Mustang 100X Description

The Pelican MUSTANG 100X EXO is a 10-foot sit-in multi-function recreational kayak built on a twin-arched multichine hull that offers great stability while providing good tracking. It features molded footrests making it easy to share this kayak among friends and family without having to always readjust the footrests, adjustable knee pads, a cockpit smartphone holder, the ERGOFORM™ seating system, two flush mount rod holders, a front deck storage hatch with bungee cord, a tank well with bungee cords to store your fishing gear or secure the included 17L ExoPod™ removable storage compartment, and ergonomic carrying handles. Made of RAM-X™, a multi-layer polyethylene with an advanced resin providing significantly more rigidity than standard polyethylene, the MUSTANG 100X EXO comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is lighter, stiffer and stronger, and built to last for many fishing adventures.

Mustang 100X Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

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Mustang 100X Reviews

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great handling

Submitted by: Naydekilson on 6/28/2022

great handling


So far, I am very happy with…

Submitted by: paddler1856563 on 1/25/2022

So far, I am very happy with my Mustang. I discovered many of the same small shortcomings as the other reviewers and added/fine-tuned several things.


It is a nice kayak overall.…

Submitted by: Mmerle61 on 4/26/2021

It is a nice kayak overall. It cuts through the water easily and tracks well. The rod holders are in a good spot, making it easy to get to your rods. The exo carry case is not waterproof. The one major flaw is the seat. I found it very uncomfortable.


Worth every penny if your…

Submitted by: BGPhillips on 9/21/2020
Worth every penny if your expectations are modest. My wife and I were hoping for better boats; something like the Wilderness Systems Pungos or even the Eddyline Sky10 and Skylark, but there just isn't any inventory right now. I watched a youtube video by Headwaters Kayak that compared cheap boats that they'd purchased at Dick's and this one came out on top. So, rather than wait for spring before we could get out on the water in something other than a rental boat, my wife and I decided that we'd get a couple of these and when something better becomes available in the Spring, we haven't sunk a lot of money into them at about $350 a piece. The quality appears very cheap; very flexible low grade plastic. But it's not an overly heavy boat. There are no bulkheads; the round cover at the front of the boat merely conceals a small storage compartment. The bag behind the seat provides more storage, but it's not waterproof. So if you take a spill, you'll likely need some assistance with getting rescues, as the boat will likely fill up with water. For the price, however, it worked just fine. Stable. Tracked straight. Not a speedster, but not terribly slow either. Last week we used a Santee 126 and a Dagger Axis 105 and this Pelican is really not noticeably slower than those more expensive boats. The seat is very basic; not awful, but not great either. Wife and I both had numb butts after an hour or so, but this might be remedied with a gel seat pad. If you just want to get into the sport to see if you'll like it, or you don't think you'll get out more than 6-10 times a year, and you don't want to sink a lot of money into it, this is a perfectly okay boat. If you're more than a casual enthusiast, however, you're better off getting something in the $700+ price range.

My wife and I are retired…

Submitted by: paddler782458 on 5/26/2020
My wife and I are retired seniors. We find these kayaks to perfectly fit are needs for lake kayaking. Also the weight (39lbs) is perfect for me to lift them up on the J-Hook racks located on our Chrysler Pacifica van. Loading them on the back of the F-250 is even easier. Best of all they are nice and rugged and meet all of the lake requirements and restrictions we have in California. Happy Paddling for the price.

Me and my wife bought two of…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/23/2020
Me and my wife bought two of these recently, first time I ever went out I wound up with friends on class 2 rapids. WHAT A BLAST, very stable, and also very easy to maneuver and quickly realigne yourself to where you want to face because of how light it also is. I almost rolled it on the first rapid after I'd taken on water, but, with a little effort and help from the kayaks natural tendency to want to be upright, I prevailed, only downsides ( which are also pros in their own aspects) is the cockpit it large, which makes it very easy and natural to get in and out of, but, without a spray skirt, takes on extra water in rapids, you should have a spray skirt anyways if in rapids. Only true downside, is there really isnt much room for storage, and I wish they made the front hatch a little bigger, sealed, more secure, I tend not to use it much, and the back "dry pack" also feels a little clumsy to get to while on the water, therefor leaving you wanting better design on the storage aspect. I have heard of people actually removing the rear pack to add actual dry packs and having much more efficient storage space, however, I am unaware of any fix for frontal storage aside from the half splash skirts that have zipper pockets which would be useful for fishing storage.

As a rookie paddler, I really…

Submitted by: kayakaroni_n_cheese on 5/22/2020
As a rookie paddler, I really like this kayak! It's stable, tracks well, and has a good amount of storage. My husband and I both have one and recently took them down a 7 mile stretch of the Platte River in Colorado. This is a pretty calm section of the river but there were more than a dozen boat chutes of varying size/intensity that we encountered. The kayaks handled really well on these - we never felt unstable or at risk of capsizing on any of them. The boats did take on a lot of water on several of the chutes but they are fairly easy to drain. My only complaint is that the storage compartments fill up with water pretty easily and the "dry bag" feature in the back doesn't really keep anything dry. I would recommend buying some after-market dry bags to store things in the back of the kayak if you're worried about them getting wet. Otherwise a great choice all around!

I have 2 of these kayaks. One…

Submitted by: Blackcr on 5/12/2020
I have 2 of these kayaks. One in Florida and one in Maine. Both are lightweight enough to reach the skinniest water and maneuver through the tightest creek. Both can be rigged to fish with aftermarket add-ons.

I am a beginner kayaker and…

Submitted by: paddler770749 on 5/4/2020
I am a beginner kayaker and have been very impressed with this kayak. This kayak doesn't have all the bells and whistles. This is a basic kayak that is very light and easy to load on top of my suv. It is rated at 300 pounds and easily caries me (210 pounds) and a few items for the day. I usually paddle on some nearby inland lakes. It is very stable and easy to paddle and tracks pretty straight. This is a great beginner kayak and highly recommend it to any one looking to get into kayaking for very little money.

The Pelican Mustang 100X was…

Submitted by: paddler536185 on 11/25/2019

The Pelican Mustang 100X was my first kayak, I still have it and still use it in The James River, the price and quality are both good value. I will keep this one forever. If you are just thinking about starting to kayak, I recommend this Pelican Mustang. Good Value, but beware this sport is addicting.


Great kayak overall. Tracks…

Submitted by: paddler435257 on 9/4/2019

Great kayak overall. Tracks well, and moves pretty quickly on the water. The only negative would be the rear storage area and the included cargo case. If you are riding any wake, the rear storage area will fill up with water that you'll have to bail out. Also, the cargo case is kind of useless. It would be great, but it gets really wet inside.


I have been looking for some…

Submitted by: hankypou on 9/3/2019

I have been looking for some time now for a kayak that would be easy to get in and out since I am 77yrs. old and require a long cockpit and a wide kayak, I have had many kayaks over the years and many great expereances, with all the different kayaks that fitted my needs at the times with different needs I bought the Pelican Mustang and was not disappointed with the looks the set up and most of all how comfortable it is with the seats and the molded foot rest and how easily it glides thru the water even with heavy head winds , very stable and handles well like I said so I am thrilled to own this kayak.


I love it. Good for lakes or…

Submitted by: paddler538371 on 8/5/2019

I love it. Good for lakes or rivers, class 1-3. Very stable, comfortable and tracks great.


Overall this kayak is…

Submitted by: Bryn_Dhir on 8/1/2019

Overall this kayak is stable, durable, tracks very well in flat water to class II waves. Have only used it for recreational kayaking trips rather than fishing, and think that is has tremendous value for the price point and overall enjoyment. Very happy with this recreational kayak! Pros: - Very durable construction - Twin arched multi-chine hull is excellent for stability - Drain plugs are a great feature. They are a bit tight to take out and put back in for the first few times, but work very well. - The seat is moderately comfortable, but can be adjusted with purchasing an additional seat rest. - The rubber kneepads on either side of the cockpit adds comfort, and the kayak comes with a handly pre-installed bungee cord over the tank well. - Carrying toggles at either ends are great to get into launch sites and carry out - There are a few durable footrests (nonadjustable, but have come pre-set) which work well (better than not having any). - The kayak has a bungee chord which the manufacturer indicates is a smart phone holder, however I find that is most effective for strapping a waterbottle into it. Cons: - As expected with recreational kayaks, there are no bulk heads but the manufacturer has inserted foam behind the cockpit seat to act as one, however water will still move from one end of the kayak to the other. - The black storage cases ("exopods") were removed after the first paddling trip because they are not waterproof or space efficient. Instead, tethering dry bags into the tank wells works extremely well. - The front deck storage hatch is not very useful. Water enters the shallow hatch very easily.


I recently switched from the…

Submitted by: paddler435257 on 7/26/2019

I recently switched from the Pelican trailblazer 100 to the mustang and I'm loving it so far! Smoother ride, faster, and better tracking. The removable 30L storage case is an excellent feature too.


My wife and I bought us a…

Submitted by: paddler530551 on 7/19/2019

My wife and I bought us a pair of Mustang 100X for our very first kayaking experience together. We put them in the water on the New River in Pearisburg VA. I have never been in a kayak, so this was the make me or break me tryout. We managed to get in them safely and away we went. For my first time I have to say that they handled real well. Handling was good thru the rapids. Only fault I found was that I took in to much water and it all went to the stern. As I headed to the shore to drain it. It began to handle real sluggishly and the water shifted to one side causing me to capsize. Luckily I had my life jacket on and the wife came to assist me. The kayak completely filled up with water and I wasn't able to empty it till I got to shore. The whole kayak was about 2 inches under the water. I wasn't able to use it as a float and definitely wasn't any getting back into it until I got back to shore. But all in all we got everything back under control and finished the last hour of our 3 1/2 hour trip. Considering my complete inexperience I think all went very well.


I bought this boat from a…

Submitted by: paddler528383 on 7/15/2019

I bought this boat from a local sporting goods store that rhymes with Rick's during their annual boat sale and I'm very happy with it for what I paid and what uses I need it for. I'm mainly using it as a fishing platform and generally target freshwater species in ponds/lakes, rarely with moving current outside of wind-blown, and I'm very pleased with the performance thus far. Haven't been out in saltwater/waves but I'm sure it'll hold up so long as the chop doesn't get too funky. The first day out I had maybe a good 15 minutes worth of just getting used to the physics of me shifting around my weight and how it impacted my balance, but after that adjustment period, no major concerns with stability. Tracking is fine for my purposes and the weight/length allows me to easily get it onto and off of my mid-size SUV and into the water without much strain. I'm a fan and I hope my Mustang lasts for many more seasons to come. For what it's worth, I'm about 5'11" and 230lbs, carry about two rigged rods and 5lbs of tackle, a net, PFD, and a small cooler on my outings.


Wife and I have just bought…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/9/2019

Wife and I have just bought two Mustangs, and have gone out the past three days - the boats track fairly well for being 10' and piloted by rookies, and have performed well so far; fairly light to get on top of an SUV, and they have good space to store coolers, dry bags, etc. Another reviewer mentioned the stern deck compartment fills with water pretty quickly; this has been my experience too, but the kayak is sitting much lower in the water than wifeys, who isn't getting nearly as much water in. Decent boat for a decent price!


After having it in the water…

Submitted by: ManNamedBambi on 6/6/2019

After having it in the water twice now, it tracks nicely, but stability could be better. Yet to take it out for fishing.


An overall great kayak!…

Submitted by: paddler464319 on 9/11/2018

An overall great kayak! Construction feels solid and it makes for a very comfortable paddle. Storage compartments are awesome as well!


We picked up a kayak about…

Submitted by: paddler464223 on 9/10/2018

We picked up a kayak about ten years ago from Costco. It has to be inflated before use, very portable. We were very excited about picking up the kayak & trying it out ! Four times now the kayak has developed holes and needed patching up. It is fairly quick to inflate & deflate with the pump included. Kalamalka Lake ( Vernon, BC, Canada ) is where we go kayaking after my partner gets off work.. We both really enjoy kayakingon the lake.


I saw many positive reviews…

Submitted by: paddler463355 on 8/24/2018

I saw many positive reviews on this kayak and pulled the trigger to get one. I am a beginner and this kayak is my first ever that I purchased and I am not sure if my opinion is far to the left field or not since many of the reviews were good. I go with my instinct and judging this kayak based on my need and the kayak's design. The recess at the stern where the removable pack located is a takes on water during rain and splash from the paddle. Whoever designed this thing needs to figure out a drain hole or path so the water will not stay in the recess. I don't feel comfortable to have my dry bag sit in there all day submersing in the water. The tie outs come out of the holes from the top of the kayak and there is no way to replace it if it breaks...since there is no easy access to the back (stern) of the kayak. The slot (recess) surrounding the oval opening of the kayak leads the water right back into the back recess where the removable pack located... As some of the reviewer mentioned, the front storage area is also recessed with a plastic cover. The recess allows the water to come right into it. This thing is a disaster for me on the water....too bad, I already registered for the both and don't want to remove the sticker and reapply for a new licence so I am stuck with it until I decide that I am too sick of this thing and pull the trigger for a different brand.....


We purchased 2 10 ft Pelican…

Submitted by: paddler443166 on 6/27/2018

We purchased 2 10 ft Pelican Mustang kayaks and 2 Field & Stream paddles. They both track well. We love the light weight of the kayaks and the paddles. They have a small space for a cell phone. A nice removal storage compartment in the back and a dry hatch up front. They have 2 fishing pole holders built into the kayak behind the cockpit. Bungee area in front and back for hauling your gear.