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My new cover replaces my first Danuu which held up well to tough use for four or five years protecting my fiberglass Nigel Dennis boat. It was outdoors full time in the elements including full sun in summer, and ugly midwestern winters. The covers fit perfectly with a couple of easy adjustments. They are easy to use, and they do the job. Someday, god willing, I’ll have occasion to buy a third.

I have used my Thomas Boats Greenland paddle extensively in all conditions on Lake Michigan, and it has been a champ. I was disciple of Bill Bremer and Lumpy Paddles, and didn't know where to turn when he dropped off radar. I purchased an off-the-shelf paddle from Thomas Boats, however, and have been delighted. It is light yet sturdy. It pulls like a champ. And it has the buoyancy we all want from our skinny sticks. I must add that it is a thing of beauty with the main body and the tips made of different woods chosen for their specific characteristics. Its finish is a delight to touch. It is an ideal paddle for the middle-aged kayaker, and I suspect the youngsters would love it, too.

Many kayakers must first decide whether to try a Greenland paddle. After nearly one season now with my "stick" from Bill Bremer of Lumpy Paddles, let me enthusiastically endorse this very old technology.

I have paddled in all conditions on Lake Michigan, and the paddle has provided power when needed, and finesse throughout. It is quiet. It is smooth. It has seemingly cured my right elbow's tendency toward medial epicondylitis (also known as golf elbow). It has corrected my form, and I am now providing power from my core as I have long known I should. Its cedar feels wonderful in the hand, and I have stopped using gloves which were necessitated by the artificial materials in all my old paddles. It is a beautiful object to behold. I am, simply, delighted.

The second decision is where to get your paddle. Please consider Bill. He is kind, patient, and very wise. He will make a paddle to your dimensions, and to your needs. He will freely give of his time, and guide you through the process. Ultimately, he will supply you with a unique paddle for a fraction of the cost of a fancy off-the-shelf paddle.

I cannot endorse Lumpy Paddles any more enthusiastically.

My polyethylene Avocet and I have learned together, and I have often thanked the boat for teaching me another lesson on the waters of Lake Michigan. She has been easy to handle in waters of all severities, and even my kids have handled waves of 5-6 feet. Edging is predictable and even extreme. Early on, I could get the edge of my skirt in the water and turn on a dime.

I chose her on the recommendation of a kayak guide I respect, and on the fact that the internet is filled with reviews where instructors say that this is the boat they use when they want their moves to look crisp and impressive.

My only complaint (hence, the 9 rating) is about the skeg. The cable kinked early on because the design (no way to sugarcoat this) stinks. A repair has been difficult to effect mainly because the screw which secures the cable in the knob has fused to its socket (apparently a galvanic reaction due to a bad matching of metals). Otherwise, she is solidly constructed and has survived me dropping her from the car roof to pavement (more than once; yes, I apologized).

She is a joy to paddle, and I cannot imagine another boat could have been better at getting me "out there." And, now, with a lot more experience, she's still consistently fun.