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The Freefall PFD is a pfd brought to you by MTI Adventurewear. Read Freefall PFD reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other pfd recommendations below or explore all pfds to find the perfect one for you!

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Freefall PFD Reviews

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Been using this PFD for 13 years as a pro raft guide

Submitted by: Aaron-Schulhoff on 7/3/2017

I bought this PFD 13 years ago cause it was affordable and looked a lot like the PFDs others had around the raft shop. It was different in a good way! Way more comfortable than every other PFD and everyone whos still around has gone two or more PFDs while I'm still using the sams one. Its a bit sun beaten and a knive wore a hole in the front mesh around year 3. Around year 8 the plastic side clip cracked but has still be working for 5 years. Im not nice to it either... I rarely wash it and i leave it in my jeep. It gets used every day for at leadt one trip during the summer and sometimes doubles or tripples. Our trips are 3 to 6 hours on the james river with class 1-4 white water. Its popped me up out of some big holes on my river and on the new gaully river's in west virginia. If you can find one of these, in any shape, get it! Then mail it to me ;-). The only negative is thay it didnt come with a sown on clip spot for a river knife like most whitwater PFDs have, maybe ill attach one someday.


The zipper on my Freefall…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/16/2007
The zipper on my Freefall failed during use (teeth pulled apart) after one season. Luckily it happened while I was practicing my roll on a pond and not on a river were I needed to count on it. The zipper was awkward to pull up from the day I purchased the PFD. Next time I'll go with a top down zipper...and, there is no attachment point for a knife.

This pfd would be good for…

Submitted by: unbridledv on 9/7/2005
This pfd would be good for taller people. I used it 3 times. It had plenty of room for paddling, but kept riding up on me (I’m short). Once I had it cinched down, I practically had to be a contortionist to get out of it. It’s a class 5 pfd, so I think whitewater yakers would be happier with this. It was a little bulky in the midriff.