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The Tesla NM is a kayak brought to you by Necky Kayak. Read Tesla NM reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Tesla NM Reviews


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Tesla NM Reviews

Read reviews for the Tesla NM by Necky Kayak as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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The Necky Tesla NM is a…

Submitted by: paddler235552 on 5/20/2014
The Necky Tesla NM is a versatile sea kayak for folks who are looking for a stable relatively fast hull. For the past twenty years I have run Discovery Expeditions, a sea kayak company operating in the awesome waters of Johnstone Strait, BC Canada. Over those years we have had a multitude of guests who have paddled these kayaks. I would estimate that close 95% enjoyed the kayak and because of that positive experience continued to kayak in their futures. I rest my case, the kayak speaks for itself.

I have the 17' x 24" Tesla in…

Submitted by: Lowflyingbird on 8/21/2013
I have the 17' x 24" Tesla in kevlar with carbon strips. Purchased this year, and I have never been so happy with a wide boat. I'm just about 6' and 197lbs., so I'm on the small side for this big boat, but I love it. It's been on some long trips, and I commonly use it when out with beginners. It's not a fast boat, but rather an easy gliding boat to relax with. My other boat is a Necky Looksha kevlar/carbon, also a great boat.

The Tesla has proven to be a…

Submitted by: wthomas252 on 7/27/2013
The Tesla has proven to be a great all around kayak. I have used this kayak for day trips on the rivers and lakes in the lowcountry of SC as well as extended trips camping with the guys. You can pack this boat with everything needed for a week long camping trip and have room to spare. It paddles with ease even in rough conditions or surf. It has proven to be an excellent choice and I recommend it highly.

I'm 5'8, 163 lb., 3 season with a FB Tesla NM 17.4f. This…

Submitted by: paddler233665 on 6/25/2010
I'm 5'8, 163 lb., 3 season with a FB Tesla NM 17.4f.
This is my first sea kayak. This boat fit me perfect like the contact with the boat, strong like a tank, lots of room for long trips, tracks very well empty & with load (more slow....), P&S very good , not to tipi , any wind just great , event some surf ok, turn quite easy need to keep good momentum if u are full load . Heavy kayak it's a reality . Hatch lid weak section some water. Rudder fine. Cockpit & seat i find cold so i put a mat. If they built again: put Rudder cable inside & better quality UV gelcoat on top of boat & UV bungie cord .
I recommend for your first boat or as a Rental.

I purchased a ‘glass Necky…

Submitted by: paddler231462 on 3/7/2006
I purchased a ‘glass Necky Tesla 12 years or so ago to paddle long, unsupported trips in Alaska, Washington State, and Minnesota. I needed something that could take a lot of gear, was reasonably responsive, and was built like a tank. I have been very impressed with the Tesla. It holds a month’s worth of gear and food, paddles well in heavy seas, and is still fairly easy to roll. With very little maintenance, the kayak has taken quite a beating but has never leaked or broken any hardware. The only downsides I see with this boat are the exposed deck pad eyes and lack of flat compass mounting point. However, I have seen a newer Tesla with both of these issues fixed.

Although I have paddled a lot of other kayaks which had more room, were more responsive, or easier to roll, I have never found one that had all of these characteristics rolled into one boat. Because of this, I am still paddling my Tesla after all of the years. And, I see no reason to change.


I have both the original…

Submitted by: paddler230700 on 7/22/2004
I have both the original Tesla and Tesla NM, both in Kevlar. Even though they are long I can still muscle them onto a cartop fairly well. I like the NM better because of the flatter surfce forward of the cockpit as it allows easier mounting of both a compass and deckbag. Other than that, this model (either one) is very stable and allows for easy cruising as you are not constantly adjusting your weight for stability. The tradeoff is that it is not as maneuverable as a narrower beam boat. I fish while I kayak so the Tesla is a perfect model for me. I am also 6'1", 210 lbs and appreciate the roomy cockpit. Great boat. I actually owned a Necky Looksha in between and traded it for my second Tesla as my wife took my original Tesla and loves it.

I've had this boat for three…

Submitted by: paddler210173 on 10/14/2002
I've had this boat for three seasons, and I'm 6'-1"/225lbs. I've recently moved to a British boat, but I still have it and plan to keep it because of what it's good at.

I actually have the older version, not the NM. The only difference that I know of is that it's 17' instead of 17'10", and Necky's newest boats have recessed deck fittings. Anyway, with a 25" beam, it doesn't lean too well. It's not as playful as the British boats, and with the rudder on deck it weathercocks alot. I don't like the seat, however I haven't done much about it! The neoprene hatch seals can be a pain, although they're very dry. There are alot of deck bungees, but no lines so I added my own.

So why do I keep it? It hauls tons of stuff for camping trips, and with the big hatches I can bring a full-size tripod, etc. It also has alot of initial stability, so I can easily photograph from it without having to worry about the stability of the boat. It's also very well made and the finish quality is excellent. I'll keep this boat for longer trips where I can paddle it loaded (too big for me to paddle empty) or when I want to photograph from it. It's also a forgiving boat for a beginner if a friend wants to try it. So the bottom line for me is that it's a good boat, but not exactly what I'm looking for in most of my paddling.


I have been paddling the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/25/2001
I have been paddling the fiberglass layup of the Tesla NM for 2 months in calm seas, 30 knot winds "potato patch" conditions and high following seas. The boat has felt as an extension of my hands and thoughts from the first moments. The rudder is only down in high following seas, it turns with or without rudder very quickly, it tracks well, it rolls well, it does everything well. It's maiden voyage was a 22 miles open sea crossing. Upon return I called the dealer and told him I was upset because the boat made the trip almost boring!

Two minor gripes: The pedals can slip backward towards the paddler making recovery difficult. Solution was to tighten the bungies. The other gripe is the polyester line for deck lines and rudder. The cord stretches when wet allowing the rudder to come out of its rest. I am working on a fix. If there is a better boat for me I was unable to find it.


I have owned a number of…

Submitted by: paddler229208 on 4/30/2001
I have owned a number of kayaks and have finally settled (with a smile) on the Tesla. This boat has excellent secondary stability and fairly good initial stability (a beginner may feel like it's a bit "tippy"). The large cockpit and raised deck make for easy in and out and high comfort while paddling. The tracking in this boat is good, and very responsive to correction with a "tip of the hip" while paddling. Turning is execellent on edge, and good flat with the rudder down. For a fairly wide beam, the boat cuts through the water well, doesn't drag and is fast. I had this boat on Lake Superior in 4 ft. waves, where they were sometimes washing over me. A quick brace kept this boat upright. Out of the six boats I've owned, this is the best yet. The only downside is the crowned top has made mounting a compass difficult. I have mounted it on the front cockpit, but it's a little far for old eyes in rought seas! Overall an excellent well designed boat. Others try to copy the Necky, but none compare!

Excellent all around boat!…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/5/2001
Excellent all around boat! Very stable, easy to handle, holds lots of gear, and very comfortable during log trips. I had the origional Tesla in a kevlar layup; I paddled her for 4 years before she went to live with a new owner down in San Francisco. The only improvement that I would make on the boat is to beef up the rudder mounting and footpegs. Overall, one of the best boats around!

I have paddled my Tesla for 3…

Submitted by: paddler228886 on 9/5/2000
I have paddled my Tesla for 3 months now, and have reserved a 10 rating only because there may be something better out there, but I doubt it. Stable, fast, simple and well designed. Ive taken it into 4 ft. swells with whitecaps and was amazed at the stability. Any comments? I would love to hear from others!