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Lumpy Paddles Reviews

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Submitted by: bucko38 on 2/2/2017

I've been paddling with my Lumpy Paddle "skinny-stick" for over a year now. Admittedly, it took some getting used to, but now that I've got many, many miles under my belt, I can't imagine using any other paddle.

At 64 and prone to shoulder problems, this paddles has eased the strain, increased the enjoyment and made me "re-engage" in my paddling. I honestly look forward to going out, just to refine my stroke that "scosch" more. I've taken it to the coast, to the lakes, to the Everglades.

On top of all of that, Bill Bremer is a delight to talk to, bringing a very deep knowledge and experience base to shaping these paddles.

Highly recommended!!


I just got my first Greenland…

Submitted by: paddler237121 on 9/16/2016
I just got my first Greenland paddle from Lumpy Paddles. I was amazed by the level of personal service--Bill asked me a ton of questions about the kind of paddling I do, my style, etc., as well as getting detailed measurements. When the paddle arrive, it felt like a part of my body almost immediately. The loom is so comfortable in my hands and the paddle feels almost weightless. It also smells amazing! I'm a confirmed Greenland paddle aficionado now, and I have Lumpy Paddles to thank. I recommend this company very highly.

Many kayakers must first…

Submitted by: bsfrank on 8/28/2016

Many kayakers must first decide whether to try a Greenland paddle. After nearly one season now with my "stick" from Bill Bremer of Lumpy Paddles, let me enthusiastically endorse this very old technology.

I have paddled in all conditions on Lake Michigan, and the paddle has provided power when needed, and finesse throughout. It is quiet. It is smooth. It has seemingly cured my right elbow's tendency toward medial epicondylitis (also known as golf elbow). It has corrected my form, and I am now providing power from my core as I have long known I should. Its cedar feels wonderful in the hand, and I have stopped using gloves which were necessitated by the artificial materials in all my old paddles. It is a beautiful object to behold. I am, simply, delighted.

The second decision is where to get your paddle. Please consider Bill. He is kind, patient, and very wise. He will make a paddle to your dimensions, and to your needs. He will freely give of his time, and guide you through the process. Ultimately, he will supply you with a unique paddle for a fraction of the cost of a fancy off-the-shelf paddle.

I cannot endorse Lumpy Paddles any more enthusiastically.


I loved the Werner Cyprus…

Submitted by: Rookie on 7/18/2016

I loved the Werner Cyprus paddle the first time I held it and was overjoyed when I received one for Christmas. Never thought another paddle would enter my life until I fractured my shoulder. Had a lot of soreness during my first pool practice four months later and I was handed a Greenland paddle made by another paddler. It eased the stress on my shoulder muscles considerably so I asked here at Pnet for Greenland paddle recommendations.

Lumpy Paddles was the most highly recommended paddle. I contacted Bill Bremer and told him my tale of woe. Bill is a wonderful human being, spent tons of time asking me questions and giving me explicit instructions on what I needed to measure, emailed photographs, and triple-checked to make sure those measurements were correct. Days passed then he messaged that he had found a piece of Western Red Cedar he liked and was starting to carve my paddle. In the interim, I studied the Qajaq and Greg Stamer websites trying to learn some basics about the forward stroke with a Greenland.

Some time later a stunning Lumpy paddle, richly colored and beautifully grained, arrived. I was amazed at its lightness and put it on a scale. It weighs only three ounces more than my carbon Cyprus.

That evening I tried it, knowing that I supposed to use a canted blade for the forward stroke. Bill made that very easy because he carved the paddle so that when I place my hands on it, it's naturally canted forward. Awesome! One less thing to think about.

I'm still in the learning stages. At first I could barely eek out 2 mph, but with some experience, that's steadily improving where I can cruise around 3.5. In a stiff headwind, there's nothing that can surpass my Lumpy. Best of all, it's much, much easier on my shoulders and invites longer distances.

Except for that short time in the pool using a borrowed GP, my Lumpy is the only Greenland I've held so I didn't realize what a treasure it is until I took a Greenland class with Rowland Woollven, a BCU 5* Sea Kayak Coach from Scotland and the first man to circumnavigate Britain using a stick. He asked to see my paddle, giving me his carbon GP in exchange, then paddled off.

He liked it so much he had everyone else in the class try it. I had to use whatever paddle was handed to me. That's when I realized how wonderful my Lumpy is - made me happy to be reunited with it.

I love the paddle and best of all, Bill comes with it. He really cares about his clients and wants them to have the best experience possible. He's been a wonderful source of information, encouraging and helping me with technique, always available to answer questions by email or by phone. He's a BCU coach, paddle maker extraordinaire, really nice guy, and fun to talk with on the phone.

If you're thinking of getting a Greenland - go Lumpy. For good reason there's a waiting list, but the wait is well worth it.


I got my first Lumpy Paddle…

Submitted by: paddler236804 on 5/26/2016
I got my first Lumpy Paddle in 2013 and recently added a second one. They are my go-to paddles in all conditions. With my trusty and beautiful Lumpy Paddle I can easily keep pace with much stronger, younger people. On a long trip (on which I was the only woman and the oldest by at least 15 years) I overheard another group member ask the guide about the Greenland paddle. His answer: "Angela has one and she knows how to use it. What part of her kayak have we seen the whole trip? The back." And I have learned a great deal about kayaking talking with Bill, the creator of these fine paddles, who generously shares his knowledge as he makes sure your paddle is exactly right for your needs.

This is my second Lumpy and…

Submitted by: gjf12 on 5/19/2016
This is my second Lumpy and fourth Greenland Paddle. After decades of Euros and several years of Wing paddle, I now almost exclusively use my two Lumpy's. Bill at Lumpy is easy to talk with, very GP wise, and a terrific craftsman. He takes a while but that wait is well worth it.

I have been paddling with…

Submitted by: gchambers on 3/17/2016
I have been paddling with euro blade paddles for over 20 years. As I got older, I found there was a lot of wear and tear on my joints from paddling. I could no longer paddle two days in a row because of joint pain in my elbows. My first course of action to remedy this problem was seeking instruction on proper paddling technique. This was a huge benefit.

The second corrective action for my joint pain came from other paddlers participating in Watertribe events. These long distance paddlers sing the praises of the Greenland paddle for low impact and high efficiency. When asking these experienced long distance paddlers which paddle to buy, a Lumpy paddle is almost always their reply.

Before building my paddle, Bill spent a lot of time working with me to make sure we had the right dimensions for my new custom paddle. The paddle was tailored to my body dimensions and my paddling style. Bill's effort in getting things right has resulted in the best paddle I have ever owned.

From the very first use of the paddle I was impressed. After several hundred miles of paddling I am even more impressed with the efficiency and comfort of my Lumpy Paddle.

When my paddle first arrived I was surprised by two things. First, this paddle is the same weight as the lightest carbon paddles on the market. I own some of those paddles and compared the weight to the Lumpy paddle. The second pleasant surprise was the high quality wood and flawless finish of the paddle.

I own some of the best euro blade paddles on the market and have twenty years of experience paddling with the euro blade paddle. Within minutes of first paddling with the Greenland paddle I was amazed at how intuitive the Greenland paddle stroke is. Within 20 miles of paddling my Lumpy paddle became my preferred paddle.

When I go back to using my euro blade paddles, I now notice inefficiencies with the euro blade paddles that I never noticed before. One is energy required to bury the euro blade in the water and another is the lifting of water as the blade comes to the surface. These inefficiencies are significantly less with the Lumpy paddle.

My impression of Bill is he takes great pride in making sure each customer gets the perfect paddle and gets satisfaction from introducing new people to Greenland style paddling. He wants to make sure everything is perfect with each paddle he builds. Bill is extremely knowledgeable about Greenland paddling and proper paddle fit. When you choose to order a Lumpy Paddle, you get Bill's expertise. This experience and expertise is what makes Lumpy Paddles the absolute best choice.

When I started the search for a Greenland paddle I found many carbon paddle options available. The modern lightweight composite materials used in these cookie cutter paddles makes marketing to first time buyers easy. Don't make the mistake. A Lumpy paddle is just as light and the wood grain is better looking. Most importantly, the Lumpy paddle's dimensions match your body. The one size fits most carbon paddles are unlikely to give you a perfect fit on paddle length, blade width, loom diameter and loom length.

If you are going to purchase a Greenland paddle, do it right. Call Bill and go full custom. You will not regret the decision. It is worth getting it right.


I have 8 paddles altogether:…

Submitted by: gjf12 on 7/13/2015
I have 8 paddles altogether: Euros, a wing, and three GP's (two Novorca carbon paddles and my now 6 month old Lumpy in WRC). The Lumpy is lighter than the Novorcas, and lighter than my carbon Euros. Beautifully made, no flutter. Bill gave me excellent advice to first measure my grip on the other paddles in order to get a perfect loom length. The Lumpy design of a very subtle shoulder is even better than the shoulderless looms of my Novorcas. I highly recommend working with Bill to get your perfect greenland paddle.

I love my new Lumpy Greenland…

Submitted by: paddler236349 on 7/10/2015
I love my new Lumpy Greenland paddle! It is easily the most comfortable paddle I have ever used, I have some shoulder and wrist issues, this paddle turns them into non issues. It also seems to guide me into better form, I am naturally using my core instead of my arms, it has more than doubled my endurance to do it this way. I couldn't be happier!

I've owned several Lumpy…

Submitted by: Kudzu on 7/8/2015
I've owned several Lumpy paddles for several years now. I stumbled across this place where I could write a review and it would just be wrong not to spread the word. Bill made me two of the most beautiful, functional paddles I could ask for. I use one for calm or downwind conditions and the other, with a bit less surface area, for going upwind. It didn't take long at all before I just sold my Euro paddles. I told Bill he wasn't charging enough. This kind of quality should really cost more.

I recently received my second…

Submitted by: shitchcock on 9/22/2014
I recently received my second Lumpy paddle from Bill Bremer. My second paddle has a shoulder-less design, and Bill spent a lot of time discussing my requirements to make sure that the paddle turned out the way I wanted.

The whole process of working with Bill was a pleasure. He has a great eye for choosing good lumber to work with, and the craftsmanship, finish, weight and feel of the paddle are top notch. I would highly recommend getting a Lumpy paddle from Bill.


About a year ago I purchased…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/11/2014
About a year ago I purchased a Greenland paddle from Lumpy Paddles. Lumpy Paddles is just one guy, Bill Bremer. There are many reviews about the excellence of Bill's paddles, and I couldn't agree more, but I also want to tell you a bit about what it is like to purchase a paddle from Bill.

Bill goes to great lengths to match the paddle to the paddler, and is generous with his time when sizing his paddles. I, knowing little, obsessed about every detail. Bill, knowing much and being good-natured, took it all in stride. I could not be more pleased with the outcome and have placed an order for a second Lumpy GP with Bill.

When it comes to his approach to his business Bill is strictly old school. His relationship with the customer is based on mutual respect and trust. If you're looking for a Greenland Paddle you could do a lot worse than to give Bill a call. You'll end up with a beautiful and powerful paddling tool uniquely suited to you and your paddling style, and have an enjoyable purchasing experience to boot.


I now own 2 Lumpy paddles and…

Submitted by: honusail on 8/5/2014
I now own 2 Lumpy paddles and consider them the finest Greenland sticks available. As said before Bill is a wealth of information and will craft you your own "magic wand" paddle.

I ordered a Lumpy Paddle…

Submitted by: santiago on 3/14/2014
I ordered a Lumpy Paddle because of Bill's reputation and craftsmanship. Bill went above and beyond what I expected, and was meticulous in making sure the measurements were correct for me and the type of paddling I do. My new paddle arrived just one week prior to the 300-mile Everglades Challenge.

This is my first Greenland paddle and I usually don't like taking un-tested gear on such a long trip. But after one 10-mile trial run with the paddle, I decided to take it on the EC, along with my old trusty euro blade. I ended up using the Lumpy Paddle for 85-90% of the challenge, switching paddles occasionally for variety. It worked beautifully in a wide variety of conditions. It was the best piece of equipment I carried. Despite covering 300 miles in less than six days, I had only one small blister and minimal fatigue.
Thanks Bill!


This is the place if you want…

Submitted by: honusail on 7/30/2013
This is the place if you want the very best craftsman carved wooden Greenland Paddle. It's that simple. I've had mine for about 5 years and it has seen me through everything. It is the first thing that gets rinsed off after I come back from a paddle because I cherish it so much.

I think Bill gets his wood from some magic forest and for sure elves help him out on the crafting of these marvelous sticks. Be prepared to wait for your turn because they are made one at a time by a Master Craftsman. Can you tell I love mine?
Give "Lumpy" Bill a call. He is a wealth of information and you'll enjoy the conversation.


In July 2012, I received my…

Submitted by: paddler235110 on 7/18/2013
In July 2012, I received my custom-made Lumpy Paddle and have hardly touched my Euro blade since. The ordering and measuring process was very thorough and thoughtful. Bill Bremer interviewed me by e-mail and phone about my paddling style, discussing measurements and preferences to get the information he needed to create a paddle that suited me.

The paddle itself is a work of art - beautiful cedar with a finish that was like velvet and almost too gorgeous to use, but I got past that as soon as I took it out on the water. I've tried other Greenland paddles, both hand- and commercially made, and always struggled with flutter and noise. Not so with this paddle. From the first time I used it, the paddle entered the water without a splash or waver, and as my technique has improved with practice, it has proven to be silent, intuitive, comfortable, and powerful.

I regularly paddle long distances (15-20+ miles) on and around the Chesapeake Bay in various conditions, and my Lumpy Paddle is now my go-to paddle.


I received my Lumpy paddle in…

Submitted by: dreamweve on 7/17/2013
I received my Lumpy paddle in Oct 2012. I have paddled many happy and comfortable miles since then. The craftsmanship is superb and Mr. Bremer is wonderful to work with. He took the time to make sure that the paddle was sized properly for me. I highly recommend this talented paddle maker

I broke my wrist a couple…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/14/2013
I broke my wrist a couple years ago and switched to a bent shaft euro. Since that worked, and my wrist did not hurt with it, I was hesitant to switch to a traditional paddle.. or any other paddle for that matter. But encouraged by a friend, I got a Lumpy Paddle and not only did my wrist not hurt.. my rolling just took off. My second "Lumpy" paddle is under production and I'll be getting it in a couple of weeks. Can't wait! I tested out a friend's and Bill's new design has a bit of a punch too it. I think it will be great with a canted stroke.

I am in love with my new…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/11/2013
I am in love with my new (this is my second) "lumpy paddle ". It is very light, crazy fast and beautiful piece of art. Thank u Bill Bremer

I was looking for an…

Submitted by: paddler234510 on 4/27/2012
I was looking for an alternative to the large goofy double blades out there and realized Bill had made a # of Greenland paddles for solo canoes. Bill set me up with a great paddle. He takes you through a measuring process that gets you where the paddle fits you well. He asked me several questions and made sure he was making the paddle that suited my needs. I would ask him to make my paddle again without question. I use it with my Bell Majic and it performs wonderfully.

I paddle an Epic 18 using a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/13/2011
I paddle an Epic 18 using a wing paddle and a Greenland paddle from "Lumpy Paddles". I wanted a paddle that would reduce the load on my body for a 100 mile race and I heard that Lumpy Paddles were the ticket. I tried another brand of wooden Greenland paddle that a friend had and was not impressed.

When I first took the Lumpy Paddle in my hand all felt right with the world. Owner Bill Bremer gave me a brief lesson on how to use the paddle and I started practicing. After a few weeks my strokes and my rolling had both improved. The blade handles intuitively in rough waters as well as calm. It just makes paddling more fun.

I paddled 18 miles the other day in a heat advisory. I took my wing and my Lumpy Paddle. I stared with my wing, no wind, 95 degree temps, and high humidity, After about 7 miles I had to slow down to keep my heart rate from soaring. Paddling a wing paddle slow is a truly odd feeling that I don't recommend. At 11 miles I switched to the Lumpy paddle. I could maintain a good cadence with the Lumpy paddle compared to the slow, ungainly, cadence of the wing when I was tired - and I felt MUCH better physically. In fact, I felt good enough to add 7 miles on the trip and finish at 25 miles.

I would recommend a Lumpy paddle to anyone interested in enhancing their paddling experience. A Lumpy Paddle is a true piece of kayak art and worth the wait.


Gorgeous, amazing quality.…

Submitted by: paddler197863 on 9/12/2011
Gorgeous, amazing quality. Simply the most beautiful and top performance hand made wood paddle I've ever had in my hands. Bill Bremer is a true artist.

Prefer open boats and needed…

Submitted by: ricknriver on 11/26/2010
Prefer open boats and needed a double blade for my Wenonah Vag kevlar solo CANOE to hang with my yak friends especially in chop and wind. Tried euros but never comfortable on long runs. About a 18 mos ago was able to paddle with Bill so he could get specs for this unique GP application. Wound up with an 8'8" paddle that fits perfect and works soooo safe, easy, and smooth, with plenty of power, and great maneuverability. Tough too as have used it for poling and prying on the bottom, and pushing off the banks/strainers when needed. No joint pain either for this old sea dog, and I can carry lots of gear in the one. Wife getting one next for her little Blackhawk FG solo canoe. Still single stick it on little overgrown creeks, but Lumpy GP forever on anything else.

I’ve had the Lumpy for about…

Submitted by: kocho on 4/16/2009
I’ve had the Lumpy for about 6 months now. Being my first entry into the Greenland paddle world, I did not know what to expect. But I was at a point I wanted to try a GP and so it happened that I came across one of these offered new at an irresistible sale price locally. It was a close fit for my size on paper so I bought it.

It took me several months and a lesson or two to get the basic stroke mastered to a level where I can paddle for hours near the top speed of my kayak without much fatigue. The reason I say this is that at first I did not like the paddle very much in terms of fit. But as I learned more, I found it is actually a pretty good fit and a rather comfortable paddle.

It is not feather light but is relatively light weight and comparable to most mid-grade composite paddles in weight. I have since carved my own paddle that is a little less powerful (in terms of catch on the water) and is considerably lighter, but the Lumpy is much more solid feeling - now I have two paddles to choose from, depending on conditions and needs.

Craftsmanship is superb – flawless on mine. Made from a good piece of wood and finished very smoothly with rubbed Tung oil it appears – easy to touch-up with a little cotton swab of Tung oil every few weeks where I scratch or nick it.

The paddle is very quiet on entry and exit from the water and has enough grip on the water for quick acceleration. Yet it is not too wide-bladed (3-1/4" for mine at 88" long) to be a problem over long distances or in winds.

I was not very keen on the somewhat defined transition b/w loom and blade initially, but lately began to appreciate the positive feedback this provides about where my hands are on the paddle. That's important since with a paddle like this one tends to move their hands a lot depending on the task at hand. The transitions are smooth enough to not interfere with sliding stroke or to cause rubbing in any particular spot.

The paddle is of good volume and thus quite buoyant. I went beyond my initial basic rolling ability with this paddle thanks to this and the general GP design. I'd love to have a carbon version of it that would be even lighter, even though this wooden one is of very manageable weight.

The paddle works very well for a high angle stroke as well as for low angle relaxed paddling. My other paddle (besides the one I made) is a wing paddle and having a GP and a Wing seems to be a very good combination – both are sufficiently different and offer the chance to work on a different technique while paddling. I can generally maintain similar speeds with both paddles, but they feel distinctly different – the wing is more powerful and offers faster acceleration and top speed but the GP seems to tire me less at the end of 10-15 mile paddling at a brisk pace. The reason is simple – with the GP I can switch hand positions and technique more so than with the wing, the latter being more demanding of a proper stroke and trajectory in the water. The GP is also more versatile in terms of corrective strokes and rolling.

I had a chance to speak with Bill about the paddle – great guy with good advice. I would highly recommend his paddle and his experience to you if you are considering a venture into GP territory for a first time or looking for your next paddle.


I bought a Lumpy paddle about…

Submitted by: sbalch on 4/13/2009
I bought a Lumpy paddle about one year ago and can't say enough great things. I'm on the west coast and people always ask me about the paddle - they (and me)love the design and low weight (but strong!). I'm saving up for a storm paddle. Great paddle and craftsmanship - highly recommend.

Lumpy paddles are truly a…

Submitted by: markh on 2/13/2009
Lumpy paddles are truly a pleasure to use. They glide through water in a way that feels completely natural and can easily handle a wide range of conditions. It took a couple hours of practice to develop a comfortable rhythm when I switched over from a European blade, but now I will probably never go back.

The paddle is gentler on my joints, makes going into the wind less of a struggle, and yet still allows me to keep up a 4 mph pace even when my boat is loaded down. I have used the paddle over 70 times in the past year including on a 9 day, 150 mile trip in the Inside Passage and could not be happier with it.

Bill’s customer service is also the best I have ever received from anyone. He really takes the time to find out what type of paddling you do and adjusts the measurements to make a blade that will fit your needs. You can tell that he is someone who loves kayaking and takes pride in his craftsmanship.

Since the paddles are made from wood, they do require some maintenance when they get dings and scratches, but a little bit of sanding and a quick coat of oil is all it takes in most cases.

For pure power and speed, a large faced European blade may be better, but if you want a nice paddle that won’t leave you sore and where you’ll be eager to go the next morning I would highly recommend a Lumpy.


I met Bill Bremer at Barrier…

Submitted by: paddler232974 on 12/29/2008
I met Bill Bremer at Barrier Island Kayak symposium and learned of his paddles. I am not a GP convert, but do enjoy using the GP. Bill was great about paddle dimensions. We had several conversations about what I wanted and had a fitting session where I tried different dimensions. No feeling that I was being rushed or ignored. Since all of these paddles are custom made, the wait is several months. That's the deal and Bill is upfront about that. The paddle is a real piece of work. The wood itself is straight-grained and without a single flaw. I cannot identify a scratch or nick.

The paddle was everything I wanted - slightly wider blade, wider loom and stiff. I am very proud to own it. Handles exactly as I hoped. Even if you are not a dedicated Greenland paddler, I highly recommend having a GP and Bill's are top notch.


To every season there is a…

Submitted by: paddler232779 on 7/25/2008
To every season there is a paddle… About six years ago I started out with an Aquabound Expedition. Very durable fiberglass shaft. It is easy to use and has taken a lot of punishment. Then I got the urge for a lighter more balanced paddle and change to a Werner Camano – straight shaft carbon paddle. It is light as can be and versatile. I like being able to change to a 45 degree feather. Just right!

But I kept hearing about greenland paddles and wanted to give one a try. Unfortunately, I did not have any friends with one to try. So I started reading what I could on Pnet and then found the Lumpy Paddles website. That was a great start. It is filled with lots of good information without getting preachy or technical.

Next came the ordering process. I called Bill and ordered my Lumpy paddle. Since these are handmade to your specifications, there is a wait. The wait was well worth it. In March I got my new paddle and have had lots of fun.

Bill treats his customers as good friends and makes sure you are satisfied and can really use the paddle. We have shared many wonderful conversations and I have learned from his knowledge.

The paddle is a work of art, but shows it quality when used. It is versatile, light and easy on the body. I was amazed at how easy it was to transition from a feathered Euro style paddle to using a Greenland paddle. Of course, there are lots of suggestions out there, but the paddle teaches you how to use it. It gives you many paddling options that cannot be easily done with a Euroblade. No more worrying about left/right, front/back, up or down. The paddle is a custom fitted tool that does the job.

I just wish that I could have this kind of buying experience when getting a new home or my next car. Yes, I really like my Lumpy paddle.


I've been using my Lumpy for…

Submitted by: bruce on 7/22/2008
I've been using my Lumpy for a few months and maybe a hundred miles. I've used it mainly on flat water but sometimes in very windy conditions.
  1. THE BUYING EXPERIENCE- Bill at Lumpy is extremely cordial and easy to work with. He is obsessive/compulsive on measurements. Bill has sent me many tips on Greenland paddling which have accelerated my learning process significantly. He is very responsive and professional.
  2. PERFORMANCE- my Lumpy makes my Werner Ikelos feel heavy. I haven't weighed my Lumpy but I estimate it to be near the 20 oz. level (or less?) The western red cedar is high-quality wood and is more durable than I had anticipated; although I've added a few nicks.
It is well-balanced, easy to grip (the feel of the wood is nice), and is conducive to a fast cadence, steady rhythm and torso rotation. Use of this GP has improved my EP stroke.

It is easy to bury the blade in the water quickly with ANY angle stroke or cant angle. It appears more power is generated with a greater cant angle. It is very quiet in the water during all phases of the stroke.

Although it takes longer than my Euro to get up to speed, once at cruising speed it maintains a very respectable pace. People in my area have commented that they were surprised at the speed that the paddle generates.

It is far superior to the two other GPs that I have sampled. I recommend that Lumpy be on the short list for anyone considering a GP.


Beautiful, functional, well…

Submitted by: jsmarch on 5/7/2007
Beautiful, functional, well crafted WRC GP. Great ergonomics /attention to fit. No flutter, easy forward cant, easy exit. Beautiful. I gave up my Superior CF for my Lumpy.