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Pro: light for 11' (45 pounds); nimble; accelerates easily; comfortable; one bulkhead; does everything from flat to white water and Puget Sound quite well; Con: a little wet ride when in waves. Why do manufacturers drop good designs and replace with heavier ones. E.g., my Emotion Edge was replaced with heavier. Also, Jackson Riviera has gained 7 or 8 pounds over the years. I did not realize that and had to sell mine. I recommend the Rhythm if you can still find one-- a real Swiss army knife of a kayak, like the KLR650 is to motorcycles.

I just got this on Black Friday for $229 at Dick's--not as good a price as some, but still around half the price of a Pungo or Pamlico. I have paddled a Pungo 100 and I don't see $170 difference!

The day I paddled, the water was very smooth, and I felt the Blast was plenty quick, though without the glide of a longer kayak. The comfort for one hour was fine. The bow had some movement with each stroke, but not bad--certainly not more than 5%.

I purchased the Blast because I wanted a small, easily cartopped kayak, that could do everything from flat water to class 2--and I am sure it can.

One last item I liked. When paddling some other rec kayaks, the bow wave can be frustrating and an obvious speed controlling factor--but the Blast is designed with a fine entry and stern. It rapidly spreads to a wide, stable mid section, but there isn't a big bow wave like I had in the Blackwater 11.5 for instance.

After I have tried it one a windy lake and on the river, I will report again. If it is as good an all round kayak as I hope, I will upgrade it to a 10.

BTW, I have paddled and owned several rec kayaks and sea kayaks, both solo and tandem. You buy a Blast, not because it is a thoroughbred, but because it is a prospector's donkey--a go anywhere, do anything, very low care kayak.

I took my Lost Pond 10 out on a windy lake and up a wind-protected river. It performed well in both circumstances. This was only my second time to use it, the first time in good weather. The lake was just beginning to turn to whitecaps, but the Hornbeck was great going into the wind. The bow raises beautifully to meet the waves, and the entry is fine enough to split the waves, rather than splashing them into my face. Holding a 45 degree angle was also no problem. This tracks great for its length.

A beginner would not like the primary stability (or lack thereof) but it is fine as you are sitting on the floor of the kayak. I used a OT Blacklight paddle and it worked very well. Not a fancy paddle, but light, inexpensive, and very functional. When I finally turned and went with the wind, the fun factor dropped. There was never a problem; I just like facing into waves.

In the protected water, the canoe showed surprising speed for its length. I think the fine entry has much to do with that. I have paddled some blunt bowed kayaks recently such as the Dagger Blackwater and this was more rewarding, though I cannot say for sure that it was faster. The 17 pounds is incredibly nice going on and off the car. The kevlar work is very nice. I cannot complain about any of its performance characteristics, as they are as much as one could hope for in this size of canoe.

The only complaint, and thus the score of 9, is the seat. It was fine for almost an hour, but that isn't long enough. I'll take a gel seat with me next time.

I'll report back after I have tried it on a river. I plan to adapt some extra flotation before I do.

The Frenzy is a good example of needing to judge a kayak for its intended use. I was visiting another town and wanted to paddle a little, so I rented a Frenzy. I immediately found a severe limitation--speed. But it was not intended to have speed, so I changed my focus from boat to nature and had a good time. Two other complaints were lack of support for my back and alway sitting in water do to the scupper holes.

What is the Frenzy good for? Any paddling where you are not supplying the forward impetus--creeks, rivers, surfing, etc. It would also be good for those who just need a platform for play--a very worthy use. If you want to paddle, look elsewhere; if you want to play, this may be your craft.