Manitou II

14' 8"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

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Manitou II Description

Incredibly versatile tandem with the feel and glide of a touring boat combined with the stability and comfort of a recreational kayak. Unique dual cockpit with one large opening and one smaller opening comfortably seats two adults plus an additional child or pet. Aft seat can be adjusted for solo paddling

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Manitou II Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Tandem
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

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Manitou II Reviews

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I wanted a 14' Kayak, but…

Submitted by: Hiker153 on 6/18/2018

I wanted a 14' Kayak, but circumstances dictated a shorter boat. I am very happy with the 11' Neckey Manitou. It tracks well, is reasonably fast, and easy to maneuver. Extra...the rear hatch stays dry! No problems paddling upstream even in high water after a storm. The Manitou is also affordable. This boat was definitely a good choice!


Exactly what you need

Submitted by: Ryan-S on 12/28/2016

This boat is exactly what you need, not want. I took one of these out for a weekend, and now I need it. It is perfect for me in every way. There's tons of dry storage and the seating configuration is so adaptable. I can move the stern seat forward and paddle this kayak by myself, or I can slide it all the way back and paddle with a partner. I can even slide the stern seat into the middle position and place my 85-pound Labrador retriever into the bow cockpit and take her on a solo trip with me. There is even a jumpseat option for a little kid in the stern cockpit. Heck, there's even enough room for me in the stern to fit a smaller dog and place a second person in the bow. 

The boat I tried had the optional drop down rudder too, which was terrific for slower-paced waters. The only con to the optional rudder is the turning radius isn't very sharp (you probably want to pull it up for smaller rivers and only use it in open waters). Stability was fair, either with a light load or heavy load. I cannot think of any disqualify thing about this boat, except for maybe the price: It is very expensive. But you do get a lot of boat for your money, that's for sure. There's a reason you don't see these on the second-hand market...everyone wants them.


I have one of these yaks.…

Submitted by: mike13 on 8/31/2015
I have one of these yaks. while it is sleek, fast and durable, it is a bit unstable for me. I generally travel slower rivers and even there it feels a little squirrely. Probably better suited for lakes. All said it is a quality kayak and would be a good choice for one more agile. I give it 7+.

It's a great all-around boat…

Submitted by: lrizza on 9/15/2014
It's a great all-around boat to paddle in rivers and open lakes. It's comfortable to last all day in. I can handle this intermediate size by myself in loading and carrying.

This is a nice boat to paddle…

Submitted by: jamoaque on 8/19/2014
This is a nice boat to paddle and has some nice features as a recreational tandem. It is 14'8" long with a 28-inch beam, weighs around 75 pounds, and has a capacity of about 475 pounds. Has a snazzy color scheme to it (I got the "storm" variety, which is bluish).
    What I like best:
  1. Seats are nice (adjustability and padding); also, the fore-aft seat locations can be adjusted too
  2. Like the large, sealed stern bulkhead
  3. Like how well it paddles/cruises. Enables you to keep pace with 17-foot canoes, but it is not as long, bulky, or heavy to transport as a canoe and gives you more comfortable seating too. It can be paddled all the way up to its maximum theoretical hull speed of around 6 mph (tandem paddling).
  4. It is stable and tracks well. A rudder can be added if desired, but I have not needed it.
A couple things to consider. It was designed as a "two-and-a-half person" kayak, so the rear cockpit is huge to allow a child or dog to sit just in front of the rear paddler. Since it is only 14'8" long, the front cockpit ends up being a bit tight for taller people. So you need to determine if your priority is being able to handle taller people in the front of a tandem kayak, versus the idea of the extra space in the back cockpit.

I have to admit that if I would not have gotten such a good deal on a lightly used one, I would have had a hard time getting myself to pay its new price. This is a boat I hope to get much use from over the coming years (assuming it will have good durability).


Purchased the boat as a spare…

Submitted by: trvlrerik on 3/17/2014
Purchased the boat as a spare single use and for when kids or inexperienced paddlers want to come out for a ride. Construction and outfitting is better than a typical recreational kayak, for non back band seats they are reasonably adjustable, they can interfere with full rotation if you are used to a back band. The seating is very much like an easy chair, comfortable, just a little to much padding in my opinion. Stern seat adjusts to allow for a single paddler to maintain proper balance in the boat.

As a single, the boat was much faster than anticipated for such a wide heavy boat, glide was also better than anticipated. As a single the boat is very controllable, and tracks on rails, turning is not a huge problem for those with proficient paddling skills, non experienced paddlers may need to install a rudder for assistance in turning. A rudder is not needed in my opinion as a tracking aid.

With experienced paddlers, as a tandem it again, is faster than anticipated but glide suffers with the additional weight. For such a short tandem a small paddler may not interfere with the strokes of the rear paddler, so when a child is in the front synchronized padding is not essential. Both tandem and single this boat offers a very dry and "quiet" ride not splashing when cutting waves, or pushing a noisy bow wake often associated with SOT tandems.

As an entry level recreational tandem it is (in my opinion), in the top of its class. If it offered back band seating, a front sealed bulkhead, and was 10 pounds lighter I would have given it a 10. As it stands I am very happy with the boat, it does exactly as intended.


The Manitou II is a great…

Submitted by: paddler235205 on 7/27/2013
The Manitou II is a great kayak. I have had mine for about 5 years now. I bought mine because I have a younger son that I wanted to be able to take out on the water with me. This boat fits us perfectly.

There is a large storage area in the rear, which is spacious enough for a few large dry bags. I usually put coolers between my legs on the floor behind the front seat. It comes with a third child seat but I usually remove it after travel as it seems to take up space I could use otherwise. It's a nice feature though, as it has a small storage compartment in it.

The only things I would like to see changed are a drain plug put in so removal of water is easier, and hinged compartment lids.

This is a great kayak for lakes, rivers, and sea.


I bought this boat as a…

Submitted by: edhbryan on 3/30/2012
I bought this boat as a used/demo and am happy with the purchase. Initially I was looking for something that I could use with my teen kids. I am 5'8" and 225lbs. I used to be a competitive bodybuilder so it's pretty solid weight. The front seat is a squeeze for me, but I have done it. However the boat works better with the heaviest partner in the rear seat.

The construction is very solid. I'm not particularly gentle or easy on my toys. But this kayak has no problems with my rough handling. I have bottomed out on shallow rocky rivers and bounced off of boulders on the river or lake shores, no damage no problems. I have a rudder but I haven't had much need for it yet. The boat tracks well without much effort.

Although it is a tandem, I often use it by myself and it's absolutely no problem. I can cruise very well solo. The rear seat will adjust to allow you to balance the weight better for solo paddling. The initial stability is very high (as expected). On a slow moving river I can pretty much kick back and the boat just glides down the river with no effort from me. It has two hatches and a center removable console for additional storage if needed.

For a recreational tandem I think the Necky Manitou II is hard to beat.


Manitou II is a fabulous…

Submitted by: buster0391 on 5/13/2011
Manitou II is a fabulous boat. Well built. I like the double cockpit as it gives more stability and I feel the boat will hold together better. The seats have all kinds of adjustments and are comfortable, but a little firm on the butt, so I use a cushion.

I am over 6 feet and there is plenty of room in the back. The front is tight for someone my size, however the wife is very comfortable up front and she is 5 and a half feet. We have navigated on strong tidal rivers as well as very tight creeks. The rudder is a must as it is so easy to use and keep you tracking straight. All you have to do is coordinate your stroke with your partner as you will klunk paddles otherwise. The rear hatch opens and closes easily, but would be difficult to get to while in the boat. There is plenty of room in the back seat area for a small cooler to fit in front and out of the way. Tracks very well and takes waves nicely.

Loads easily into the back of a full size pick up bed. It sticks out, but travels well. We also load it on top of our pickup using the Thule T-bar up front, which can also be used in the back and a single Thule load bar on the roof. We do this when towing a 5th wheel trailer and works well. The rear is somewhat heavy with the rudder and I would not want to go any larger as the weight would most likely be too much.

I bought this kayak sight unseen as it seemed to me to be the best for us. I was not disappointed in the least. It moves really well in the water. We have not tried it out yet as a single. Very easy to adjust everything and the seats will lie back and stay in place when traveling upside down on the roof.


We bought this kayak so our…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/27/2009
We bought this kayak so our whole family can go kayaking together. I usually paddle my solo (a Prijon Capri Tour), and my husband paddles in the stern of the Manitou II with our 4 year old son in the jump seat (which is also located in the stern) and our 10 year old daughter in the bow. We also looked at the Perception Acadia II 14.0 and the Dagger Blackwater II 13.5. The Perception and Dagger look almost identical, which is not surprising, since they are both owned by Confluence Watersports. We liked the fact that the Necky has 2 separate cockpits, whereas the Perception and Dagger have 1 long open cockpit.

Pluses: Hatch is watertight; seats are comfortable; foot pegs are easy to adjust; kayak is easy to turn when we're not going too fast; both paddlers' seats adjust forward or back; jumpseat is removable; bow has foam flotation; kayak is very stable.

Minuses: It's heavy (75 lbs!); it seems to track to the left (we didn't get the rudder, which might have alleviated this); it's more difficult to turn when we're going fast; I am 5'4" and when I sit in the bow, the foot pegs are too high for my feet - I have adjusted the seat and the foot pegs over and over, and there's no way I can use the thigh braces and the foot pegs at the same time; speaking of the thigh braces, they have no padding whatsoever (I'm guessing this is because since the seats are adjustable, there's no one place to put padding).

Overall, the Manitou II does what we expected of it and we will enjoy it as our family grows. When our 4 year old son is old enough to paddle in the bow (probably about age 6), we will graduate our 10 daughter (who will be about 12 by then) to a solo and permanently remove the jump seat; then when our son is ready to graduate to a solo (probably about age 8), my patient husband can finally enjoy a solo, too!

But for anyone reading this who is deliberating between a tandem or two solos, I have to agree with everything I've read - solos are definitely the way to go unless your life circumstances (e.g. having a 4 year old) necessitate a tandem. Tandems are heavier, turn with more difficulty, and just aren't as enjoyable.


My wife and I purchased a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/29/2007
My wife and I purchased a Manitou II early this spring and after a full summer of use, I can give it a great rating. We also purchased a Manitou 13 at the same time, so that we can comfortably go out with our six-year-old son on day-trips. The two kayaks together have been a perfect fit for us -- my wife will normally take the 13, while I'll sit in the back of the II with our son in the front. The adjustable seats are great because I can slide both seats just a little ways forward to balance our weight better, and with my son only paddling a little bit in front, I can be in a slightly more central position. I've taken it out solo several times and find it performs nicely with the seat all the way forward, though as a solo kayak it feels heavy and slow compared to the Manitou 13. It is surprisingly easy to paddle solo though (or with a kid in front who's not paddling much), and I can easily keep up with my wife in the Manitou 13.

I find the seats comfortable, and making some adjustments throughout the day can keep you stay more comfortable than keeping the seat in one position. The seat adjustments work well -- I think the straps are a better solution than the cords that Old Town uses for adjusting these same seats. And being able to raise and lower the seat back is really nice. The foot pegs are easy to adjust and work well. I wish it had some thigh padding inside like the Manitou 13 does, though -- although it's a wider cockpit and you might not always want your legs pressed against the sides in the Manitou II, it sometimes is helpful, and would be more comfortable with some padding. I might try to add some to it.

The hatch works well; the roomy cockpit is nice for fishing or fitting some extra gear in; the recesses for paddle float rescue work great -- we've tried it out just to make sure we'd be able to get back in if we ever capsized; the bungies are nice for strapping in some gear like a bilge pump; the drink holders in the seats are great to hold a bottle of water instead of having it roll around on the floor. The kid's jump seat is easy to remove to give yourself more cockpit room, and we've never used it -- three of us have gone out in it a couple times, but the kid just sat on a boat cushion on the floor.

We tried several tandem kayaks at a few different demo days, and this one seemed the best fit for us, it tracked the best, and seemed the easiest to paddle. At one demo I tested the Pamlico 145T and the Manitou II side-by-side -- both had rudders, but I flipped them up to also test without rudder, and the Pamlico 145T that we tried did not track nearly as well as the Manitou II -- it seemed to turn back and forth a lot with every stroke, while the Manitou II went much straighter. And the Pamlico seemed to me to just move slower, though I don't know how true that really is. I do know that on the Pamlico we tested, the seats were somewhat stuck in one position and were hard to adjust, and I believe when we did get the seat moved forward, the foot pegs would not move far enough forward.

We opted to buy the Manitou II without a rudder, and we're happy with it -- we're paddling lakes and rivers and I think the rudder just would be more weight and hassle to care for than it'd be worth to us. For some people in other circumstances, I'm sure it's well worthwhile. There have been very few times when I've been in heavy wind that I wished I had a rudder to help keep going straight, but being someone who's used to canoeing more than kayaking, I find if pretty easy to compensate for the wind by just changing paddling technique a little (and I'm not a highly accomplished paddler). And turning the kayak sharply and quickly would be easier with a rudder, but again, that wouldn't be worth it to me -- I can turn it easily enough just with some simple paddling technique -- for my recreational use, it's fine without a rudder, but someone looking for more serious performance than me (or using it in coastal conditions certainly) would probably want the rudder. I'm just starting to learn to "edge" the boat to help turn more easily.

The Manitou II is fairly heavy to move around and load (compared to a solo kayak, but all tandems are), but I can load and unload it by myself on our SUV using a Thule Glide-and-Set rack. By placing a bath mat over the back edge of the roof, I can lift the front end up on the mat, then move to the back of the kayak still on the ground, lift and slide it forward onto the rack easily. I'm tall and thin, not terribly strong, and it hasn't been difficult for me. And I made a cart out of an old jogging stroller axle and wheels that makes it easy for me to cart it by myself -- carrying it by myself any distance without the cart is very tiring.

Our family has had a great time kayaking many lakes and rivers in these kayaks, and I'd highly recommend the Manitou II for anyone looking for a tandem that probably handles a little better than most other recreational tandems. If it were just my wife and I, we'd probably have two Manitou 13's instead, but for the three of us this is a great solution.


This is our first kayak, and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/26/2007
This is our first kayak, and we think it's a great boat. For a 'hybrid' rec/touring boat, it's performed well for us in our day trips in various conditions.

Only gave it a 9 because I'd prefer if the boat had a sealed bow bulkhead instead of a foam insert. Otherwise, my wife and I love it, and have taken the boat out onto lakes, rivers, and coastal areas with great success.

I'd recommend getting this boat with the optional rudder. It has helped immensely. Worth the extra money.


Embarked on single paddler…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/22/2007
Embarked on single paddler doing short up stream and down stream runs in very shallow river with slow current, and logs to maneuver around. The Manitou II handled very well, easy to paddle up stream, and maneuver around logs. Kept rear seat in back most position with no weight in the front.

Wow! We love this boat! This…

Submitted by: paddler232075 on 6/6/2007
Wow! We love this boat! This is our first purchase after renting a few times a year. It is perfect for new paddlers and we can see ourselves exploring open water, too. The Manitou II is very stable, has good seats, and is easy for two to lift. The rudder is a MUST! Open, fresh, flat or salt - this is an incredible recreational boat.

Nice Tandem, been on two…

Submitted by: paddler231997 on 4/23/2007
Nice Tandem, been on two trips and Very nice Boat back area large for my Dog to come along I don't know if the jump seat leaves enough room for lG paddler and Child But GREAT for LG paddler and SM dog.. Giving a 9 Because the front bulkhead has no hatch and is a bit cramped for taller people.. pegs and seat fully out can still put feet on bulkhead.. there needs to be a hatch on the front great storage in the Back and in the middle by DOG made her a nest of dry bags.. cant but anything in the front... Limiting the Range of the boat 1-2 day only.. Which I realize is pushing the boundary for a rec boat.. but it handles so well it makes you want to do longer trips... V dry also

Bought the Manitou II (no…

Submitted by: manitou on 3/12/2007
Bought the Manitou II (no rudder) after searching for a number of years. I was looking for a boat to take the whole family out in, but also able to go on my own. I used this website often and thought it appropriate to write in now that i own a boat.

I was torn between other tandems (perception sundance ii, WS pamlico 145t) but after looking at the local shop, the manitou ii just made the most sense and had the most room. (worth the extra $)

I had it out for the first time today, on my own. It was great even with the wind today. The boat is very stable, took the waves well and got moving if I really paddled. I didn't adjust the seat before I headed out (move rear seat to center) but it was simple enough to do in the water. Conditions weren't great but the boat handled awesome. Very stable. I couldn't be happier with performance...

Not too difficult to load or unload on my own (I'm 5'11, 197). Everything adjusts easy and theres footpegs for front and rear passenger (unlike WS 145t, just front). This gives a future option for rudder, but i don't think I'll need it.

Overall 9, but its still early. I'll make sure to write another review once the wife and kids come along. Happy paddling!


Update. I find the Manitou II…

Submitted by: paddler231910 on 1/15/2007
Update. I find the Manitou II is a great little tandem, at 14'8", for what you get - it has a lot going for in the short length. My wife and I embarked on a short 3 1/2 hour journey. As I mentioned in my first review, I had not had the pleasure of occupying the rear cockpit. There is so much room there, until one could easily slide the seat forward, lock in, and have storage behind the seat as well as the dry storage. The Manitou II, I felt, tracked very well without a rudder system although I am sure it would enhance the experience even more with one. In the calm waters - a couple strong strokes and your gliding far. Passing motor boats leaving behind their wakes didn't damper us a bit. It took boat wakes very well. Stable kayak - for my wife to not feel ill at ease says a lot about the stability of the Manitou II. Upon reaching open water and more winds, the Manitou II kept a fairly well straight track with a slight drift when paddling slowed or coasting. Handles very well in the shallows (1' or less). All in all I rate the Manitou II a 10. For what I know about tandems - Necky has created a very nice tandem. It can get around in some tight places as we found, and will quickly spin about letting you do some backward paddling. We found this rather nice upon spotting a Bald Eagle coming into view and then soaring above. A quick spin and we could watch as we slowly paddled backwards and as the Bald Eagle slowly soared out of sight.

My wife and I recently…

Submitted by: paddler231910 on 1/8/2007
My wife and I recently purchased the Necky Manitou II. After a lot of research, and just plain searching - we found a nearby dealer who had a nice selection of kayaks. My focus was for a cross between a canoe and kayak. The Manitou II seemed to fit the bill albeit a couple draw backs that are easily overcome. Only 1 dry stoage, and the front cockpit small for a smaller person. The rear cockpit - LARGE! But for my wife and I - it is a great fit. It got initiated in a local pond but not with my wife, my 6'2", 280+ lbs son. He sat in the rear cockpit while I (5'10", 212 lbs) took the front cockpit. The Necky Manitou II performed graciously. It would especially haul butt when paddles put in full motion by a couple fellas of this size. I give it an 8 only because I have not sat in the rear cockpit - I can hardly wait. Its just a little bit crowded for a 5'10" dude in the front but easily accommodated me for our little journey. Great kayak, easy to handle. Really moves out. Stay tuned.