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Have reviewed these before. The good: handles nicely, tracks well for the size, easy to load.
Now the not so good: seat becomes uncomfortable after more than 20 minutes, one of mine the back brace pulled out of where it was attached, not easily accessible and have to work on this.
Overall: still a good boat for the price. Looking to upgrade the seats and setbacks.

Have had these paddles for general rec use. A little heavy, yet very very durable and has enough bite to get good speed when needed. Great paddle for rocky waters and for my daughter that tends to push off with it a lot.

Over all, my 12 year old daughter and I love these kayaks. Have had others that were longer and this size and must say that they track well for the size and has enough speed to keep up with friends that have longer kayaks without much difficulty.

The only thing we don't like is the seat, these are the low end kayaks so did not expect much. Will be upgrading the seats soon. I have a small car and these are easy to load and launch even for my daughter. Would recommended these to anyone that needs small, easy to load and launch kayaks for flat water. Will be using them a lot this summer.

I rented one of these and another brand 12' kayak Memorial Day for me and my daughter, 10 years old. She started out in this boat. It was very stable for her and she was able to stay with me in the 12 ft boat. It rode over boat wakes very well and stayed dry. We switched and I paddled this boat for a while. Was able to get it up to a respectable speed that I was surprised by. It also tracked very straight for this short of a boat and did not feel like I was paddling a bath tub like others I have used before in this size range.

Now the only reason I did not give it a 10 were for the molded in seat that collects water (from where I was splashed a few times by my daughter) and remained wet. I guess a quick fix with a drill bit. The other was no place to hold your paddle, again a quick fix with a kit. The company that rented these had them on sale and am going to pick up 2 soon

I got this on a clearance/overstock sale in May w/some birthday money. I have been renting and trying out other kayaks for several months before this. My experience has been mostly in canoes when I was a teen and college age. I was looking for something that I could easily get to the numberous lakes and rivers easily in Upper East Tennessee where I live. I am not into white water and prefer the tranquil lakes and flowing rivers. The Heritage does very well, it tracks well w/a hight angle stroke. Does not track well w/a low angle stroke like others in this size range. The Pungo seemed to track a litte better. I added a paddle holder which I think is needed in any kayak. I also have added floation in bow and stern since the Recreational kayaks have minimal flotation and this does not have a bulkhead in the back to help. For the price it does very well. It handles the inconsiderate boat wakes that I have had to go over, even one that came up on me very close from behind and hit me broad side, without much fuss at all. The only thing that I do not like is that there is a dent in the bottom that I have not been able to get out from where I carried this on the roof of my car the first couple of time. I have since developed a way tie it down w/out making a dent. What I would like to see is an option to add a bulk head and rear hatch and paddle park/holder. Over all vrey good especially considering the price!