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I paddled this boat last summer and it handled excellent so I bought one this year. The bulkhead stays dry as long as it is closed properly, sort of like tupperware bowl lids but it has never leaked even when I spray all over it with a waterhose. Also it tracks well in the currents, very much better than my old 12' Heritage and it speeds along rather quickly carrying lots and lots of stuff inside and out. I installed a couple of scotty rod holders and found this boat very stable even in rough windy waters.

The only complaint I had was that water would splash over the bow from either side in rough waters but I solved that problem by purchasing the console that is advertised on the same page this boat is on at A half skirt works good too but I like all the nooks and crannies on the console and that still leaves lots of room in the cockpit. I had to do a lot of tinkering with the seat adjustments but I finally found that (just right) feel that keeps me in the saddle for hours at a time.

I rated this boat a (9) just because you have to buy the console separately (I think you need this) but for fit function and performance I would recommend this boat to anyone... just pick your color.

I bought this 9'5" in early June 07 at Academy Sports so my wife can have something cheap to paddle with me when I go out but I liked padding hers better than my 12'2" Heritage Featherlite. She would not give it up so I had to buy another one for me.

The short yak weighs 40# and both fits and rides easily in the back of my small truck and maneuvers excellent in the water, tracks straight,goes anywhere,is stable,is fast,is comfortable and does not try to turn with the currents thus making this boat easy to paddle even for a weak paddler. I have been in 3-4 ft waves and swells and felt safe although I did get wet.

The seat is not the most comfortable that I've had but it's not bad and easily adjustable to support my back for a couple of hours before I need to get out and stretch.

I have heard complaints about storage problems but I have had no problem shoving a very large stuff sack under the stern and still have plenty of room for a good size bag behind the seat as well as bunging on waterproof duffel bags on the deck and stern thus giving much more cargo room than most people need.

I have also heard complaints about knee placement problems but with the adjustable backrest and footpegs I managed to place my knees pretty much wherever I wanted to and still remained comfortable.

I have enjoyed this boat by day touring, floating, relaxing and for paddling fast for a good upper body workout as well as catching a lot of fish. The stable 30" width allows for a small bag on each side of the seat between the sidewalls. I use one to carry a couple of water bottles and the other holds the anchor which holds the boat stable even in 30 mph winds.

These yaks are 07 models that came with 2 flush mounted rod holders in back but I aim to install a front mounted Scotty rod holder soon. The 08 models have these installed already.

I have spent well over 100 hours in this boat and I seem to like it better every time I go out and my wife likes it as much as I do. The plastic hull is heavy duty that holds up excellent after occasionally hitting rocks and stumps thus making these boats among my best investments.

In summary, I give the Featherlite 9'5" kayak a full 10 rating and I recommend it to anybody that wants a simple easy to carry boat that goes anywhere and does everything.

After paddling a few kayaks I decided on a 12 footer (easy to handle, carry etc...) 30" wide (stable,roomy etc) and the Featherlite 12 fit the bill however despite the name it really isn't light at 51#.

I got the fishing version with (2) flush mounted rod holders installed in back but I don't like the back paddle spray getting my reel wet so I intend on getting an upright front mount soon. The boat tracks excellent into the wind but tries to turn sometimes with a tailwind so I have to paddle hard from one side or another sometimes to stay in line however I'm learning a little body english to guide easier.

In general, the boat is rather fast and stable with lots of room for a 12 footer and I adjusted the seat to support my back comfortable all day. For the price this is an excellent bargain that serves its purpose as an all around kayak that seems to do everything good.