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Name: buster0391

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Manitou II is a fabulous boat. Well built. I like the double cockpit as it gives more stability and I feel the boat will hold together better. The seats have all kinds of adjustments and are comfortable, but a little firm on the butt, so I use a cushion.

I am over 6 feet and there is plenty of room in the back. The front is tight for someone my size, however the wife is very comfortable up front and she is 5 and a half feet. We have navigated on strong tidal rivers as well as very tight creeks. The rudder is a must as it is so easy to use and keep you tracking straight. All you have to do is coordinate your stroke with your partner as you will klunk paddles otherwise. The rear hatch opens and closes easily, but would be difficult to get to while in the boat. There is plenty of room in the back seat area for a small cooler to fit in front and out of the way. Tracks very well and takes waves nicely.

Loads easily into the back of a full size pick up bed. It sticks out, but travels well. We also load it on top of our pickup using the Thule T-bar up front, which can also be used in the back and a single Thule load bar on the roof. We do this when towing a 5th wheel trailer and works well. The rear is somewhat heavy with the rudder and I would not want to go any larger as the weight would most likely be too much.

I bought this kayak sight unseen as it seemed to me to be the best for us. I was not disappointed in the least. It moves really well in the water. We have not tried it out yet as a single. Very easy to adjust everything and the seats will lie back and stay in place when traveling upside down on the roof.