Name: dreamweve

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I have been using the Astral Seawolf for about 18 months. I really like the fit. It is not as easy for me to put on as one that zips up the front... Once on, it is extremely comfortable. It has very good buoyancy and would do the job if needed. It has several pockets and I especially like the big one on the front panel.
I highly recommend this pfd!

I received my Lumpy paddle in Oct 2012. I have paddled many happy and comfortable miles since then. The craftsmanship is superb and Mr. Bremer is wonderful to work with. He took the time to make sure that the paddle was sized properly for me. I highly recommend this talented paddle maker

I recently ordered a new product from Reed Chillcheater in the UK. I ordered the universal tuilik which has two decks,one for an ocean cockpit and one for a keyhole cockpit. This is a unique concept.While I think that the product is well made and of good quality,my problem is with their customer service. The keyhole deck does not fit the boat it was ordered for. I have emailed Reed 6 different times and 3 different ways. They will not answer me. Luckily it will fit 3 of my other boats. This is obviously not a good company to deal with.