Rip 10

10' 6"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

This Product Has Been Discontinued

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Rip 10 Description

Bringing Necky's performance heritage to the recreational class. The Rip 10 is a lively, playful beginner to intermediate kayak designed to help grow paddling skills without sacrificing fun on the water. Efficient length and a sharp keel give the Rip 10 tremendous glide. A built in drop down skeg makes the Rip both agile and maneuverable, but also a great straight tracking, touring boat as well.

Rip 10 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

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Rip 10 Reviews

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Purchased a used Necky rip10…

Submitted by: paddler834987 on 7/26/2020
Purchased a used Necky rip10 . Barely used looks brand new . So far first impressions very well made yak . I’m 6 foot 3 inches tall 200 pounds . My wife is 5 feet and 2 inches she won’t see this so I can put her weight 140 . Grandson 5 feet six inches tall about 160 . So wide range of opinions. First the seat all of us love the seat. It really is like what I pulled up on the web a very play full boat . We’ve used it on rivers lakes haven’t done anything like class 11 or 111 water is rapids yet . Yet all 3 of us want to paddle her . She tracks straight on the lake even with the sketch up . I would recommend this kayak!!! They made a 12 also that’s the length I was looking for . Don’t know why they discontinued this model . Oh well hope this helps someone else . 😇😇😇

I love my kayak! It's light…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/8/2019

I love my kayak! It's light weight and at 63 I can't carry a heavy yak. I can manuver it around the many Lakes in NH comfortably, the seat is wide and wide opening is great for bad knees. Nice storage area and I know if I tip it there is enough foam rubber that it won't sink. It's my serenity!


I cannot believe people rate…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/2/2018

I cannot believe people rate this kayak so highly! I am a fairly seasoned paddler. I was looking for an intermediate level smaller boat for day trips. The weight and features and price were appealing. This is NOT a good kayak even for beginners. It does not track well at all (even with skeg) nor does it "glide" across the water as others claim it does... lol. It was more like paddling a cast iron bathtub! Hard to get moving at all. I am an athletic 5'6 woman. It took alot of muscle to get and keep this thing going. It goes where it wants. Not responsive at all. You will fight to turn it. And that is on flat water. ANY slight chop... this is a nightmare. Will return and buy a riot edge instead. Far superior speed and handling for not much more $$ would also recommend perception or wilderness system


Have been using my Necky 10…

Submitted by: Chicago-Water on 6/26/2018

Have been using my Necky 10 for a couple of years now on flat inland lakes, a fairly slow but busy river and in the very busy urban Chicago River and I am very happy with it. I have the drop down skeg and no tracking issues or problems maneuvering. It is very stable and no problem making it through the boat wakes. I like the big cockpit for easy in and out and room to stretch out when taking it easy on the lakes. I have seen complaints about the seat but I find it comfortable and I like the backrest, There is good storage in the covered compartment. I am a 5'4", older female and even though it is not so heavy I do need help getting it on and off my car roof.


It's hard to find the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/22/2018

It's hard to find the perfect yak. My first boat was the Perception Sound 9.5. It was perfect until the day I realized I was slower than my wife in her Sundance 9.5. So I felt the need to change for the Rip 10. Now, I am as fast as her and the drop down skeg of the RIP is really useful. But it is just a little bit too heavy for me to put on top of the car. So my next boat will probably be the Hurricane Santee 126 sport. I need a large cockpit for my fishing gears and a less than 40 pounds yak than can carry a well over 200 pounds paddler.


I bought two Necky 10s for my…

Submitted by: littlm on 5/25/2016
I bought two Necky 10s for my family. What stood out was the great value. With a rear bulkhead, drop down skeg, retractable toggles, plenty of deck rigging, and a decent seat I just couldn't pass this model up. Was looking for a family friendly boat for small lakes and slow water. This was a great choice and was also surprisingly stable. You can also get a spray skirt to fit it!

My 2013 Necky Rip 10 measures…

Submitted by: Rookie on 9/11/2014
My 2013 Necky Rip 10 measures 10'6", has a 29-inch beam, and weighs 43 pounds. It was purchased new in May 2014. Necky has now made a skeg standard equipment on all Necky Rip 10s built after 2013 and for good reason, as this boat has tracking issues.

The 43-pound weight is evenly distributed along the length of the boat, so it's very easy to lift and carry. That's a big plus. The Rip 10 has one sealed bulkhead in the stern and some foam flotation in the bow. This is not a boat you want to capsize because you'll have to swim it to shore unless you're a body builder and powerful swimmer. Of course, a flotation bag could always be tucked in the front of the cockpit as a safety factor.

The stern hatch has an oval hatch cover. It's large enough to contain my Wheeleze mini-cart and tires, plus other gear. The coaming on the sides of the cockpit is covered with a foam material, which eliminates noise when you rest your paddle across the cockpit. A nice feature.

While easily adjustable, the foot pegs are not well made. My left foot peg started to release about a month after I purchased the Rip 10. Had to duct tape it in place. Then the jam cleat on the seat ripped out and I had to stuff an extra PFD behind the backrest to keep it in position.

The cockpit is huge and deep. Great for large paddlers, not so great for smaller paddlers. I feel like I'm sitting in a bathtub. Because of the size of the cockpit, lots of paddle drip accumulates in the cockpit. I had to purchase a half-skirt to eliminate that problem. On the other hand, a benefit of the large cockpit is that I can install the half-skirt while sitting in the boat; there's plenty of room to turn around and face the stern.

The boat has excellent primary and secondary stability. I can paddle to the shoreline, stand up in the cockpit and exit. It's also a stable and fun boat in waves and wakes - but takes a lot of energy to paddle no matter the conditions. The boat itself is solidly made and I imagine would be a good river boat, as I think it would just bounce off any rocks.

If you're a relaxed paddler who has no need for speed or a good glide, you'll enjoy the Necky Rip 10. It's a good boat to practice the basic strokes; there's certainly plenty of room in the cockpit to be able to fully rotate your hips! It's difficult, if not impossible, to edge the Rip 10 because it's so beamy.

After contacting Necky customer service, Johnson Outdoors did send me a new foot brace and a new seat - but no installation instructions. Finally received those after a second contact.

I grew out of the boat after six weeks of paddling it, but will keep it around for family members and guests who don't get to kayak often.


The Rip 10 is a great all…

Submitted by: bvalinski on 7/2/2014
The Rip 10 is a great all around dependable boat for beginners to intermediate....and you won't get bored with it. It's extremely stable, so great for learning.....and it's also pretty nimble, so its a lot of fun too. It will never be the fastest boat on the lake, but that's not what it was intended for. It's much lighter weight than most other boats in it's class (38 pounds), so its easy to car-top and store. It also has a high weight capacity, with TONS of dry storage space......great for weekend camping. Also really stable for fishing. The only downside is that I wish it had adjustable thigh hight on the seat.....but I don't think anything in this price range has that. This is just a great compact do everything (except racing) boat.

I live in Florida and…

Submitted by: paddler235335 on 9/11/2013
I live in Florida and purchased the Rip for Bays/Mangroves and lake paddling. I don't have a garage so I was limited by size and weight (actually lugging it into my Townhome). I can load it myself and carry it a short distance to launch. It glides smoothly through the water and I invested in carbon paddles (Accent) which really helps a lot! To get it moving initially you need to add a few extra strokes but then it glides nicely. I have no pulling to either side.

Very stable!!! I can roam around in the cockpit without tipping. The large opening allows to bring some cargo along (medium-size dog would probably fit... When it gets colder I will add spray half skirt.

The only downfall is the seat... THE SEAT IS TRULY AWFUL! Hard as a rock! I cut up an old yoga mat and used that for a cushion for now and it helped a lot, I will have to do same for back rest before I throw this seat out and put another one in. Coming from Necky I was surprised how badly the seat was made...


Very good unit for the money.…

Submitted by: paddler235122 on 7/20/2013
Very good unit for the money. My experience is extensively long distance sea kayaking and thought we would try a play kayak for shore puddling. It is GREAT for exploring wildlife reserves. It tracks straight and is maneuverable.

Shortcomings: really large opening (size 8) and no easy way to add a skeg to help tracking on windy days, the seat back is uncomfortable for me but not my wife. We are considering a second so we don't argue over who gets to play first.


Bought this boat thinking I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/19/2013
Bought this boat thinking I would be doing river floats and not needing/wanting a longer kayak. Also, easy to carry and hoist onto a roof rack on my own. I've had the Rip 10 on lakes with calm, flat water twice now and I'm impressed with tracking for a small boat. Good stability and the cockpit size makes getting in and out of the boat easy.

Overall, great recreational kayak, especially in this price range. That having been said, I'm now looking at the Looksha 14, since previous experience has been in sea kayaks and I'm now thinking more in terms of open water. Again, no complaints about the Rip 10. Nice little boat!


Was considering buying one of…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/26/2013
Was considering buying one of these, so rented one for a day. Overall I liked it but do not think I'll be buying one. First of all the 43lb weight is really nice. Easy to pick up and carry if you end up parked a good distance from the water. Another plus was the hull construction. Very tough. While I was aware when I went over a submerged log it never bent or buckled like my previous kayak.

But I'd only rate it OK for tracking. Like one or two others reviewed here, mine liked to drift to the right. Not a lot, it was easy to correct, but a little annoying. I also agree the seat wasn't the most comfortable. At the end of a couple of hours I was glad to stand up for a while. The cockpit was a little more open than I like but that's a personal thing. So I can see why many might want to get this kayak.
I will say try before you buy if possible.


We bought the Necky Rip the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/23/2012
We bought the Necky Rip the first year Necky made them. Actually, we bought two. My mother-in-law liked ours so much, we went and picked one up for her as well. They track well, and yes - the seat can be uncomfortable if you don't have it adjusted properly. The back is adjustable and if you get the foot pegs at the proper spot for your size and preference, you can paddle for hours with little or no further adjustment necessary. We absolutely love these kayaks and have taken them on flat water, lakes, and rivers. We've been in some pretty serious waves and the Rip handles them like a champ. For the price, size, awesome rear hatch with a fabulous seal, we can't imagine owning any other brand of recreational kayak. A super stable and awesome yak! If I could afford another kayak, I'd buy the same model in a different color - love the new Storm!

Loved the boat for the first…

Submitted by: paddler234456 on 3/16/2012
Loved the boat for the first 30 minutes. After that I thought I was gonna die. My but was killing me. I ride motorcycles, 800-900 miles in a day with no problem. The seats in the Necky 10.6 are just horrible. Would not recommend to a friend. Also, tracks to the right. I wish that I would have purchased it from REI so that I could return it. I bought it at Joes in the Twin Cities, so I'm out of luck. Oh well, you live and you learn. My next boat will come from REI.

I just bought this boat…

Submitted by: paddler233947 on 4/15/2011
I just bought this boat today. It is incredibly fun. I am 6'2" 250lbs, and it holds me Magnificently. It is a very nimble, quick boat. Mine pulls to the right a bit, but I assume it is because I bought a used boat. It doesn't bother me too much either. All other reviews say tracks great, so listen to them. I'm just here to say if you are a bigger guy, this boat will work for you. Any taller than 6'2" though, and I'd make sure I sat in one before buying. It hold my 250lb weight beautifully though.

We bought this boat because…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/1/2011
We bought this boat because my husband wanted a large cockpit, because he was afraid of tipping with a smaller one. Then he bought a sit on, now I paddle the Necky Rip. It is a stable boat that tracks well, I am waiting for the skirt to be in stock soon, so I get less wet especially early in the season. I would have bought a boat with a smaller cockpit, but it paddles well.

I have just taken this boat…

Submitted by: paddler233562 on 4/30/2010
I have just taken this boat out on the water and absolutely love it. It is very stable and tracks great. It also has great glide. The only downside (that is also a plus) is the large cockpit. It allows a lot of paddle drip in. A good skirt or half skirt will fix this. The large cockpit does allow easy entry and exit and also allows me to take out my 4 year old on the calm water. With the dry hatch I am hoping to do an overnighter. The deck bungees are great for extra gear.

Overall so far this is a great boat. I hope it handles well in rapids then it will definitely be a keeper. I also love the looks.