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Name: gjf12

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This is my second Lumpy and fourth Greenland Paddle. After decades of Euros and several years of Wing paddle, I now almost exclusively use my two Lumpy's. Bill at Lumpy is easy to talk with, very GP wise, and a terrific craftsman. He takes a while but that wait is well worth it.

I have 8 paddles altogether: Euros, a wing, and three GP's (two Novorca carbon paddles and my now 6 month old Lumpy in WRC). The Lumpy is lighter than the Novorcas, and lighter than my carbon Euros. Beautifully made, no flutter. Bill gave me excellent advice to first measure my grip on the other paddles in order to get a perfect loom length. The Lumpy design of a very subtle shoulder is even better than the shoulderless looms of my Novorcas. I highly recommend working with Bill to get your perfect greenland paddle.

This review is based on 13 years of ownership, during which time I have bought and sold about a half dozen other boats. The GTS remains my favorite for the following reasons:
  1. Although very straight tracking it does not need a rudder at all. It is easily managed in winds to 25 kts and ocean chop. Very comfortable in these conditions for traveling A to B. It is not designed for surf or tidal rapids play, though I have paddled it in in tidal rapids and it goes through without a fuss.
  2. It does not leecock or weathercock in side winds.
  3. The bow is an excellent combination of not too fine and not too full. It does not pearl, except a small amount down very steep waves and does not rise up and pound down heading into waves.
  4. The rudder does work well to provide an extra bit of effort saving in windy conditions but is not really needed.