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The necky vector has been a…

Submitted by: paddler443487 on 6/25/2019

The necky vector has been a great kayak my wife and I have used them on fast moving rivers, lakes and open water. They are easy to paddle and very stable. The cargo areas are easy to access with plenty of room. It took a few tries to find the right fit for the type of paddle trips we like to make. These neckys have been the best so far. Thanks VAL


My wife and I both have the…

Submitted by: paddler443487 on 6/18/2018

My wife and I both have the Vector. They are great kayaks, very rugged but very nimble on the water.They are sit on tops which we prefer. How ever they are no longer available. They are a little heavy for car top,but we have a nice trailer. We live in Florida and paddle the mangrove trails and some open ocean plus the many lakes and rivers


It was love hate.

Submitted by: fishnmusicn on 6/20/2017

Sat on the fence for a long time before I sold this one. It was love hate, the wet seat and too far to reach back to my crate because of the rear hatch. The looks build quality and paddling was just great, and also easy because of the narrow beam to dangle your legs over the side when it was hot. Bottom line I paddle to fish, and this was a bare bones boat that was a joy to paddle, but a PITA to fish out of at times. Finally let go and I don't regret it and I also still have some great memories with it as well. I'd give it a 5 as a touring sit on top for someone less than 200 lbs, but a 3 as a fishing kayak, it just wasn't made for that, so we'll aim for a 4 out of a 5 for the average.


Updated review [from 2015-04-24]: I have kept the Vector and have come…

Submitted by: fishnmusicn on 1/6/2016
Updated review [from 2015-04-24]:
I have kept the Vector and have come to appreciate the ease of paddling and performance it provides. It really has touring characteristics and you will feel one with the boat when you paddle. The downside is still the wet seat which I'm going to try and experiment with this season with more padding and more solid scuppers. I mentioned before that the seat is on an upward angle, my mistake it's totally the opposite so when water comes into the cockpit it runs downhill and gets trapped on the top of the seat - I think #1 because the molded seat bottom is so flush with the cockpit the water can't get underneath to the scuppers underneath, and #2 the center ridge or console area is high all the way back to the seat and traps more water still. Unfortunately it makes a pool of water on top of the seat. I have made the best of it all and added Scotty rodholder bases that are flush with the rear of the boat. Keeping in mind that I could possible add a rudder, I installed a RAM mount ball on the left side so as not to interfere with where the rudder lines would be coming in from that side, and use a RAM tube holder which works fine.

The Vector 14 is a beautiful looking boat with nice lines and a narrow 25 inch beam which makes paddling effortless. There are no special mounting points or consideration for adding fishing gear so that is a given and I consider it a "minimalist" boat though it still fits a standard milk crate fine - only problem being reaching behind to the crate is very awkward. I had a few trips where I really appreciated the speed and ease of paddling that my other SOT doesn't provide, but I also made the mistake in late October of just wearing wet suit shorts and board shorts on top, big mistake - temperature dropped at the end of the day, and when I came in I was getting hypothermic, quickly got my gear to the car and sat inside with the heater on - lesson learned. It's fine with neoprene waders and insulation underneath.

If you are less that about 195 or so, you will probably love this boat if you like to tour and want a SOT. I find for a boat of this length, that at 62 lbs., although a heft, it's a good deal lighter that any fishing SOT would be of the same length and I can handle it.

If I had to do it over again, I would have purchased a SOT made for fishing and standing as well, recognizing that the extra weight would be a factor and I would deal with that. I've been looking at the Vibe SOT kayaks, and have a Skipjack 90 on layaway. The Sea Ghost 130 is their fishing flagship and for the price, I don't think you'd find anything better.

Just can't part with the Vector, I enjoy what it has to offer so much and it's grown on me and I will have too many kayaks as it is soon, lol. I see on the Necky website that the Vector is no longer available, and if you go to Austin Kayak and Canoe, you'll see that it's discontinued. Maybe it will make a comeback with a better seat design, I don't know, I'm sure that wet seat did it in. I'll still keep mine for what it is, a great paddling boat.


Picked up from Jersey Paddler…

Submitted by: fishnmusicn on 4/24/2015
Picked up from Jersey Paddler on Saturday. Took the Vector out for the first time on Sunday - unfortunately it was a cloudy windy day and the wind didn't let up much the whole time.

I have to say I was a little disappointed, the performance was fine, the build quality is great but coming from a fishermans point of view, not a well rounded kayak like my Perception Tribe 11.5. If you want to sit side saddle on the Vector, forget about it, you are seated in too low of a position and have to bring your legs up over the sidewalls, uncomfortable.

If you are used to a sit inside and like having your legs locked in one forward position (though the footpegs move fore and aft) you'll experience the same feeling in this kayak. I am used to moving my legs around with more width on the Tribe, and sitting side saddle to get a break or reach behind into the tankwell. The narrow width of the Vector makes these things uncomfortable, reaching around to access the rear is harder on this kayak.

This is a touring kayak with a sit inside design and if you like to paddle and aren't concerned with fishing, the speed is fine. Not an all around or well rounded kayak in my opinion but wasn't designed to be. I found the hull to be very quiet in the water and efficient.

Two problem areas, one having already been mentioned, is that water will find a way into the seat and since the seat is on an upward angle from the floor it will stay. Every time I took a break and got out of the kayak, there was a puddle of water that I had been sitting in, the scupper plugs that come with the kayak aren't much help plugging under the seat, maybe some more solid ones would work better. On my paddle back to the put in site at the end of the day, the wind was blowing at a good rate, and this kayak weathercocked badly. I think a few other reviewers mentioned the boat gets rocked and blown around by the wind.

After all I've said here, I'll give it some time to see on calmer days how I like it. If I do keep it, I will be installing a rudder, in my opinion a must have for windy days and rougher conditions. As for now, the kayak is up for sale on the site, but as soon as the rodholders arrive on my doorstep, I'll do my best to make this into more of a fishing kayak. There is enough space behind the seat on either side to install flushmounted rodholders, or as I prefer, flat flush Scotty bases which allows the holder to be tilted or swung out or in at any angle.

I would have given this kayak a 7 but I blame part of my initial discontent on the crappy day I first paddled it. Very simply put, for it's intended purpose as a touring sit on top Necky achieved their goal. Maybe my mind will be changed, but to me it's a one dimensional one trick pony that's not suited well for fishing.


The Necky Vector 14 poly…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/5/2014
The Necky Vector 14 poly w/rudder this sit-on top is really a blast. It glides well for a SOT with added thigh straps it will edge turn well... better than any other I've tried. Primary stability is good; secondary is excellent. Reentry is a snap. The two hatches keep things really dry. I have heard it's a wet ride but with the supper plugs in under the seat I haven't experienced it wet I'm 5'11 175lbs. do mostly ocean 3ft swells not a problem. The only down side is it's a little heavy at 62 lbs. I haven't fished off it but snorkel the rear storage well holds a lot of stuff small cooler, dive fins, mask and much more.

I really love this SOT. And I'm a real sit-in type a guy. I would have rated it a 10 except for the weight.


I help people find their…

Submitted by: paddler235833 on 8/11/2014
I help people find their right boat as first timers. I have about 25 years inland flat and mild white water experience. Mostly lake paddling. A light weight by most expert standards. That said, the following thoughts......

Material used--10
Hull rigidity--10
Fit and finish overall--10
Side handle placement--4; this is exactly where the knuckle sweep hits. The boats I found for my friends, both 2012 models had handles positioned such that all of us had trouble with any stroke other than high blading. Removed the handles entirely.

Seat center of gravity fore/aft: 10
Seat elevation relative to gunwhales: deep.
Seat comfort:8/9--8 for being a bit wet due to low position, 9 for good back position adjustment and comfort long [day trip] haul.
Seat material: 8--preformed cushion adequate but may become detached on extensive use.
Cockpit size for larger people-10 + 2=12. Absolutely great. This is the shining feature of this boat. The designers nailed it!!

Cargo aft space-9; access-5--web netting makes on water access cumbersome. Odd webbing, we ditched the entire cover and put loops into the strap openings then assembled bungee cross straps with eye hooks to allow access and multiple cargo options.
Tracking-9-a nice balance to as 14 foot boat, though long paddle stroke tend to cause nose wander. Shorten the stroke to ankle to hip and the effect is diminished. No installed guidance rudder on these boats on delivery.

Drift: 10. This thing does drift well once paddle inputs cease. Keel formed rudder straightens it out.
Fishing- tentative 9[not attempted, but deck works well for this configuration and overall hull design allows stability and range for most day trippers.
Handles bow and stern-4-anchored low profile handles are often twisting the hand in portage-we made loop handles with hose cushioned grips to fit on these handles and fixed the problem.
Weight: 9- not overly heavy.

Closing: nice design, great flatwater to significant boat and wind chop boat, front hull could use a tad more blade in the nose to cut side to side wander for longer stroking paddlers. Low seat / low center of gravity is absolutely great for tall people; cockpit size is a gift from the gods for tall people, many new boats do not really fit anyone over 6'3" well given foot stop positions and for whatever reason I keep running into people asking for help to find them SOTs that fit these titans. Go figure. I am 5'8". I can fit anywhere!


Still have my Vector 14 and…

Submitted by: shirlann on 6/30/2014
Still have my Vector 14 and continue enjoying it. For those who complain of a "wet" seat, what can I say. I would suggest you obtain 'solid' scupper plugs which helps a lot. It is a sit on top which tends to be a wet ride and at times the 'wet seat' could be from the paddle one is using, ie: length, specific style (build)of paddle, ones personal body build, and/or the way one accomplishes their strokes (high or low angle). Often we blame the boat, but it can be from many variables.
Me? I plan to keep on using her for the sweet ride she is.

I have been kayaking in a…

Submitted by: paddler235419 on 1/7/2014
I have been kayaking in a Necky Vector 14, but was slightly disappointed with the cruising speed. I have recently bought the RTM (DAG) Midway. The kayaks are similar in length (14' vs 14'6") and the Vector probably has slightly longer wetted length due to the raked overhangs on the Midway.

The kayaks are both the same width, but the Midway slips through the water much more easily and quietly than the Vector and leaves far less wake. The Midway is definitely faster for both top speed and cruising speed (a friend and I took both kayaks out together and paddled them both for comparison). I think this is because the Vector is wide for most of it's length and has a very flat bottom. The Midway is far narrower at each end, and has more of a V shaped hull (particularly at the ends). The Vector seems to push a lot more water at speed.

I weigh 190 and both kayaks are a wet ride as I'm effectively sitting at or below the waterline. The Vector seat has scuppers under it which eventually let water in, even with the fancy Necky scupper plugs. The Midway plugs are not so great at sealing (weep a bit) and the water from the footwells gets into the seat when you lean for turns.

Both kayaks are well designed. Summary of each as follows:

Vector: very comfortable seat and backrest, the best I've had. Lots of storage (two hatches + tankwell), one hatch easy to access on the water, and handy net bag and storage areas in the cockpit. Feels less tippy (higher primary stability) than the Midway. The handles tend to catch on your paddle until you get used to avoiding them. Excellent at traveling in a straight line (I don’t have the rudder), but slaps on waves in sea conditions (flat bottom).

Midway: comfortable enough, but carl brace does limit movement if you need to shift position after a couple of hours paddling. Tippy at first but good secondary stability and carl brace helps you lean to turn. Drier storage than the Vector after a day on the water (in fact, no water got in at all). Only one relatively small hatch storage (with bulkhead), which you can't access easily on the water, but large tankwell. Lighter to carry/lift than the Vector and better carrying handles. Cuts through waves cleanly and has good glide, but is harder to keep in a straight line than the Vector (due to tippiness) when not paddling.

My overall conclusion is:
Vector 14 is more comfortable and OK on flatwater: best of the pair for fishing.
Midway is faster and better in sea conditions: best of the pair for touring.


This is the boat you want if…

Submitted by: Smithfield_Paddler on 7/5/2013
This is the boat you want if touring-like performance is your number one requirement in a SOT. If you're looking for a balance of characteristics, you may want to try something else.

Very low seat height and foot wells made for a very wet ride on calm waters for this 210 lb paddler, even with the fancy scupper plugs. The fairly narrow beam and hull shape provides for a quick and responsive boat. Gunnel height is pretty high due to the low seat height which makes swinging your legs over the side a bit uncomfortable. This really is a SOT that you sit "in".

The boat seems to perform exactly as Necky intended. It's just too single minded for me. Test paddled this boat and bought a Perception Triumph 13 instead.


I weigh 165lbs and my butt…

Submitted by: paddler234897 on 2/10/2013
I weigh 165lbs and my butt stays dry without plug in calm water. The kayak is slim but very stable, reasonably fast for SOT, turns easy without rudder [I will make a rudder myself]. Seat is very comfortable for me. Spacious cargo deck and two sealed hatches

Addendum to my earlier reviews. I weigh 230 and with the Necky…

Submitted by: string on 11/4/2012
Addendum to my earlier reviews.
I weigh 230 and with the Necky scupper plugs in,my butt gets wet. I put Minicell plugs under the seat and the water from the footwells still almost got to me. When I tried the boat in the summer, a wet butt didn't bother me; in November it does. Minimum max capacity is rated at 275. IF you don't mind a wet butt.

My Vector had its' first…

Submitted by: string on 10/15/2012
My Vector had its' first voyage. It was a very windy day with some heavy gusts. It got slapped around more than I expected.

Performance was good, in fact it surfs very well. I found it a bit irritating that my butt got wet with the scupper plugs in under the seat. I weigh 235 so it sits fairly low in the water. The plugs are pretty, but today I replaced them with Minicell.


I've had my Vector 14 for…

Submitted by: shirlann on 7/20/2012
I've had my Vector 14 for about 6 months, been kayaking for 17 years, own 13 kayaks, 7 of which are SOT's. This is not my first SOT, but it has been the best I've had so far. My previous 'fav' was a 14' Heritage Sea Dart. 'For me', at 5'2" it tracks very well, leans easily for turning, the seat is truly comfortable, and stable due to the depth at which one sits. I like the scupper plugs that came with the boat, but when going out onto big water, I remove the front ones to allow water, from big waves to escape quickly.

For those who say it is 'tippy', I suggest that can be due to individual torso height, paddling inexperience on an SOT, individual paddling style, or all around comfort with kayaks. Individual height and weight play a big part in fit for anyone when purchasing a canoe or kayak. Any kayak can be fun, if one learns to relax, have proper posture, learn techniques and don't try to choke your paddle to death.


Another review after a 15…

Submitted by: string on 7/18/2012
Another review after a 15 minute paddle. The 14 is quick for a plastic boat that length. I maxed out at 5.5 mph without a lot of effort. Stability is a little less than the 13. The seat is comfortable and there is room for long legs. A very plain little boat but a great choice for going places quickly.

I just purchased the Vector…

Submitted by: champ on 6/19/2012
I just purchased the Vector 14 and just love it. I also have a Manitou 14 and now I have the best of both worlds. This tracks well and has great speed. my wife tried it out (she has a starter kayak now) and I think I just lost my new kayak (lol). Necky makes some awesome kayaks; not a bad word to say about either boat

I compared the Vector 14 with…

Submitted by: paddler234567 on 6/4/2012
I compared the Vector 14 with other 13 and 14 foot SOT kayaks at a demo day yesterday. Honestly, this was by far the fastest boat I tried (by gps, comparable effort), but was also noticeably "tippier" than the others. If you look at the dimensions, you'll see why.

This boat was much faster than the Tarpon 140. The seat is also noticeably lower than on other sit on tops. I think this adds stability, but it also raises the odds of getting wet. It has scuppers directly under the seat. This would only be of concern to heavier paddlers, I would think. It wasn't a problem for me.

I do a considerable amount of paddling in open water, and my concern with this boat was that in spite of its speed, it could be a handful in high wake conditions, which is what I have much of the time. While the top speed on this boat was higher, I felt that the Vector 13 met my requirements better.

If you're looking for a touring sit on top, and don't mind a little water in the boat, this could be your kayak.


UH..I don't think it is the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/10/2012
UH..I don't think it is the best thing since sliced bread. I do like having a rudder..but as I understand; there are better rudder controls. The rudders on this make the boat go side to side. They are not toe top ones. This feels like the big behemoth it is. Hatches seem ok...not sure how water tight they are. BUT I love how they go on. DOES have tons of room. I hate the back compression thing in the stern. I have had this at top speed but honestly I'm totally not impressed and would only take this out of I HAD to. THAT is NOT saying this is not a great plastic sit on top. But I was hoping for more speed based on the shape. I was at the back of the pack with this thing. I honestly was not feeling well, so I may update my review later. BUT I wanted one review that said... "this ain't the best thing since sliced bread"... because some of the reviews I read had my hopes up there.

In total fairness, there is…

Submitted by: paddler233692 on 1/26/2012
In total fairness, there is no point of comparison between the Necky Vector 14 and any other SOT kayak in the market; the closest you can come up with is to compare an expert classical ballerina in her prime to an old raggedy troglodyte contraption of the sorts. Necky's website warns you from the get go about their intentions when designing the Vector family; well they didn’t miss their target.

The Necky Vector 14 behaves pretty much like a Chatham 16 would when it comes down to speed & maneuverability departments, yet she feels rock solid on both primary & secondary stabilities. The layout reveals a very well thought cockpit for those adventurous kayakers that like to think out the box for a multipurpose kayak.

She can be a bit of everything and very good at most of the tasks one could ask her to perform in order to enjoy some quality time on the water. Some features are worth a million such as the seat's back band which gives an awesome lumbar support yet it is never compromising the kayaker's movements while easy to adjust both in height as well as in its lumbar angle... Seat's pan with its ergonomic leg support is unbelievable helpful for one's long time comfort when paddling. Hardware & Rigging are prime rate quality and one of the best designed for 2012. Those cross lock strapped self suction inner gasket hatches are truly fantastic in keeping water out while allowing for a lot of under deck packing.

One thing that really shines on this boat (other than her versatility) is her performance. Even though rudder ready from the factory I never felt the need to add one (I am partial to rudderless boats so take this with a grain of salt), keeping a straight line on the wind is no feat, stability in any condition is secure due its superb design.

One nice boat, different than most sit on top kayaks, good for clamming, fishing, diving, camping and cruising around, awesome capabilities, excellent carrying capacity for her length.

If you want the SIK performance without feeling so tightly enclosed you owe yourself an outing on the new 2012 Necky Vector 14.

Boat specs:
Length: 14'1"; Width: 26"; Weight: 63 pounds
5’8” 250# 58 years old


I haven't used a canoe for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/23/2011
I haven't used a canoe for over 20 years so the vector 14 was completely new to me as I've never used a SOT before either. before buying i had concerns about stability but i was surprised to find i had no problem at all, if felt natural, but this may have been because im used to riding race bikes.

Ive been out in the Vector 14 a few times now in a variety of sea conditions. cruising speed is about 3mph..about the same as people walking alone the seafront, however in calm conditions it was more like a slow jogging speed, perhaps 5mph, which feels quite fast so close to the water. in wind conditions of 17 mph gusts i had to keep correcting the course every few minutes as i dont have the rudder fitted, i would recommend getting the rudder if using in not so calm conditions but as soon as i only like to go out in fair weather its not really needed for me. no problem with tracking in less windy conditions

Even though the width is 25 inches it doesn't feel tippy to me as the whole point of the boat is the seat is low for stability and the scupper plugs have a value to allow water out but not in. its not often a wave will break in to the cockpit unless in really bad conditions but the plugs seem to work well. on difficult beach launches where lots of water has come in over the top, after about 10 minutes of paddling all the water is sucked out through the values and there's only a small amount of water, about 1cm water, around the area of the plugs. in calm condition sometimes its all sucked out completely. the ridges in the boat work well to get the water flowing down to the plugs but keep sand held in the ridge.

I have noticed small stones can get under the rubber of the plugs sometimes and also they can get blocked with seaweed from above if a fair amount comes over the top. there are six drain holes in the boat, two at the footwells, two in the rear compartment and two under the seat. the seat is screwed and velcro attached to the boat. I'm quite new to this but i don't understand why they didnt allow access to the holes under the seat to put the plugs in there as most of the time there is about 1cm water in the seat (im 96kg)when not paddling, and it feels like theres some in there when you are paddling but its hard to tell.

given that I havent had much experience on the water i felt quite confident in the vector 14 even in 1-2 foot chop in the sea and quite a few hundred meters off-shore. only time i didnt feel very much in control is when you have the force of those waves going faster, pushing the boat from behind and it wants to turn sideways, but im guessing this would probably be the same with any SOT and even worse with ones with a blunter shaped stern.

All the hardware on the boat seems pretty good, all handles and fixings feel solid and stainless, the seat is the kind of closed cell foam you get in sandals and trainer shoes and i find it very comfortable. the hatches open to the entire inside of the hull and therefore have masses of room, no trouble getting anything big/bulky in the front hatch. they seal pretty well and even with water breaking over the front hatch it didn't let any in. it all depends on the rubber gasket seals, so i hope they don't perish. originally I couldn't decide between the vector 13 or 14 but I'm glad I got the 14 as I wouldn't have wanted anything slower or less efficient, i haven't had any problems with stability despite the narrower width and the bow is more flattened on the vector 14 (i believe people were saying the bow of the 13 was affected by wind and hull slap).


Just got back from my new…

Submitted by: paddler234280 on 9/7/2011
Just got back from my new Vector's maiden voyage. My first SOT kayak. 32 miles on the Etowah River. 16 down stream and 16 up stream with a head wind. The boat tracked and turned well. For a SOT I'd say it performed well. Paddles easier than the 14' Tarpon but still is not as efficient as a smaller sit inside boat. I have a 17' Storm GT and a 13' Necky Manitou so I'm accustomed to easier paddling.

The boat was easy to paddle as long as I did not try to exceed its capability. It paddles with no effort at about 3 MPH but to go faster you have to work harder. Even against a strong current I maintained fairly good speed.

My only issues, and they are minor:
1) the foot peg adjustment hit me in the ankle unless my legs were flat against the boat.
2) My hand hit the handles on the side occasionally.
3) The replaceable drag plate on the keel is a good idea but executed badly. The counterbore for the mounting screws is much larger than is needed. They hang on rocks and grass and tear a grove in your yard when you drag it. Once the hole edges wear down it shouldn't be an issue.
4) The recessed area in the center that appears to be for laying a water bottle in should have a way for water to flow out. My GPS was laying in it and it stopped functioning.

All in all I'd say I'm about as happy as I could be with a SOT. The main reason I got a SOT was to carry a cooler...go figure!


Coming from a Hobie Kona,…

Submitted by: paddler234279 on 9/6/2011
Coming from a Hobie Kona, this thing is like a rocket ship. It's a complete departure from any sit-on-top I've paddled. It's light, fast, tracks great and is a joy to paddle in comparison. It feels a lot like a sit-inside with regard to its primary stability. Overall paddling effort is great. I don't have a lot of time in the boat yet and I plan to get it on Tahoe within a week. I'm anxious to see how it handle the afternoon chop. My only complaint is where the outside of my knees hit, right where the rudder cable come out of the hull toward the foot controls. A little self-adhering padding ought to take care of that in short order.