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Name: bvalinski

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Great beginner board. Very stable and forgiving. I like it best in calm water.....and it's perfect for spending the day on a reservoir because you can lay down on it and sun for a while.

VERY light weight. Stable. Easy to paddle.

Noisy in a slight chop. The flat bow and lightweight construction makes every little wave echo.
I use this as my training board when bringing someone new out to learn how to SUP.

The Rip 10 is a great all around dependable boat for beginners to intermediate....and you won't get bored with it. It's extremely stable, so great for learning.....and it's also pretty nimble, so its a lot of fun too. It will never be the fastest boat on the lake, but that's not what it was intended for. It's much lighter weight than most other boats in it's class (38 pounds), so its easy to car-top and store. It also has a high weight capacity, with TONS of dry storage space......great for weekend camping. Also really stable for fishing. The only downside is that I wish it had adjustable thigh hight on the seat.....but I don't think anything in this price range has that. This is just a great compact do everything (except racing) boat.

The perfect next board. This will be my third board.....and the first time I can say that I absolutely LOVE one! My first board was a plastic one that I bought for fun.....when I discovered that I really liked SUP, I purchased a beginner glass board at the suggestion of a sales rep at a paddle show. I guess they thought that because I was in my mid-50's I needed something wide and slow. Unfortunately I outgrew that quickly. The Ace-Tec Wing really makes paddling much more's plenty stable for a 190 pound man....and it handles slight chop way better than a standard shaped flat bottomed board. This is the board that I will use for many years. Pros Stable, good glide, pointed bow cuts through chop.....also has great weight capacity. Easy to paddle fast board. Cons Hard to store a board this length Usage Exercise, touring, and lounging.

This thing is so light! I've been paddle boarding for a year now on a heavy plastic SUP....I love the sport, but dreaded picking 50+ pounds on the the roof of my car. I first ran into Bic at the Paddlers Expo and was immediately attracted by the weight since I almost knocked it over it was so light. I'm also impressed about how durable it seems to be, the plastic coating over the fiberglass is what impressed me to take a risk on this board since the beaches can be rockey where I paddle. Pros Lightweight and stable. This is a great intermediate board that almost anyone can use. Lot's of tie down points, so I plan to get the deck bag for it soon so I can stay out all day. Cons Not sure how the flat bottom will be in chop yet. I've only had it out on flat water, but I am concerned about how flat it is. Usage Paddling around fresh water reservoirs. Easy paddling on summer days (and evenings)

Fun...indestructible SUP. Great entry level board that can double as a spare kayak. Although not the best kayak for a taller paddler, this capability have saved me on a windy day when it was impossible to paddle back while standing. This is a great SUP to spend a day on a lake. There's even room to bungee an Igloo cooler on the back to bring your lunch along. Pros Extremely stable, indestructible, and relatively inexpensive. Has decent speed for a good paddler. Cons Heavy. Would also be nicer if you didn't need to keep your feet in the grooves for them....not a big deal, just not as flexible as a flat top board. Usage Recreational paddling....picnicing.

The Nalu 11 is a great entry level board for trying out SUP. It also functions as a sit on top kayak for when you need a spare it's handy to have a couple in your fleet. Pros Inexpensive, stable, and versatile. Extremely durable, and will handle tons of abuse such as rocky shores or multiple teen age boys goofing around on it . It has plenty of hook points and bungies, so you can strap on a small cooler and spend the day on the water. Cons The Nalu is vey heavy.....about 50 pounds. (but once you get used to it, you can carry it on your head using the two side handles, which makes it easy to get on your car roof). I don't like needing to use the footwells to stand does keep you straight for paddling, but you really can't reposition yourself. Because it's hollow, it does flex quite a bit if you try standing anywhere else. Usage Great SUP for large large lakes. Very fast on flat water, tracks nicely, and is easy to control. Perfect starter or family SUP.