Tampico 140 S

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Tampico 140 S Description

The Tampico 140 S is a kayak brought to you by Hurricane Kayaks. Read Tampico 140 S reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

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Tampico 140 S Reviews

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Love it! Just purchased a…

Submitted by: paddler2407991 on 10/17/2022

Love it! Just purchased a used one to upgrade from my Kestrel. Handling great, looks better, weight lower, easier to paddle (smoother, longer, narrower, lighter). All in all, a just better boat. Tried an Eddyline Equinox (a similar boat) but the Tamico was available. Kudos to the designers, who came up with a beautiful boat.


Test paddled the Dagger…

Submitted by: WPTKayaker on 7/18/2013
Test paddled the Dagger Alchemy 14, Tsunami 140 and 145, Necky Manitou 14, Perception Expression 14 and Hurricane Tampico 140S. All but the latter weigh around 53-55 lbs. I needed a lightweight kayak, and 43 lbs for this size is a strong selling point!

I am 5'9", 155 lbs and size 9.5 shoes and I found plenty of room for my legs and feet (can keep them nearly vertical, unlike some of the other models). Of all the kayaks, the Tampico 140S fit me the best. Even though the seat appears spartan, it fit for me and was far superior to all of the others. The back band was comfortable for me as well. Primary stability is not its strong suit, but secondary stability is great.

For a boat that tracks well, turning (with some edging) is adequate but not as tight as the Alchemy Dagger. The light weight and narrow beam means less effort to move this boat through the water, and this boat will reward the paddler who uses a paddle with a carbon fiber shaft and fiberglass blades.

All things considered, the chief selling point was the lighter weight and good fit (for me), so I purchased one and will provide a more extensive review after I paddle it more extensively on New England bays, lakes and rivers this summer.


Have had my Hurricane for 2…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/5/2013
Have had my Hurricane for 2 going on the second season now (got my wife one too- Santee 13.5) and I'm loving it! After looking in stores and sitting in them and finally getting to paddle one on a demo day... it was everything I imagined.

It's very light and glides through the water, tracking so effortlessly. My wife and I recently took our kayaks with us for an overnight and spent a whole afternoon on the water. It was just awesome.

The price was decent too considering what we would have paid for other light weight kayaks. We feel we really got our money's worth along with kayaks that we'll have for a very long time... Thanks Hurricane!


Love my Tampico 140S! Just…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/9/2012
Love my Tampico 140S! Just finished my second season with it and could not be happier. As a newbie last year, after much reading and talking at my local kayak store, I went to demo days where I tried numerous kayaks. No matter how many I tried, nothing could compare to the Tampico. It just felt right....comfortable, handled well and glided through the water like a hot knife thru butter.

Light weight makes it easier for me (female) to put it on the car as I do a lot of paddling by myself. As told by the sales staff, a kayak I could learn and grow my skills with. Have not regretted this purchase. Would highly recommend this kayak!


Deets: 14ft long, 23.5 inches…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/10/2012
Deets: 14ft long, 23.5 inches wide, 45lbs. 250lb capacity, 38 x 18 inch cockpit, made of Trylon.

About me: Male, 125lbs, 5'6", 10+ years instructing and sales experience

The Tampico 140S has a low profile deck (minimal windage) and prominent keel line which provide for excellent tracking performance. The outfitting of the Tampico 140S is exceptional, especially in the cockpit where sea kayak-like features (back-band and integrated thigh braces) make you feel like you’re wearing the Tampico 140S and allow you to take advantage of its great secondary stability for lean-turns and bracing.

The low profile deck requires the paddler to sit with their knees in a very flat position which may be uncomfortable if your are inflexible. If this is a problem for you too then you should consider trying the Tampico 140L which has a slightly higher deck and a different cockpit configuration that provides more room for your legs

Summary: The Tampico 140S is an excellent, light touring kayak for the small/mid-sized, beginner/intermediate paddler looking for something to take out on near-coastal day trips.

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Tampico 140s (s = smaller cockpit size and thigh braces) About me: Male…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/8/2011
Tampico 140s (s = smaller cockpit size and thigh braces)
About me: Male, beginner, 157lbs., 5'11"
Even though I am a beginning kayaker I wanted an intermediate-level craft that I could "grow" into. I tested out several polyethylene, recreational kayaks such as the Tsunamis (Wilderness Systems) and Kestrels (Current Designs). I then noticed on Paddling.net the Tampico 140s, a Trylon plastic that resembles and mimics thermoformed fiberglass at less than half the cost (purchased for 35% off the MSRP of $1349 at my local kayak shop in Minnesota). Hurricane Aqua Sports describes their Tampico series as "touring," a class above "recreational."

On paper the Tampico 140s seemed great. On the water it was even better. When I tested the rig I felt as if I was a better kayaker because the Tampico 140s allowed me to manipulate as opposed to fight like I had with other kayaks I rented. The 45 lbs. Tampico tracks nicely and edges adequately for a learner like me. This kayak also handles the chop quite well, which I dealt with on my very first tryout after purchasing. Soft chines produce better secondary stability versus primary.

The back-band is low, similar to the advanced rigs, which will allow proper rolling technique. My posture is not the best, but I feel alright after a couple hours of paddling. The seat itself is just as comfortable as any other I've tried. The two rubber hatch covers close and open without hassle.


I bought this kayak in May…

Submitted by: ksng52 on 8/31/2009
I bought this kayak in May and have used it for about 3 months. It was replacement for the very used Eddyline Merlin XT which I bought cheaply and used happily - but it had lot of damage to the bottom of the boat and I was ready to upgrade to something in better condition. I had paddled various Hurricane models previously, including at the classes offered by Quiet World Sports in Jackson, MI and really like the Tampico models. The 140S model has just enough room for my size 11.4 shoe under the deck. The built in thigh braces are great for edging --- I haven't had a chance to do any overnight trips yet, so I have tested the storage areas but they seem generous for this size and type of boat. The boat tracks very well; I have paddled it on medium size like in fairly rough water without a problem. And the boat is very light --- I transport it on top of an Odyssey minivan, so have to hoist pretty high to get it on the racks. I would definitely recommend trying this boat out if you are looking for a light touring boat.

I bought this boat after…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/29/2009
I bought this boat after evaluating several day touring boats. I had test paddled the 135L and liked most of the features except it did produce a noticeable bow wake at about 3.5-4 mph. I purchased a 2008 140S model and they had fixed this bow wake.

The 140S has many nice features including the molded knee braces, subset deck rigging, and a slightly upturned bow. I am 5'10", 155 lbs and wear a size 8.5US shoe and the boat fits me very well and is very comfortable. The boat is comfortable to paddle at 4.5-5MPH with a nice smooth quite glide. The boat is also easy to roll as it is fairly narrow 23.5" and has a low deck. I would recommend this boat as a great value for a day touring boat.


I have the 140s model and…

Submitted by: paddler232874 on 9/10/2008
I have the 140s model and love it. Tracks straight, fast, easy to get on and off my car. Waves which used to scare me are now what I go looking for. Does not turn well in tight spaces, but is great for open water. I am 5'9", 180 pounds, size 12 feet, and have no problems at all fitting into the cockpit. Love having the thigh braces to ride the waves. Finish is excellent. No negatives except for turning, which I guess is the other side of "tracks very straight".

I've had my new Tampico 140…

Submitted by: kayakMike on 6/12/2007
I've had my new Tampico 140 out several times including a paddle out to Anclote Key and was very impressed with both it's speed and tracking, as well as they way it handled 2' seas. I consider the Tampico 140 my training wheels for learning and developing the essentials needed for open water kayaking. The cockpit fits me like a glove. The seat was a little uncomfortable after a few hours, but I bought a Skwoosh cushion and that did the trick. I'm 5'8", 180 lbs. and 55 years young and plan on paddling my 140 all over Tampa Bay and the Gulf coast for a long time, even after I purchase a 16' or 17' sea kayak. Can't beat it for the money, period.