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Purchased this kayak used in good condition with the purpose of paddling lakes and rivers. So far on the river . I have mixed opinions on it . Tracking is not to bad cut through the water fine . When you stop paddling it will for lack of a better word wonder off on its own . Seat in my opinion is not much better than one’s found on the cheaper versions. Differently a sturdy well made kayak I’m sure will last a long time. But the seat is a deal breaker for me .

Recently bought a sea eagle 370 pro . For my wife and grandson. Read a lot of reviews most all were very positive about the boat. After receiving it was really impressed by the grade of material it was made out of. Read instructions the rings that hold on the caps were you pump it hard we’re a pain but the wife suggested a heat gun to soften up the plastic rings help a lot other than that it’s very easy to inflate and deflate. So the pros very stable you would really have to go out of your way to flip it . Very comfortable tracks straight on the lakes we have gone on . Haven’t had it on the river yet . Only down side I see . She is very slow we have 2 regular kayaks and whose ever in the Pocahontas that’s the name we gave her Is paddling like crazy to keep up . Other tan that if your not in a rush to get somewhere this boat is awesome.

Purchased a used Necky rip10 . Barely used looks brand new . So far first impressions very well made yak . I’m 6 foot 3 inches tall 200 pounds . My wife is 5 feet and 2 inches she won’t see this so I can put her weight 140 . Grandson 5 feet six inches tall about 160 . So wide range of opinions. First the seat all of us love the seat. It really is like what I pulled up on the web a very play full boat . We’ve used it on rivers lakes haven’t done anything like class 11 or 111 water is rapids yet . Yet all 3 of us want to paddle her . She tracks straight on the lake even with the sketch up . I would recommend this kayak!!! They made a 12 also that’s the length I was looking for . Don’t know why they discontinued this model . Oh well hope this helps someone else . 😇😇😇