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Loon 126 Description

The Loon 126 is a kayak brought to you by Old Town Canoe and Kayak. Read Loon 126 reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Loon 126 Reviews


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Loon 126 Reviews

Read reviews for the Loon 126 by Old Town Canoe and Kayak as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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Pros: Very sturdy and stable.…

Submitted by: LJ64 on 8/31/2020
Pros: Very sturdy and stable. Tracks well. Well equipped. Not too heavy. Good dry storage and pretty! Con: Seat not very comfortable and the adjustments kept slipping. Does not turn very well and took more effort to paddle and get up any speed than many much more affordable kayaks. Overall I thought it was overpriced and overrated and returned it to the store.

This is my 4th kayak purchase…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/26/2020
This is my 4th kayak purchase in a year's time. I have also paddled a few others beyond those. This is definitely an amazing yak. My favorite by far. The only two complaints: 1. It doesn't turn fast. (It tracks straight so well you fight it or accept a wide arc). 2. My super comfy seat keeps slipping and reclining. I weigh 195# ¿?¿ The awesome things: 1. Love the removable dash w/ dry box. 2. Very nice seat. 3. Super buoyant and stable. 4. Paddles very easy and straight. 5. Probably fastest yak I've been in. 6. Very reassuring secondary stability at lean. 7. Light enough to carry one person. 8. Tons of storage (I'm going to use it on overnight camp excursions). 9. Has a drain plug! 10. Expensive but worth it!!!

Bought this kayak last summer…

Submitted by: OOBdrummer11 on 9/11/2018

Bought this kayak last summer and I couldn't be happier. It is fairly light for the design, and extremely stable. I'm 5'10" and 210 lbs and I slip in and out easily. It has plenty of storage for a day trip and could be stuffed for an over-nighter. I added two rod holders which was super easy. I always tell my paddling friends, you get what you pay for. This kayak gives a lot of bang for the buck!


Just recently purchased an…

Submitted by: paddler236334 on 7/5/2018

Just recently purchased an Old Town Loon 126 in the black cherry color. Overall I'm very happy with the purchase. It paddles straight and glides smoothly through even slightly choppy water. I love the fact that I can remove the console for more leg room or a furry friend. My only niggle is the acs 2.0 seating on mine. While super comfortable the back support does not stay where I put it. Any pressure in leaning back and the belts just seem to slip and the adjustment is lost. So I just put a piece of foam behind the seat to where I feel comfortable and voila and nice comfy seat again. The rear hatch isn't huge but it is roomy enough to fit in what I need for a day on the pond. The removable console has a water tight compartment large enough for my cell phone and a small camera.


Let me start off by saying…

Submitted by: Brian_R on 6/18/2018

Let me start off by saying that I haven't been kayaking in year. My Wife & I wanted to try it now that we are retired. We went to a local kayak rental/tour place. They had the nice sturdy Wilderness SOTs. We were our for about 2 1/2 hrs on a local river. Very nice time. It was well worth the time and money to get re-aclimated.

That said, we then did a lot of research. It came down to either the Wilderness Pungo 120 or the Old Town Loon 126. Well, the Old Town Loon 126 won hands down.

Since purchase, we have been in quite a variety of conditions ranging from going upstream against a current with head winds to calm river to the Intercoastal Waterway. These boats performed admirably!

I especially enjoyed how they handled the Intercoastal Waterway when some power boats came by and didn't really mind their wakes. Yes, they rocked a little, but just went with the flow. (This was one of my Wife's biggest worries.) They also did excellent going across the wakes. A little up and down, but cut through it nicely. I feel that was attributed to the length.

This model has the 3 layer design. This would really payoff if the cockpit ever got swamped which put my Wife at ease (me too, for that matter)..

There are a lot of what I like to call creature comforts: Starting with the seat - simply marvelous, nicely adjustable foot pegs, cockpit dash which has holders for all your stuff & a nice bottle holder too & a dry well which even has a way you can bring a small power source for any usb devices, paddle holder, bungies, good handles for carrying, a second larger dry well - aft of cockpit, and lots of room.

I can't say enough good things about our new Old Town Loon 126 kayaks. We got ours' in cloud color. Such a great investment!

If you are in the northeastern part of South Carolina, stop in to see Randy at Waccamaw Canoe & Kayak Co. His shop is just over the border in Shallotte, NC. He's the best! Such a wonderful guy who enjoys kayaking and even more, sharing about it.

Hope this review helped you! Happy paddling.......


Perfect replacement for my Loon 138

Submitted by: kentpil on 9/6/2017

Made from Old Towns 3 layer process, it will last forever. tracks well and glides effortlessly, great seat and nice removable work deck. It was a perfect replacement for my 1999 Old Town Loon 138. It is lighter and easier to load and unload. I expect it will have good resale value years from now like the 138 did. Rigged mine for fishing with 3 rod holders, fish finder, anchor trolley and tackle bag secured behind the seat.


Indestructable Rec yak also great for fishing.

Submitted by: kentpil on 9/5/2017

I sold my 1999 Old Town Loon 138 because it was just getting too heavy for me to man handle. Replaced it with a current Old Town Loon 126 and rigged it for fishing myself. Added 2 flush mount adjustable rod holders behind the seat, fish finder and a rod holder on the work deck, anchor trolley and a soft tackle bag behind the seat. Spent far less then the $100 extra for the Angler package. The 126 glides effortless and I like the work deck it comes with. It is made out of the 3 layer Polylink material so it is indestructible.


After much research, selected…

Submitted by: CeCeS on 9/11/2016
After much research, selected the Loon 126. As a novice paddler, I was greatly concerned about stability. I am very impressed with the stability of the Loon. It tracks well and handles beautifully. Looking forward to many hours in this kayak!

These are nice canoes Before…

Submitted by: paddler237091 on 9/6/2016
These are nice canoes Before this I always used the old aluminum ones which are great but.... I would like to see more comfortable seats though I usually spend 4-8 hours at a time in one..

I love this kayak, it it so…

Submitted by: carrie37076 on 9/1/2016
I love this kayak, it it so much better than the other ones I have tried in the past, efficient, durable, perfect weight, slips right into the water, cant say enough about this awesome kayak

Have had the purchase of a…

Submitted by: paddler237038 on 8/15/2016
Have had the purchase of a kayak on my list for the past few years so this year I decided to buy myself one for my 50th birthday and I am kicking myself for not having done it sooner. At 5\\'9\\" and 240 lbs the loon 126 angler is super stable, tracks great and is pretty darn fast for what what I use it for.mainly fishing and just cruising around the lake. Happy birthday to me!