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Name: edhbryan

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I bought this boat as a used/demo and am happy with the purchase. Initially I was looking for something that I could use with my teen kids. I am 5'8" and 225lbs. I used to be a competitive bodybuilder so it's pretty solid weight. The front seat is a squeeze for me, but I have done it. However the boat works better with the heaviest partner in the rear seat.

The construction is very solid. I'm not particularly gentle or easy on my toys. But this kayak has no problems with my rough handling. I have bottomed out on shallow rocky rivers and bounced off of boulders on the river or lake shores, no damage no problems. I have a rudder but I haven't had much need for it yet. The boat tracks well without much effort.

Although it is a tandem, I often use it by myself and it's absolutely no problem. I can cruise very well solo. The rear seat will adjust to allow you to balance the weight better for solo paddling. The initial stability is very high (as expected). On a slow moving river I can pretty much kick back and the boat just glides down the river with no effort from me. It has two hatches and a center removable console for additional storage if needed.

For a recreational tandem I think the Necky Manitou II is hard to beat.