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The Montour 11.0 is a kayak brought to you by Perception. Read Montour 11.0 reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Montour 11.0 Reviews

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Great little…

Submitted by: paddler469801 on 10/2/2018

Great little beginner/intermediate boat, made even better by the retractable skeg. I have used this boat in just about every scenario besides open water and whitewater and it has held up admirably, tracking like a 13 or 14 ft. boat on flat water with the skeg down, and making agile turns in tight spaces on fast water with the skeg up. If you can find one of these used in good shape and you need an all-around boat that's small, friendly, and up for an adventure, snap it up.


I was in Dunhams Sports…

Submitted by: waterbeatle on 5/26/2016
I was in Dunhams Sports checking out the yaks and was not seeing what I wanted. Then I saw the Perception Sport Montour 11 which fit all my specifications, ideally. I'd never heard of it. Apparently it was distributed by Dicks Sporting and seemed to dodge the reviews in the Perception catalog. It was on clearance so I nabbed it and hoped it would perform to my expectations. The color was nice too-sunburnt yellow and orange. I read all the reviews including the one by dwz. Well any boat will plow going upstream or against a current. Anyway, I also have 2 other Perceptions-America 11 and Proline Super Sport (whitewater). I did reviews on them. I wanted a combination of these two and that's what I got. My comments are based on my maiden voyage on a very scenic flatwater river in southeast NC (Lumber River): The Montour 11 is really stable for a slim yak. Surprisingly so! It seemed heavy but it's not. 43 lbs is 43 lbs. I "plowed" upstream against a 4 mile current and did as good a time as with my Proline and the America. I was comfortable in the seat. There is enough room for me to stretch out. At 5'7 and 155 lbs, if I had to I could actually scrunch down in the seat and go under some very low obstacles. The cockpit is roomy enough not to be cramped and small enough to keep off water drip (that I get with the America w/o the spray skirt). With the skeg up I had more maneuverability but not like my Proline that corkscrews as soon as I stop paddling. That's OK. It is still more responsive with the skeg up. With the skeg down the yak tracks straight as it should (like my America) and you give up some maneuverability as expected. The slimness of the boat does give it some speed. I like having the choice for the sport or the "caddy". Someone said in a review that the boat was somewhat noisy with a gurgle. Well my Proline gurgles too. The America is quieter. I suppose the bow could have been designed to be more quiet. I guess all the wildlife will run away when they hear me gurgle down the river. Let me know when Percep makes a Ninja yak. Had no one mentioned it I wouldn't have even thought about it. And it was less noticeable going downstream. Another review mentioned a knocking with the skeg down as it (the skeg) weaves a bit as you paddle and knocks on the insides. I too heard that and was a little annoyed but then just got used to it. I suppose if I want to get obsessive about it I could fit some 1/8 plastic on either side of the skeg but I probably won't. I will get used to my subdued knocking and gurgling (like a mantra). Those alligators won't come near me! Or I'll turn the radio up! (That's a joke). Another comment was lack of a drain plug. Yep I could put one in. I read how to do it. But the hatch in back stays dry and I'd only have to worry about the forward half. I can manage it. My Proline doesn't have a plug. The America does and I rarely use it. Some people will "yak" about what their boat can't do or doesn't have. I'm looking at the boat for what it does. Remember this is based on one outing. I'll follow up in a year and present the rest of the story. Until then I'll be enjoying my Montour and be sure to give it some varied trials other than just on flat water. So far so good and I hope this helps someone else decide. See you on the water.

My husband and I have used…

Submitted by: Plink on 7/16/2015
My husband and I have used this yak for it seems like 5 years or so and absolutely love it. We bought a Perception Caster 12.5 to go with it. We used them on a small, fast moving river and also in the bays and inlets on the Atlantic. The skeg makes this kayak the perfect recreational boat. The difference is night and day when the skeg is down and you are paddling in a strong current. The yak is very stable, comfortable and as fast as any in the group that we paddle with. We would recommend a skirt if you are going out in the surf since it will take on a good bit of water if you have waves crashing over the hull! Adding a drain plug is imperative for this and for cleaning up at the end of the day. I found this kayak very easy to carry and load on my own. The bottom line? My husband and I both claim the Montour 11 as our favorite for recreational touring so we have sold the Caster 12.5 and are looking for another like the Montour 11.

I've owned or tried at least…

Submitted by: paddler236011 on 9/23/2014
I've owned or tried at least 10 kayaks and this is the worst ever. As another review states, "If you are going upstream or into a current, it plows terribly." When going into waves you are continually sprayed in the face by water. It also bounces up and down in waves and that not a good thing. Very bad hull design. The only good think I can say it it's fairly stable so it might make your kids happy.

This is my first and only…

Submitted by: dlk1862 on 7/2/2014
This is my first and only kayak. I bought it off of craigslist and have been very happy with it. I wanted something bigger than a 8' Costco kayak and this fit the bill. I have used it mostly in calm waters of 2' or less waves and have found it to be stable. I find that it drifts to the left but being right handed my strokes easily compensate. As an older model, I would give it a thumbs up for someone buying a used kayak as starter or knockaround kayak.

I have owned this boat for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/25/2008
I have owned this boat for about 2 years now. It is a PERFECT boat for what I want to do with it. The boat is designed to do a little of everything and nothing perfectly. I do not need a formula one car to drive to work or a H3 to drive on a gravel road. By the same token I do not run enough rivers to justify a WW boat, or tour enough to justify a 16' Kevlar sea kayak. VERSATILE is the best way to describe this boat. I can overlook some minor things to save some $. IMHO best boat for the $ for a rec. boat that needs to do it all!!!

I bought this boat for an…

Submitted by: mlopez2 on 11/5/2007
I bought this boat for an 11-mile float we run quite a bit. I have a 12' Pungo Classic and a 9.5 Sundance Perception as well. I thought this might be a closer equivalent to the Pungo. It wasn't.

I like to keep a small cooler between my feet for snacks, but the boat narrows so much, it is impossible to fit the smallest lunch bag down there. You have to put it in the hatch, which is difficult to get to moving, or have it under your knees.

If you add a half skirt for a cupholder , you can't step onto the boat without removing the skirt first or stepping into the seat and twist yourself around to get in (not desirable if you have sandy feet, then a sandy seat). I did not notice any benefit to having the skeg and I was last in the pack though I was paddling the whole way. Either of my other two boats would have been quicker.

I returned the boat. Though the store manager grumbled when he found out his clerk promised me it was returnable when I bough it, he took it back. I will look for another Pungo as it tracks much better, even without the skeg, and has the space at the foot area I prefer.

Now, I do have a friend who loved it so much he went out and bought one, but he's used to Otters. So, I guess it depends upon what your used to and what you're expectations are.


You get what you pay for:…

Submitted by: paddler232370 on 10/31/2007
You get what you pay for: this is a pretty mediocre boat. I purchased this when I was relatively new to kayaking, and looking for a solid all-around recreational boat. Perception does make some good boats; the design looked solid, so I got it. I wouldn’t buy this boat again.

If you are going upstream or into a current, it plows terribly. It's slow, no glide, and even w/the skeg the boat doesn’t track as well as it could. If you are going to spend $400 to $600 on a boat, you’re better off getting a used Wilderness Systems boat. You can’t go wrong w/the recreational boats. I have a Pungo 120 and a Tsunami 140, and believe that both are a good value for the price.

Try the boat first whatever you do, and talk to someone knowledgeable about kayaks (not the staff at Dick's or any other department store)!!


I purchased my Montour 12 at…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/17/2007
I purchased my Montour 12 at Dicks in August 07. I believe they only sell the 11 ft version now. It is my first kayak. I found it for $450 w/ tax. It was a '06 model.
I am hoping to use it for 3 or 4 day paddles. It has a capacity of 285 lbs. I love it except it tends to pull to the left. This is made worse with the skeg down. I am going to add bushings/washers to see if it helps as suggested by others. Also, the bottom has deflected at the seat. I think the bottom of the hull is a little to thin. Otherwise a great kayak.

Got my boat at Dicks for…

Submitted by: paddler232272 on 8/21/2007
Got my boat at Dicks for bargain of $199. It's my first 11 ft boat with a skeg, runs straight and fits my 5'9, 190 just fine. Only have experience in a 9ft Old Town 'Otter', so this is quite a difference for me.

I bought this boat from…

Submitted by: paddler232238 on 8/8/2007
I bought this boat from Dick's sporting goods. As other reviews on the Montour 11 have stated, I believe this is the "Pacifica" rebadged for sale exclusively at Dicks. The seat isn't the same, they did cheapen it down a bit, but I found it to be OK after re-routing the back band thru the slots in the seat back and also behind the right side of the seat frame.

As others have said, the skeg needs a little bushing out, but if you are mechanically inclined enough to remove a bolt and add a couple of plastic washers, this is no big deal.

I ran the South Fork of the New River on Saturday and I love the boat. I don't have any seat time in rec boats to compare it to (other than a Keowee 2) but I thought it tracked well without the skeg, and even better with it down. I thought it was responsive, considering it's length and almost no rocker. Plenty of room to squeeze a soft cooler between my knees, I'm, 5-10, 175#.

The boat is stable enough for me to surf a class I while your legs are out sunning on the deck. The dry hatch leaks if you roll the boat. It didn't come off, but it allowed a couple of inches in there after rolling twice in a class II. I'm working on fix for that though.

I was going to get an Old Town Dirigo, but it was 130$ more. I think it's great boat for the price of 499$


he Montour 11 was my first…

Submitted by: Jbead on 5/7/2007
he Montour 11 was my first kayak, purchased one year ago. Purchased from Dick's, it came down to a decision between a Perception America or the Montour. Glad I went with the Montour - while definitely a rec boat, it has some attributes that will make the transition to touring boats easier. I like the tighter cockpit, harder chine which makes it easier to edge and deployable skeg. The first time I paddled my Montour, I could not keep it from turning circles without the skeg - a year into it and the only time that I use the skeg is when the wind is really blowing. Compared to other rec boats I've paddled - Pungo, America, Aquasport, etc; I find the Montour to be more responsive.

What don't I like - at 6'0, 205 lbs I am pushing the upper size limit on this boat. The Montour has moved on to be my wife's boat and it rides much better in the water at her weight than mine. That said, the cockpit fit me pretty well with little adjustment - again compared to other rec boats I was able to "lock in" much more. One really annoying trait made worse by riding low to the water is the bow wake and general noisiness of the hull. This is not the boat if you dream of silently sneaking up on wildlife, at least not if you plan on doing that with much speed. I also wish the seatback was lower or it was easier to swap out for a backband. Carefully consider your PFD and how it interacts with the seatback. This is a real problem for my wife with her shorter stature.

I've paddled the Montour up and down my local lake, on rivers with Class I and II rapids, through salt marshes, inlets off the Chesapeake Bay and very briefly past the entrance to Murrell's Inlet into the Atlantic - okay, this was inappropriate. The Montour allowed me to experience all of those things, taught me a lot and made me much better prepared for my next boat purchase. Not bad for $349.


I read the reviews here first…

Submitted by: Stan_SS on 12/1/2006
I read the reviews here first before I bought this 11 footer. I was eager to replace my Heritage (9.5) that I sold here on in 2 days. One review that I read here stated that there was a problem with the skeg sometimes sticking. Another review said they needed to place a piece of plastic between the skeg and boat to keep the skeg from moving left and right (make a noise at each alternate stroke). When I put the kayak in my truck bed, I looked at the skeg and noticed a black piece of plastic... hmmm I wonder if the manufacturer put it there. The plastic was loose, so I pulled it out of the housing. I took it out two days later for about an hour and could hear the skeg knock against the boat with every other stroke. It tracked better than my Heritage, however the seat wasn't adjusted and it was rather difficult to adjust once in the water. It was easier to paddle than my Heritage, but the knocking annoyed me and I didn't feel like gluing the plastic on the boat. The storage area is a welcomed feature. I took it back the next day.

This was my first kayak. I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/2/2006
This was my first kayak. I have since purchased a Kajak Sport Artisan Millenium, but I still love to take my Montour out on creeks and streams in my area.

I've always been comforable in this kayak, and it handles well in all conditions with good primary and excellent secondary stability and fantastic maneuverability. I've had it out on 3 foot waves in Duluth Harbor without a problem, and it actually surfs quite well, with just enough speed to catch up to waves.

The only downside is listening to the gurgling sound off the bow when you are at cruising speed ~4-5knots. Sometimes it is soothing, but it can also scare wildlife away before you have a chance to see it. It does go away at lower speeds though.

The skeg is a very nice touch, and it helps the boat to track very well considering its short length.


Heads up, this boat is now…

Submitted by: coyoteguy on 9/8/2006
Heads up, this boat is now called the Pacifica in the Perception line, available in 11 and 12 foot versions, both with skeg. At some discount sporting goods stores, such as Dick's, it is rebadged the Montour. And interestingly enough, the new Pacifica is the old Dagger Blackwater, now a redesigned boat in the Dagger line. (Dagger, Perception and Wilderness Systems are all manufactured by the same parent company in South Carolina.) For a short boat with a skeg, there aren't many choices. The Pacifica and the Blackwater are two good ones to consider.

just got back from the maiden…

Submitted by: paddler231784 on 9/7/2006
just got back from the maiden voyage in my montour 11. We went to the big south fork of the cumberland river on a three day camping and paddling trip and I could not be happier. the boat was perfect on the class 1 & 2 rapids and ran great over the class 3 Devils jump rapid. You need a spray skirt for white water or float bags up front. Overall a great boat . the skeg helps tracking in calm water i did notice tha skeg sticking to one side or the other sometimes, mostly in current.I will be adding spacersto keep skeg tracking straight. great buy!

If you buy this kayak the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/24/2006
If you buy this kayak the first thing is to look at the skeg. My Montour's skeg was cocked off to one side, which caused it to favour left. The pivot of the skeg is not the greatest, but I fixed it with a 1/8" piece of plastic placed on either side of the skeg where the pivot bolt runs through. The skeg doesn't drop as easy now, but it now runs pretty true.

I have also noticed slight bows in the hull where the seat is mounted to the hull. Haven't look to see what is causing the bow, but it doesn't affect how the kayak runs. Other than that skeg fix it has been a really good kayak. Great looks. The weight is good too. Easy to carry around. I am 5'11', 180 lbs and find no problems with the fit of the Montour. I most run small rivers and calm lakes.


I purchased the Montour 11…

Submitted by: peegee on 7/27/2006
I purchased the Montour 11 and while it's not so great for me at 6'1" 190 lbs. it's ok for my wife who weighs 120'. With me aboard it's not as fast or as easy to paddle as my 12' Victory Navigator. I paid $500 for the Montour and $250 for the Navigator at Dick's and they are made by the same company. The Montour has better fit, finish, bulkhead, and large hatch but the Navigator is a better performing boat for me. Even with the drop skeg the Montour doesn't track as well as the Navigator. The Montour has an easier to adjust seat but it's no better than the Navigator. My wife is happy with the Montour as it's a great looking boat in the blue fade and I got her a matching paddle. Kinda like matching shoes and pocketbook - you know they like that stuff.

I am 230lbs of mostly muscle,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/20/2006
I am 230lbs of mostly muscle, and this kayak stays afloat as if I we 15 lbs. That skag comes in real handy on straight aways and calm waters. I do not notice a difference in choppy or white cap waters. The only problem I have is that it semms to pull to the right, but then again I probally need to just work on my paddeling. Overall I think this kayak is all anyone could want for light touring and light to miderate white waters. Turning is great as well as tracking.

I was mostly disappointed in…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/4/2006
I was mostly disappointed in the tracking and effort it took to keep the nose going straight. The bottom of the hull was so thin that there was a large area that was depressed and out of shape. To be fair, I must admit that I don't have much experience in kayaks, I was expecting more.

After spending many months…

Submitted by: billrammel on 7/22/2005
After spending many months researching and paddling many kayaks from several shops, I had narrowed my choices to a Dagger Catalyst & Blackwater. I stumbled upon a Dick's ad in the Sunday paper, advertising a Perception Montour 12.0 for $599 with a free "paddlers kit" (bilge pump/drybags/whistle/etc). I emailed Watermark/Perception to receive some technical information on the boat. They advised the Montour was made specifically for Dick's, and is not "advertised" in their catalogs or website. I compared the specs., and it is nearly identical to the Dagger Blackwater series, only in different lengths.

Since I was favoring a responsive boat, I decided to buy the Montour 12.0 from Dick's, and give it a try on a pond (they advised their return policy was liberal, so I could "try" it and return it if it didn't fit my needs. Red/Orange/Yellow fade is the only color available for the 12.0.

I have been very satisfied with my purchase. In my opinion, this boat is an improved version of the Dagger Blackwater. The nose of the Montour is turned up slightly more, which reduces the "submarining" effect I noticed on the Blackwaters. Other than this, the Montour dimensions, features, and handling are nearly identical to the Blackwater.

I've enjoyed the maneuverability on my local river, and the slight rocker allows me to hop over the occasional log. The skeg helps moderately for the straight flatwater stretches, but I seem to forget about it most of the time.

I would suggest taking a look at this kayak, if you're considering anything similar to a Blackwater. As I indicated, you will have a hard time finding information on it, since it is made exclusively for Dick's Sporting Goods. The price & features fit my needs well.