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I've had this boat for three seasons, and I'm 6'-1"/225lbs. I've recently moved to a British boat, but I still have it and plan to keep it because of what it's good at.

I actually have the older version, not the NM. The only difference that I know of is that it's 17' instead of 17'10", and Necky's newest boats have recessed deck fittings. Anyway, with a 25" beam, it doesn't lean too well. It's not as playful as the British boats, and with the rudder on deck it weathercocks alot. I don't like the seat, however I haven't done much about it! The neoprene hatch seals can be a pain, although they're very dry. There are alot of deck bungees, but no lines so I added my own.

So why do I keep it? It hauls tons of stuff for camping trips, and with the big hatches I can bring a full-size tripod, etc. It also has alot of initial stability, so I can easily photograph from it without having to worry about the stability of the boat. It's also very well made and the finish quality is excellent. I'll keep this boat for longer trips where I can paddle it loaded (too big for me to paddle empty) or when I want to photograph from it. It's also a forgiving boat for a beginner if a friend wants to try it. So the bottom line for me is that it's a good boat, but not exactly what I'm looking for in most of my paddling.

Just bought one, and I love it. Handles all conditions I've been in very well although I haven't had it in anything too serious yet. All three hatches are dry. "Fit and finish" aren't perfect, which is common among NDK boats. This is a great boat that's well built and made for serious paddling, not meant to be a museum piece!

I agree with the last reviewers on how it handles, but at 6'-1" 225 lbs, I find the seat to be a perfect fit and did not like the Necky or Current Designs seats. This shows how the same boat fits different paddlers differently. I also find the initial stability to be low and the secondary stability very solid. This boat will make you a better paddler!