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I needed another PFD like I needed another hole in my head (Hey! The others were getting older and a tad faded), but I went ahead and purchased an "Evolve" PFD from ExtraSport when a friend noted how much she liked hers. What a great PFD, even though I didn't ever think I'd get as great a fit as my ExtraSport Chica and a color (orange) to match my Necky Manitou14!

It's very comfortable, great air flow with the latest padding design, has a 'Baja' back for those with high backed seats or low, multi adjustable straps, two side pockets, indentation of the foam across the inner front for our "busts', and the embroidered flowers in the design for us gals.

Thanks to whoever suggested the design and am happy Extrasport/Johnson Outdoors listened. If we ladies are happy, you got it right! Well worth the money.

After 4 years of using my Hullavator, I still like it. A lot! It has made my adventures much easier and less taxing on this short, little, ol' lady. I am short and I've learned, once the boat is fastened to the "J's"; to get my shoulders and head just under the edge of the boat when it's down, grab the handles, then lift slightly and it practically finishes the rise by itself. Piece of cake! Much easier than putting a rug on the Explorer, lifting, the 50-60# boats onto the roof, even with Hully-rollers. Works for me and I've had absolutely no problems with this unit. IMO, well worth the money.

Still have my Vector 14 and continue enjoying it. For those who complain of a "wet" seat, what can I say. I would suggest you obtain 'solid' scupper plugs which helps a lot. It is a sit on top which tends to be a wet ride and at times the 'wet seat' could be from the paddle one is using, ie: length, specific style (build)of paddle, ones personal body build, and/or the way one accomplishes their strokes (high or low angle). Often we blame the boat, but it can be from many variables.
Me? I plan to keep on using her for the sweet ride she is.

For me this boat is more fun as an SUP than an SOT. One can stand up, lay down on your tummy, or sit and paddle as an SOT. You can go from a good full body stand up workout or a relaxing cruise as a sit-on-top, should you tire from standing.
I really enjoy the versatility of this boat.

I too have a Cadence paddle and it is one of my favorites. It's lightweight, and handles well, either as a straight or feathered angle.
Too bad it's no longer made. They're good quality.

This year is my second year for paddling the Manitou 14. It paddles and fits me well. Turns when leaned. Very stable for this 5'2" female. The seat fit good last year but I've since dropped 25# and even though I changed the backs position, I'm now experiencing discomfort where the two materials meet. In the seat 'pan' where the black and gray materials come together, the gray has a pronounced ridge which presses on my tailbone.

I still enjoy this kayak and have decided to purchase a replacement seat and backband that Necky has on their website, to the tune of about $130.00, but it will be worth it. Even though it's inconvenient, I will still enjoy my Manitou 14.

I've had my Vector 14 for about 6 months, been kayaking for 17 years, own 13 kayaks, 7 of which are SOT's. This is not my first SOT, but it has been the best I've had so far. My previous 'fav' was a 14' Heritage Sea Dart. 'For me', at 5'2" it tracks very well, leans easily for turning, the seat is truly comfortable, and stable due to the depth at which one sits. I like the scupper plugs that came with the boat, but when going out onto big water, I remove the front ones to allow water, from big waves to escape quickly.

For those who say it is 'tippy', I suggest that can be due to individual torso height, paddling inexperience on an SOT, individual paddling style, or all around comfort with kayaks. Individual height and weight play a big part in fit for anyone when purchasing a canoe or kayak. Any kayak can be fun, if one learns to relax, have proper posture, learn techniques and don't try to choke your paddle to death.

I've owned my beauty for 8 years and she's still my favorite river boat. I've even had her out on Lake Michigan and she rides the waves very nicely. I also owned a 38#, fiberglass, Castine, which was truly my favorite. Now that was one sweet, sweet boat but I sold it as I tend to beat my boats on the rocks.
If you get the chance to buy one, do so.

I've been using the NRS Hydroskin Gloves for years and unlike all the others, I have never, ever had any problem with the seams. Only negative is that after many, many years of use, the fabric begins to wear on the thumb where the glove meets the shaft. For me, these are my favorite spring and fall gloves.

It appears that most reviewers are male and perhaps due to larger hand sizes, that could be the cause for their glove seams being compromised. Love mine and will buy these again. Have used this type for 16 years.
For winter cold, I use NRS Mitts.

I have had my Chatham 16 for 3 seasons and have not tired of it yet. I began kayaking 15 years ago, starting with an OT Otter (9'6"), moved up to a Castine glass (13') and gave that up when I purchased the Chatham. I still have a plastic Castine (my next favorite boat).

I am 5'2" and this boat fits me well, tracks great, and turns easily when leaned. She's a joy to paddle.
WARNING!! Starting with a short kayak can lead to longer boats! Suggest starting with no less than a 12 footer due to better tracking. I am an avowed kayakaholic. Paddle on.