Name: jalbrecht

Most Recent Reviews

I purchased this boat just because it was very lightweight, and it quickly became my go-to Class 3 river runner. Once you get used to it, it is extremely predictable and being small in volume, isn't pushed around too much by waves. I know it is considered out-of-date as a playboat, but it's still a fun boat.

Awesome sauce! Yakima Kayak Stackers are custom-made for kayak and paddles, but flexible in useage also. Strong enough to stack more than you should on top of your car!

The Dagger Id was considered extreme when it was introduced, but now serves as a fun river-runner. Personally I don't like boats that depend on being really wide for stability, so I like the Id because it's narrow enough to be fast.

The Dagger Crossfire, three decades old and still a great boat. With age and creaky components (mine) I have returned to my old Dagger Crossfire because sitting in any of my smaller boats just plain hurts. My friends laugh and call it "The Queen Mary" but I don't care. It's as great an all-round whitewater boat as it was when I bought one of the first hulls as a "mystery boat" before it went into mass production. Driven cautiously, it doesn't flip, driven for fun, it almost rolls itself back up. It's fast and whether you believe me or not, it carves very nicely into eddys. So there.