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I have one of these yaks. while it is sleek, fast and durable, it is a bit unstable for me. I generally travel slower rivers and even there it feels a little squirrely. Probably better suited for lakes. All said it is a quality kayak and would be a good choice for one more agile. I give it 7+.

I have owned this kayak for about 4 years. It is the best all around Kayak I have ever used. I do a lot of river and creek runs in slower water. This boat tracks extremely well and is unusually fast for one this size. I own 8 other kayaks and none come close for comfort and handling. It will provide great service no matter the level of experience one has.

I tried this board out on a lake, still water. I had a friend that owned one and we took it along with my board and swapped for the day. As others have said this is an incredibly stable board, especially in still water. almost like being moored to the dock. It was an easy paddle as well. It was seemed very well constructed. Pros Stable, well built. Cons from what friend said he paid seems a bit pricey. personal preference I don't particularly like inflatables. Usage day trip to lake

While on vacation in Florida last summer I had the opportunity to try out the Jackson superfishal. my friend had two of them and we took them out for an afternoon on the bay. my friend/ owner really likes this board. I found it suitably stable for a novice boarder. the only draw back was it seamed a bit heavy to me. Pros stability Cons weight Usage recreational

I have owned a Wilderness Pungo 14 for about 4 years. It is the best all-around tracking, riding and paddling yak I've been in. and I have 10 kayaks, all different brands and styles. My seat could use some improvement but I understand the newer models have addressed that issue. Still it's a great boat.

This is a work horse. These boats are perfect for those river fishing/camping trips. They are like streamlined pack mules. Easy to paddle, great seats and tough. We've had 2 for 5 years and I really think they will last a lifetime. They are very stable and versatile. On top of that, Native offers some many options and accessories to allow your to customize your boat to you. A really great boat.