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Name: manitou

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Bought the Manitou II (no rudder) after searching for a number of years. I was looking for a boat to take the whole family out in, but also able to go on my own. I used this website often and thought it appropriate to write in now that i own a boat.

I was torn between other tandems (perception sundance ii, WS pamlico 145t) but after looking at the local shop, the manitou ii just made the most sense and had the most room. (worth the extra $)

I had it out for the first time today, on my own. It was great even with the wind today. The boat is very stable, took the waves well and got moving if I really paddled. I didn't adjust the seat before I headed out (move rear seat to center) but it was simple enough to do in the water. Conditions weren't great but the boat handled awesome. Very stable. I couldn't be happier with performance...

Not too difficult to load or unload on my own (I'm 5'11, 197). Everything adjusts easy and theres footpegs for front and rear passenger (unlike WS 145t, just front). This gives a future option for rudder, but i don't think I'll need it.

Overall 9, but its still early. I'll make sure to write another review once the wife and kids come along. Happy paddling!