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I picked up 2 Rhythm 11.0's at Dick's Sporting Goods last summer for my daughter and son. The size is perfect for their smaller frames, but they are not little kids, they are teenagers. My daughter is fairly short and it fits her very well. My son is bigger (but also not as big of a kayaking fan). I'm 5'10'' and I have taken it out and I really like it myself. It has a dry well, which I think is a very important thing on a kayak. It's a smaller cockpit opening than my kayak but I like that. Your knees are covered but there is plenty of room. Shock straps on the front give a place to strap on a water bottle and map. If it could use one thing it would be a molded place on top or a strap on the side to secure the paddle when not in use. All in all, this is a great rec kayak.

We recently purchased this 2 Rhythm 11.0 kayaks for 2 of my kids. I also took it out for a test drive. It is a nice size for a smaller person, but is also fine for an average size man (I'm 5'10'', 160lbs). It is not too wide so you save your knuckles. It has a smaller opening that other rec kayaks, but is very comfortable. The pads underneath the deck are placed well. It felt like it cut through the water well, but took a little adjusting from my 12.6 kayak to get it to go straight. But after about 30 minutes I had it down. The one complaint I have is the foot rests. My kayak has a long level for ease of adjustment while on the water. The Rhythm's foot rest have to be adjusted at the foot rest so you have to reach way down into the kayak to reach them. Not so easy with the smaller cockpit opening. But once where you want them they are fine. It's always nice to have a dry well too to stash those things you don't want wet. All in all I would, and have, recommend the kayak for a beginner to intermediate kayaker.

I have had this kayak for 2 years now and entering into my 3rd season with it. This is my first kayak, but I really like it. I have used it on lakes, creeks, medium and large rivers. No serious rapids at all. I have a lot of fun with it.

It tracks and turns pretty well. Rigged to add a rudder, but I don't have one. The seat is comfortable, but also provides my one complaint: You can adjust the height, but if you lean back to hard it pops down on you (in a pretty hard way). But it is not a huge big deal. It is comfortable to use. I'm 5'10" and about 200 lbs. I'm looking forward to some day doing an overnight with it and carry my gear, but for now I don't really use the dry well except to store my skirt.

I recommend it. It is a good kayak. I just need more time to use it.