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Crossfire Reviews

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I ended up with the most rat…

Submitted by: paddler2615096 on 12/27/2023

I ended up with the most rat looking Crossfire on the planet, for free. Someone took out the back of the seat and replaced it with stick-on foam. Not the most comfortable but certainly the most fun on the rivers it goes on. It's not good for lakes but that's why I have a Necky Chatham 16. It'll teach you to paddle, for sure. I will never cut this one loose!


I had my Crossfire for more…

Submitted by: paddler527917 on 7/11/2019

I had my Crossfire for more than 20 YEARS and only recently reluctantly sold it as I am getting older and have osteoarthritis in my hip which has resulted in decreased mobility and challenges getting in and out of it. This boat was GREAT and I spent many many hours in it paddling both rivers and lakes. After 20 years the boat is still in fantastic condition and I have no doubt the next owner will enjoy it as much as I have.


I had my Crossfire for more…

Submitted by: paddler527917 on 7/11/2019

I had my Crossfire for more than 20 YEARS and only recently reluctantly sold it as I am getting older and have osteoarthritis in my hip which has resulted in decreased mobility. This boat was GREAT and I spent many many hours in it on both rivers and lakes. After 20 years the boat is still in fantastic condition and I have no doubt the next owner will enjoy it as much as I have.


I bought this old white water…

Submitted by: paddler236222 on 6/14/2016
I bought this old white water kayak last year through Craig's List and it was a very interesting purchase. I happen to see the boat on line and scored the boat for $275- including a Werner Carbon Fiber paddle and a neoprene spray skirt. I had a lot of fun with the boat last season paddling it on local rivers. When I first got the boat I thought that there was something wrong with it, as it would spin very easily, but this turns out to be a characteristic of all older long and narrow white water boats (11'-0" long and 24" wide) to varying degrees. This boat will exaggerate any imperfections in your paddling technique. The boat will reward you for correct technique while punishing you for poor technique by spinning. Needless to say, the boat taught me bullet proof technique and I am a better paddler for it. I gave the boat a 7 on here, because of the lack of comfort. The seat and backstrap offer little support and my feet were cramped in the low volume nose. I bought a new white water boat this Spring to replace this old soldier. I gave this boat to my son and we have paddled together on White Water this Spring on local rivers. He also had to learn bulletproof paddling technique on flat water. The Dagger Crossfire is quite a bit faster than the newer, shorter boats and is a champ getting into eddys and punching through waves. My son loves the performance, but hates the lack of comfort. On a recent river paddle, he was in the boat over 2 hours and his feet began going to sleep. We both love the boat's performance, but hated the boat's uncomfortable nature.

great old kayak. got it used…

Submitted by: alwayslookin on 9/18/2014
great old kayak. got it used for dirt cheap. After a little work replacing hip pads and what not its a awesome kayak to play in the surf with. I haven't used in in rivers yet and don't know if I will but I imagine it would be great. Even though it's long it is a fun play boat.

This is one of the best creek…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/27/2014
This is one of the best creek boats you can find! Initial and secondary stability are remarkable. It is the easiest boat to roll I have ever paddled. If you have a good hip snap you don't need a paddle or even your hands! Is super responsive and has a comfortable seat so you can paddle this thing all day long. Even it's flat water speed is good for those pesky sections of the river between the fun spots.

Highly highly recommend this boat for any one at any time on any river.


The Dagger Crossfire, three…

Submitted by: jalbrecht on 7/2/2014
The Dagger Crossfire, three decades old and still a great boat. With age and creaky components (mine) I have returned to my old Dagger Crossfire because sitting in any of my smaller boats just plain hurts. My friends laugh and call it "The Queen Mary" but I don't care. It's as great an all-round whitewater boat as it was when I bought one of the first hulls as a "mystery boat" before it went into mass production. Driven cautiously, it doesn't flip, driven for fun, it almost rolls itself back up. It's fast and whether you believe me or not, it carves very nicely into eddys. So there.

I've just been re-introduced…

Submitted by: paddler232664 on 6/19/2008
I've just been re-introduced to kayaking with my dagger... which I found for a steal at $150... The kayak is super stable and very fun. Only downside is its' desire to go where it wants...very hard at first to keep it going straight on larger rivers... and lakes.

I'm a beginner kayaker with…

Submitted by: paddler231756 on 8/21/2006
I'm a beginner kayaker with not much experience. I bought a crossfire and love the stability and easy rolling ability it gives me. I'm very pleased with the kayak and will use it for years to come, although I do want to buy a smaller kayak so I can spend some time playboating in rapids, but I'll never sell my dagger.

This boat is so stable its…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/21/2004
This boat is so stable its almost impossible to flip, but if you do, the roll is so simple you will think the boat rolled itself. I learned my hand roll in this boat and could not believe how easy it was. If you are a beginner boater this is a great boat to start but after about 2 or 3 times down the river you will get bored with it.

My second boat 2 years ago.…

Submitted by: paddler230346 on 8/30/2003
My second boat 2 years ago. Easiest boat to roll that I have ever paddled. A real bargain for a beginner. I miss that red boat.

I paddled a Crossfire for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/10/2003
I paddled a Crossfire for several years and really enjoyed it. I found the cockpit a bit cramped for my size. It has good hull speed up and down river and rolls more easily than any other kayak I have paddled. It is a great wave surfing boat and enders very well. For me the main drawback was its relatively low volume and somewhat edgy stern which made for unexpected flips on powerful eddy lines if I didn't keep my weight forward and dropped the upstream edge a little. This same trait made for some unintentional backenders when trying to jump over big holes at the bottom of drops (eg, "Sock-em-Dog"). I could almost always roll up in this boat on the first attempt, however, so it was a fair trade off. I do frequently miss the boat. (Maybe I shouldn't have sold it.)

I have been paddling on lakes…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/30/2002
I have been paddling on lakes for about 4 years and just last year I took a class on whitewater kayaking and loved it. I got this boat and it's great. It's easy to roll (I got it my first day), tracks great, and surfs to. The only problem is it a bit unstable but its rolling ability cleans up that problem. This boat is great if you don't have one go buy one, and if you have one never sell it.

When I started paddling more…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/1/2001
When I started paddling more than a decade ago, Dagger's Crossfire was one of the coolest kayaks around. I still believe it is the best beginner boat available, but I'm old school enough to think newcomers don't need and shouldn't buy a tiny playboat at first, but instead a boat which allows real downriver skill development. When you start playing, you can surf the Crossfire if you have technique, and your enders will mock all the hotshots who can roll but otherwise whose playboats compensate for their lack of basic skills. I've kept mine around in addition to my playboats--it's a great boat with which to teach someone to paddle, a fast downriver boat, and anyone who mocks it ought to get off the river and start snowboarding.

I recently purchased a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/28/2001
I recently purchased a Crossfire and am very pleased with the boat. It is very stable and forgiving but also very quick in the turns. I have used it for paddling Class IV, lazy rivers, and lakes it seems to do everything well. I would highly recommend this boat.

I've been paddling for about…

Submitted by: paddler228906 on 9/17/2000
I've been paddling for about a year now and started off in a dagger cross fire. I'm 5'6" 140 pounds and with a little out fitting I fit it great. This is the only boat I have owned but am getting ready to buy something more playful. I am not going to sell my cross fire! I can use it to put friends in on easy white water and they feel safe thanks to its stability. This is a great boat for begginers or big water paddlers. this boat is effortless to roll and can do enders with no problem. you can pick one of these up for around $300 in good condition which is good for the beggener on a budget. I highly reccomend it!

I started whitewater kayaking…

Submitted by: paddler228893 on 9/7/2000
I started whitewater kayaking about 4 months ago using a Crossfire. Even they are large compared to most kayaks, I have no trouble surfing or moving around. Most of the people I paddled with were jealous of how easy I made paddling look. One experienced kayaker gave me a piece of advice: It's O.K. to buy a new kayak once you're better, but never sell that Crossfire.

I have owned a Crossfire for…

Submitted by: paddler228811 on 8/7/2000
I have owned a Crossfire for two years. It was my first boat and I have enjoyed it. However, if you want to play and you have been kayaking for awhile, this probably isn't your boat. For beginners, I highly recommend it especially if you are a little timid about boating. It is fairly stable, rolls easy and has volume so you can do enders if you want. Overall, good boat just not for experiences user who really want to have a good time staying in a rapid.

I'm just getting in to the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/5/1999
I'm just getting in to the sport and my dad just bought me a dagger crossfire for my 14th birth day,and I love it!A sales person at High country Outfiters recomended to me. It tracks very well,but not well enough to use on lakes.Once it starts turning its hard to stop.