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Name: ricknriver

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After 4 years my Wen Vag Kevlar Ultra Light 30# solo is my #1 paddlecraft for touring coastal rivers and creeks. A long Greenland Paddle keeps me up with the average yakker in open water and a single blade handles narrow deep cover creeks. The adjustable tractor seat is very comfortable and allows trim adjustments for changing load and wind conditions. Use her to teach both basic yak and noeing. 30# weight is a dream to cartop and portage for this old dog.

Very maneuverable with the GP. Can spin like a top, yet tracks well. Only challenge is wind resistance over 15 kts. due higher freeboard than yaks. Good day tripper and weekender. Yes Kevlar scratches and fuzzes easy but I'm not into looks, and some hard knocks no problem.

Prefer open boats and needed a double blade for my Wenonah Vag kevlar solo CANOE to hang with my yak friends especially in chop and wind. Tried euros but never comfortable on long runs. About a 18 mos ago was able to paddle with Bill so he could get specs for this unique GP application. Wound up with an 8'8" paddle that fits perfect and works soooo safe, easy, and smooth, with plenty of power, and great maneuverability. Tough too as have used it for poling and prying on the bottom, and pushing off the banks/strainers when needed. No joint pain either for this old sea dog, and I can carry lots of gear in the one. Wife getting one next for her little Blackhawk FG solo canoe. Still single stick it on little overgrown creeks, but Lumpy GP forever on anything else.