Name: carrie37076

Most Recent Reviews

I love this kayak, it it so much better than the other ones I have tried in the past, efficient, durable, perfect weight, slips right into the water, cant say enough about this awesome kayak

well made but there are others that I like better. even so it is definitely worth the price, if you buy it it appears that it will last you quite a while

the plastic seems a little cheap to me, but considering the price, you get what you pay for, seems more fit for an amateur than someone who would use it a lot.

I'm really not a big fan of inflatables but this one surprised me by the reviews, it handles well, is very responsive and smooth.

excellent product, its nice that you can custom order it, definitely exceeds my expectations, especially for the price. Its a lot roomier than its predecessor, which is nice. very well made and worth the price.

my favorite thing about this kayak is the light weight, aluminum proves a good choice by the manufacturer, I also love the fact you can put it in your trunk, perfect if you don't have a truck