. The one complaint I have is the foot rests. My kayak has a long level for ease of adjustment while on the water. The Rhythm's foot rest have to be adjusted at the foot rest so you have to reach way down into the kayak to reach them. Not so easy with the smaller cockpit opening. But once where you want them they are fine. It's always nice to have a dry well too to stash those things you don't want wet. All in all I would, and have, recommend the kayak for a beginner to intermediate kayaker.


I've had a Perception Rhythm…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/27/2019

I've had a Perception Rhythm 11 for 4 years now, having had it mostly in Lake Erie, Niagara River, and the Atlantic Ocean off Maine. It's a great boat. The best thing I added was an old pillow (not even waterproof) for my back. This tripled my comfort-time on the water. I regularly do 5-6 miles of paddling in active water. I like my F&S 230 cm paddle (I'm 6'1"), but just tried a Carlisle Magic 240 cm and liked that a lot too. Will probably try a spray skirt. I usually stay pretty dry even in 2-3 feet swells, but a breaking wave/wake dumps a cup of water in my lap from time to time.


I love this kayak (it is my…

Submitted by: 2Picky on 6/27/2018

I love this kayak (it is my second, the first is an Ocean Kayak). It is light enough and responsive. The downsides are the quality of the bulkhead seal, the fabric knee cushion around the cockpit and the seat.


This kayak is great for…

Submitted by: paddler443072 on 6/19/2018

This kayak is great for beginners! We have done both flat water and river trips with our Rhythm.

Pros: Affordable, Dry storage, Roomy Cons: tracks left a bit, feels heavy to paddle on flat water.

I took one star off for the cons listed above, but do recommend this kayak for beginners. Most cheaper kayaks will not track perfectly, but the inclusion of the dry storage makes up a bit.


Hey guys and gals,I have…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/14/2018

Hey guys and gals, I have been doing this a long time and I just got myself a beauty. I bought myself a Perception Rhythm 111 at Dick's and love it. I have had it out 5 times this week, 4 in the Chesapeake and once on the Susquehanna and she was a charm. I was in 1.5 foot chop with a 12 knot wind and it was fun. Tracks straight, so those folks complaining about drifting to port need to work on their paddling technique. I didn't experience any drift. It's a well balanced 45lb rec boat with comfort and speed. It has an incredible turning ability with little effort. Well worth the money. I use a small foam back pad because my 63 year old back has lost some of that muscle bulk but other than that the boat is a keeper. Well done Perception.


I purchased one of these…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/2/2018

I purchased one of these boats used for my daughter. After reading the reviews, I looked closely at the bottom and found it had a concave in the cockpit area. I repaired it back to flat with a piece of teak and a dowel and tried it afterward. The boat is very fast and tracks perfectly.


Just had mine out for the…

Submitted by: bubbagates on 9/10/2016
Just had mine out for the first time in a fairly slow moving river. I've read reviews both here and on other places that say it always wants to turn to the left. I found that if your paddling technique is fine the boat tracks well. I suspect those that say it turns left are right handed and use a little more power during that side of their stroke (right side of the boat). I tried exactly that and yep, it most certainly turned left, I did the same thing with my left side and had it turning right. The other thing I discovered is you do need to make sure your body is centered in the cockpit and that you are sitting straight up. Lean to one side and the boat tips into its secondary stability and wants to turn that way. Considering the design of the hull, that is exactly what should be happening. The bottom is essentially flat under the cockpit, has a deep see both front and rear and hard chines on each side going up the hull which is where the secondary stability comes into play.

I came from a very basic Pelican Trailblazer 100 which is a super stable boat so at first this one seemed a bit tippy to me but once I found my balance point and remembered to keep my hips Loose (hula hips LOL), that went away. In roughly 15 minutes I was already used to this boat and wasn't even thinking of it any longer. My girlfriend now uses the Pelican exclusively and she loves it but is a little jealous now that she has to paddle harder to keep up with me. By myself this will not be a problem, but with a slower boat, I've had to slow down my paddling.

The seat fit me great, it took no time at all for me to find the best setup for me. I like that it has small hooks on short bungees to strap the set back down for transportation. This is a great thing of you are not going to be using a cockpit seal while transporting the boat. I have one on order because I do travel some distance to go kayaking at times and without the cockpit seal, it kills gas mileage. I learned that will the Pelican because it's cockpit is huge so it like a big air brake on you car, especially if you mount it cockpit facing up or on J-Racks. Mount it up side down and it is better, use a cockpit seal and it's the best compromise

Basically the boat is very reactive and can easily be turned, stopped or accelerated quickly and also glides well. Be mindful of your technique and this is a fun boat and will do most anything you ask of it.


Great boat at a good price…

Submitted by: Philnsc on 5/4/2016
Great boat at a good price for a beginning paddler. I have had it on flat water as well as some 1's or 2's so far & it has done the job well. Sure it could use some other features, but you get what you pay for! A good paddling stroke will keep the boat in line just fine. I plan to take it on some more challenging water this summer, but at my age I'm ok with calm water too.

Purchased this from Dicks.…

Submitted by: paddler236456 on 9/1/2015
Purchased this from Dicks. Its an ok boat. My brother has the Perception Montour. These boats are the same except the rhythm does not have a skeg. In my opinion, this boat needs a skeg. It tracks straight enough if your paddle stroke is good but would be better with the skeg. Its a fairly sturdy boat, it seems to be a harder plastic than most of the other kayaks Dicks sells. The cock pit is on the small side so if you are fishing this is a serious minus. Leg room for my 6ft frame was good but the toe box is a little low when you have 10 1/2 shoes on. I returned mine after 3 outings.

I love this kayak. It keeps…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/28/2014
I love this kayak. It keeps on track really well and for it's size I can maneuver it fairly easily. I've had a bit of water get inside and I haven't had any problems with it seeping into my dry storage like some people have. My biggest complaint is that there's no drain plug on this kayak.

I took a short trip in this…

Submitted by: paddler235893 on 8/28/2014
I took a short trip in this kayak when purchasing it for my wife. The seat is very comfortable and the thighs pads are a great plus also, but that's about it.
The length and weight I don't like, tracking is bad and the yak is slow. But its very stable that is the only reason why I got it for my wife. I think it's a good beginner yak.

I am fairly new to Kayaking.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/24/2014
I am fairly new to Kayaking. I go on a river with mostly 1 and 2 rapids maybe an occasionally 3 if the water is high. I first used a sun dolphin Aruba 10 and thought it was fine. I purchased this boat last season and have had it out a dozen times. It is so much better. It is much easier to paddle in still water and maneuvers easily. The longer length tends to drag on ledges, but it's not really a problem, but I think I would have been better off with the 10' as I am 5'2.

I found the seat uncomfortable the first couple of trips out, but is good now. Storage compartment is large enough, but I have a little trouble getting it open. I choose this brand because I think it is a good value. I would recommend it.


Inexpensive kayak with not a…

Submitted by: gfdbiker on 8/3/2013
Inexpensive kayak with not a lot of extras. Average tracking. The kayak is pretty stable and has adequate storage for a recreational boat. I am 6'3" and am able to be fairly comfortable.

Nice kayak for the money.…

Submitted by: paddler235216 on 7/29/2013
Nice kayak for the money. Easy to carry on car top. Great for calm rivers, lakes, and pods - very stable. But the tracking could be better. I enjoyed my Perception 16 way better which had great tracking and was much faster. I would consider the Perception Conduit 13 over the 11.

I'm new to kayaking and after…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/30/2012
I'm new to kayaking and after a lot of online research decided on the Rhythm 11 kayak for my first kayak. Has rear hatch & bulkhead and for me a comfy seat.

Have taken it out 5 times over the past month and could not be happier. The boat is real quick on rivers and easily misses the rocks and handles small ledges with ease. Went on the lake twice and it tracked great with pretty good glide.

I would rate it a 9 in performance but given that I paid just over $400, I rate it as a 10 for value.


Was looking for a cheap boat…

Submitted by: rnsparky on 6/10/2012
Was looking for a cheap boat and boy does the Rhythm fit that criteria.

The poor - Cheap seat back, no cup holder with the seat, and no paddle park. For $20 more Perception could really enhance this recycled Dagger mold boat.

The notso bad - Nice lines, rear bulkhead with hatch.

The ride - This 11' boat is 'tween the performance of a cheap beginners 9' and a somewhat decent 12', The lack of a distinct keel line means the boat paddles a little swiggley. This is OK avoiding obstacles in a river, but kind of irritating in the wind on a lake.

In all, not a bad boat available for the mid-three hundreds brand new, just keep your expectations in check.


Just purchased this kayak for…

Submitted by: paddler234579 on 6/8/2012
Just purchased this kayak for my 11 year old son. He loves it. Didn't want me to use it. We purchased it for river and creek camping and it really seems like it will fit the bill. It doesn't track as well as my Manitou, but is much more turnable and stable. For the price, I found it to be fun, maneuverable and controllable. I'm 5'11" and 220lbs and felt quite comfortable in it. Just like my Manitou; it needs drain plugs though.

I've had my Rhythm 11 since…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/7/2012

I've had my Rhythm 11 since last fall. I bought it for extended river trips (3-7 days). I put 80 miles on the Duck River in West Tenn. on its first trip.

Tracks well except in windy conditions but a little stroke adjustment will keep you on track. Storage is good for this size boat and FYI, ALL bulkheads can leak a bit; use drybags. But it barely gets wet even when rolling.

Cons... Seat back sux. Adjustment strap from the factory was installed offset. This made the seatback lean to the right. Re-mounting the left side strap using the thigh pad screw fixed this. Seatback... Slides up very easy. Not so much going down. This is a problem for back deck rolls. The seat will slide up making these rolls almost impossible (I'm 6ft tall so my height isnt the prob)... These type of seats seem to be the standard for all Perception boats in 1 form or another. It would be better with a Jackson kayak style floating seatback.
Thigh pads... ? almost not there. Add some velcro to the top and bottom underside of the factoy "pads" and add some foam[shape to your comfort]
This boat comes with NO drain plugs!??? Invest a few $$ and put 1 in the bow and stern; opt for the good screw in v/s the rubber stopper style.

All in all a ok boat for a ok price. This would be a great 1st kayak VERRY stable for beginners.If this is your 2nd boat.. you might be disappointed.


I've had my Rhythm 11 for…

Submitted by: markkayaker on 4/18/2012
I've had my Rhythm 11 for nearly two years now and have been very pleased with its performance. I generally kayak calm rivers, lakes and ponds with no problems. It generally tracks well and is very stable. Even in rougher surf and choppy water, it holds up okay (although I have to put more effort into tracking under such conditions). I've taken this kayak over some rocks and bumped against some piers and, while it has a few scratches, it has held up well. I haven't had any problems with dry storage although, given that I usually just do afternoon outings, I don't use my hatch that often. All things considered, this kayak does better than similar craft in its price range and size. I'm satisfied!

The Rhythm 11 is a nice boat…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/6/2011
The Rhythm 11 is a nice boat for the price. It will be my creek and shallow river boat. Takes some effort to get any speed up, when you stop paddling it stops, and the width causes me to bang my hands constantly. I am 5'7 and weight 140 lbs. Tracking is OK but then again this is a short boat. Nice and sturdy, comfortable seat, and the bulkhead is a plus.

Love everything about this…

Submitted by: paddler234232 on 8/19/2011
Love everything about this boat except the tracking which is making me want to trade it for something different.

Picked this boat up at Dick's…

Submitted by: jsetzer on 6/14/2011
Picked this boat up at Dick's last week during their sale for $399. All together I am very pleased with this craft after my first short paddle.

It tracks well for its length and very maneuverable in narrow streams. The adjustable seat and pegs made for good comfort even after several hours on the water. A very sturdy boat that's still light enough to pick up with one hand.

The bulkhead leaks. It's obvious that the factory does not take its time in properly sealing the foam bulkhead material - all of the boats in the store looked the same. So be prepared to re-seal the bulkhead properly if you plan to use the rear storage as a dry compartment. I'm also going to add some buoyancy to the bow as it has none now.


I have had this boat for two…

Submitted by: paddler234037 on 6/3/2011
I have had this boat for two years and I love it. It adjusts well to my small size and is light enough for me to load onto my car myself. It handles well in the water and is a good all-round river/lake boat.

I took it on Paddle Georgia last summer. That week-long trip included everything from rapids to open lake. It never tipped, never swamped, and was able to cross the lake as well. Out of our group of about 400 paddlers this boat was considered one of the best all purpose boats. The long boats couldn't handle rapids and whitewater without tipping or swamping. The short boats wore out the paddler on the lake. This one was deemed just right.

The local kayak club does not encourage short boats. I went on a trip with them and borrowed a Carolina for my first trip out. Then I went out with another paddler on a short trip with my own Rhythm 11. I was told that it was fine to use it, because it did as well as the longer boats, and that I did not need to rush out and buy anything else. I was glad about that because I was more comfortable in my own little boat.

I have not had all that much trouble tracking; I just adjust my stroke. It turns very well. It is extremely stable and doesn't brace the same as a tippier boat, but it will still turn. It is not as fast as a 14 or 16 foot boat, but then that is the trade off.


This is an update to my…

Submitted by: nymtber on 5/23/2011
This is an update to my previous review. And it got worse.
While it's a great kayak, and VERY stable, tracking is just poor at best. I sold mine and picked up a Perception Conduit 13 (basically a Dagger Catalyst 13.0) and I should now have a kayak that tracks well. I updated for more reasons than JUST tracking, but that was a major reason.

If I wanted a short boat, I would look for something with a drop skeg, or rudder capable.
The Rhythm might, however, make a good boat for fast moving rivers... It IS very agile in tight spots.


I bought this boat on sale at…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/17/2011
I bought this boat on sale at Dicks last year as my beginner boat. I am very happy with everything about the boat. Its only downfall is the dry storage does leak a bit. I take it on the Hudson River weekly as well as creeks and streams, even brought it up to Lake George. I have never felt unsafe or tipped this boat. I'm rough on it and constantly launch from rocks. It takes the abuse well. It's the first boat I have ever paddled so I don't know how it compares to other yacks.

This is a great little kayak…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/30/2011
This is a great little kayak for creeks, streams, and fast moving rivers up to class III rapids. You could use it for lake and calm ocean (close to shore) use as well, but then you may want to buy a longer kayak that would track better. It tracks and maneuvers as well as it's size would suggest. It maneuvers worse than an 8 ft kayak but much better than a 14 ft, and vice-versa it tracks much better than an 8ft kayak and worse than a 14 ft kayak. This is what makes it ideal for creeks, streams, and narrow rivers where it is long enough to track fairly well but short enough to maneuver when called upon.

I bought this kayak mainly for weekend camping trips with friends. This usually involves leisurely flat water in winding streams and rivers, but also involves some slight whitewater excursions. I wanted something cheap enough I could abuse fairly well while being big enough to store a weekends worth of gear, clothes, and supplies while also being small enough to be able to maneuver well in tight, technical rapids. This kayak performed all the above admirably.

While this kayak's rigidity is pretty good for being plastic, it will never match the rigidity of a fiberglass kayak--it does flex, especially on the bottom when running over rocks during whitewater use. This does make it harder to paddle than a fiberglass kayak, but then again a fiberglass kayak would easily cost twice as much (and usually more) and not be able to take as much abuse.

This little baby was able to hold 3 sets of clothes in dry bags, 3 soft ice chests of the 9 can variety (2 behind the seat, 1 between my legs), plus typical camping gear such as my full size tent, backpacking stove, utensils, flashlights, towels, hygiene products, etc., with room to spare if I needed. I am 5'10" 180lbs and the kayak does not appear weighed down even though I store upwards of 60lbs of 'gear' (over 20lbs of the weight was due to beer, in full disclosure).

Weekend camping trips isn't exactly what it was intended for, but it does so quite nicely as we are mostly socializing and not in any hurry to get done anytime soon. In any event, even weighed down with my 'necessities' it still outperforms the canoes. Without any gear, it glides as well or better than any non fiberglass kayak less than 12 ft in length.

For what it's worth, the seat is pretty comfortable for a kayak, especially a 'cheap' one, but let's not get carried away: sit in anything for a few hours at a time and unless it's a plush recliner it's going to bother you a bit and need to be adjusted from time to time.

Also, the rear storage cover is water resistant, but not fully waterproof. As long as you remain upright it can take the occasional dunk as well as any water that naturally washes over the kayak during choppy water. I've never found any water inside the dry storage when this was the case. However, I had the misfortune once of having the kayak submerged under a log for a few minutes before I could dislodge it. When I opened the cover I found about a quart of water inside, which isn't much but absolutely enough to ruin electronics. So if you need to absolutely keep things dry (clothing, electronics, etc.), put them in dry bags before putting them in the dry storage compartment.

One last thing of note: if you intend to take it out in the rain or whitewater or just want to be prepared for the unexpected shower, you will want a spray skirt. It takes size medium skirt. I bought a medium Coleman skirt for my kayak and it fit snugly around the cockpit rim.


I purchased a Rhythm 11 in…

Submitted by: tcsspitts on 11/11/2010
I purchased a Rhythm 11 in August. This is the first kayak I have owned, and I wanted something myself, my wife, or daughters could handle as beginners. I have had it out several times on lakes in calm to mild chop. I have not had any problems with stability and it tracks fairly well. I am 5'10" and 205# and it seems to have not too much glide for me but my 5'4" 100# daughters seem to get plenty of glide out of it.

We find the seat quite comfortable and the bulkhead has proven watertight so far. The absence of a cup or water bottle holder is the only real annoyance. My next kayak will probably be a little larger so it can handle my weight better.


I bought 2 of these about a…

Submitted by: crausch on 7/21/2010
I bought 2 of these about a month ago. I have had them out 4 times now. I was worried about the reviews on the tracking, but not many of the shorter inexpensive kayaks seemed to track that great in reviews either. I love what I have so far for the price $399 each. Nice dry well in the stern, plenty of leg room, and I like the style. While I did find the tracking (at time in the wind) to require some extra paddles, it is not enough that makes me regret getting this model. When I am going with the wind this kayak can cruise along nicely and effortlessly. So far I am very happy with them. It is light enough that I can portage them and get them off the roof of my Chevy Tahoe which is fairly high. There were no drain plugs, but I have ordered some to install myself.

My one Rhythm was built in 11/2009 and had a foam block in the bow 12x12x3. My other one was made in 5/2010 and did not. They factory said that they discontinued installing the block as it offered no structural support and only gave 10 extra pounds of buoyancy. I think the coast guard recommends 65 pounds and with the dry well and bulkhead the kayak has 165 pounds of buoyancy.

Overall this is a good recreational kayak and the tracking should be fine for this use. I would not probably be happy with the tracking if this was intended for a touring kayak though.


I bought my Rhythm 11 last…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/12/2010
I bought my Rhythm 11 last week from Dick's Sporting Goods for $405, also bought a Swifty 9.5 for my 10 year old son. We took them on a 2 hour paddle on the Lumber River in North Carolina. The Rhythm 11 handled great, very comfortable seat, tracking was a slight issue at first but once a figured out how to shift my weight it was no problem. Storage compartment stayed dry. Plenty of room in the cockpit for my 5' 10" 175 pound frame. I rated it a 9 for not having a drain plug.

Took the new Perception…

Submitted by: paddler233648 on 6/14/2010
Took the new Perception Rhythm 11 out for its maiden paddle this morning--upwind in a slight chop, crosswind, downwind, flat water... about 5 miles total.

This is a great boat. It is light and responsive, fast and maneuverable. Because it has more of a rocker shape than "beginner" kayaks, it is much more responsive to steering strokes and body english.

Those who have reported issues with tracking may be more used to flatter boats and boats with more of a keel. This boat responds very well to leaning into the chine and has an outstanding balance between tracking and steering responsiveness.

The dry well was DRY, even though I took on water from hard paddling. The seat is exceptionally comfortable and has a wide range of adjustability. The cockpit is long enough to allow pulling the legs out and propping the feet up on the deck. The foot rests provided ample length for a six-footer with range to spare.

Others have said so, and I am inclined to agree, this may the best boat for the money available. On top of that, it looks really good, too. It is essentially the Dagger Element for significantly less. Got it on sale at Dicks for $399.


I just recently purchased…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/26/2010
I just recently purchased this kayak from Dick's sporting goods. The first night of my purchase I installed a YAK rod holder, being an avid fisherman and outdoorsman I wanted to combine my love for the water with fishing. I recommend setting up an anchor system for light travel fishing trips, it will aid well in keeping this model of boat steady with a 3lb grappel anchor. I think the rear storage is excellent, providing one of the best seals money can buy. THE bigger downsides have to be the lack of an additional bungee strap on the rear and the plugs in the front/rear for drainage.

A true recreational kayak…

Submitted by: paddler233602 on 5/24/2010
A true recreational kayak that does well even out of its intended use. I have had this kayak for a few months now and have rode it in everything from a small lake, rivers, the Chesapeake bay and the ocean. I must say for the price this is one of the better boats I have paddled.

My only complaints is that it does not have a drain plug. I have had this boat in the surf before where it does quite well for a recreational kayak, but due to the location of use it fills with water quite quickly with out a skirt. This is where the drain plug would come in handy. even with 3 or so inches of water in the bottom if you flip this boat to drain the edges around the cockpit does not allow all the water to be removed and must be sponged out. Not a real big deal but a plug would be handy.

The Zone seat pads and foot braces are a nice luxury even with salt water use and the sand I have had no problems of binding from the braces or the wearing of the seat pad. Not saying that it won’t happen but as of yet it is good to go. The dry storage compartment does it job quite well even after a day at the beach only a small amount of water entered the compartment which is to be expected from water usually swamping over the boat while landing, not really a big deal to me since the only thing I keep back there is float bags. Speaking of float bags if you use this for anything other than calm water I recommend float bags there is a small amount of foam installed in the bow from the factory but not nearly enough if you choose to push the term recreational which I tend to do.

On lakes, and calm rivers this yak does well I find it to paddle better than the Old Towne Loon and the Old Town Vapor all of which wear the recreational kayak badge. It tracks well for a shorter boat if one is expecting a kayak to travel in strait line I suggest a boat over 14ft with a rudder or skeg installed. The speed is also very comparable to the shorter boats. It also does better at surfing than the Loon, but the Vapor had a slight advantage that day because it is shorter than the rhythm. All of these boats were equipped about the same style spray skirts and float bags.

I know some folks are going to read this and think I'm crazy for surfing this boat, but to me a recreation kayak should do whatever I feel the need to do and this has so far delivered. It is not tippy, and easy to enter exit if you are in a market for an all purpose ship this one that should be considered.


Purchased the Rhythm 11 today…

Submitted by: paddler233606 on 5/24/2010
Purchased the Rhythm 11 today as a 2nd kayak for family - I have an 11' America series from Dicks Sporting Goods that I use for Lakes, Creeks and Rivers and it handles great and really steady no matter what. I took the Rhythm 11 out on a local lake with almost no wind and was not impressed. While my son stopped paddling my America Series it tracked straight, the Rhythm 11 turned terribly. It is rated at 275# and I'm 220, I stopped at a local dock and was going to swap with my son to see how he handled it and got dumped into the lake - never had that happen before under any conditions. Disappointed for a $400 on sale Kayak - I hope they take returns. Other complaint, no drain plug, to empty the Kayak, got drenched again carrying the kayak to my car.

2010 Perception Rhythm 11 Sport I just bought this kayak, which is available…

Submitted by: onesweetshot on 4/13/2010
2010 Perception Rhythm 11 Sport
I just bought this kayak, which is available at Dick's Sporting Goods, and had it out on the water almost immediately. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! This boat tracks great in wind or no-wind conditions, turns sharp and if you are a strong paddler it will really zip along quite well!

The boat is actually 11.1FT and I'm not sure why they market it as an 11.5FT boat, but oh well. I would recommend this kayak to anyone just getting into kayaking who enjoy daily or weekend paddles out on the local reservoir or lake... If you plan on taking it into water that is choppy I recommend a sprayskirt for this boat.

There was light chop on the water the other day, literally 7"inch to 8"inch chop and I got sprayed a few times and some of it was getting into the cockpit but no worries...it's only water. The price tag was brilliant with total final cost at $505. The awesome part for the price is that it has a dry hatch with a bulkhead in the rear and the seat is unbelievably comfortable!! I have had it on the water for a couple of hours at a time and not once did I get numb-arse'd. Brilliant little boat...great for anyone up to about 230lbs body weight.


I bought 2 from Dick's for…

Submitted by: paddler233216 on 7/8/2009
I bought 2 from Dick's for $400 each. My 11 yr old son and I took a 6-day trip to the BWCA in MN with these. Fishing from them was very fun and stable. Portaging was easy, but I had to double trip because 11 yr old could not carry kayak. I purchased Seals spray skirts which was very nice in the cold and rainy 50 degree weather. We were able to paddle much faster than the canoe traffic. If you are an avid paddler, tracking is a breeze. This is a very stable kayak. After much research, I think this is the best kayak in this price range.

I was reading other pages and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/26/2009
I was reading other pages and found that the Perception Rhythm 11 is very similar if not the same as the Dagger Element 11.2. This kayak seems to have been around for quite awhile with its first review here in 2004. So check out that review too.

I have pretty much the same…

Submitted by: paddler233137 on 5/27/2009
I have pretty much the same opinion as Ryan (5/01/09 review). I just started kayaking this year and bought an Equinox from Costco. That one tracks straight as an arrow, but my feet are a bit cramped.

I got the Rhythm 11 at a better than normal price and found that it has a much better seat and lots of room for my legs and feet. The only thing I don't like about it is the poor tracking which I think is more than a minor issue. I find that in any rough water or wind the Rhythm 11 will not hold a straight line for more than a few feet. If the nose gets a little off course, it veers to that side and takes several strong stokes to get it back on course. This makes the kayak tiring to travel distances in.

The Equinox is harder to paddle in general, but the constant course corrections required with the Rhythm 11 make it about the same level of effort to use on a trip. I am hoping to figure out something I can do to modify the Rhythm 11 to make it track better, but so far I have not found anything I can easily do.


Just bought this Kayak at…

Submitted by: nymtber on 5/1/2009
Just bought this Kayak at Dicks Sporting Goods, and I believe it is a model for this store only. Took it out for a quick mile and a half on a local iron ore bed. A very light kayak, around 40lbs, easy to carry the 75 yards from parking lot to shore alone. Held my 225lbs just fine, and stability was good for its size. Tracking wasn't as good as I hoped for, but it wasn't bad either, I think most of my tracking problems were being out of kayaking shape. The "Zone" seat padding system is very very comfortable, I look forward to a longer paddle in it someday soon. The rear hatch with the sealed bulkhead kept my shoes and socks dry as a bone while I paddled.

I can't give this a 10, as it could use better tracking, but overall I am impressed. Perception has won my support for future kayak purchases, as I own a Swifty II Tandem as well. I recommend this kayak to anyone looking for a light, easy to load on a car recreational kayak. I might add a Scotty Rod holder soon and use the kayak for fishing, too!