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Packed with many features of higher priced kayaks, the Ascend® D10 Sit-In Blue Kayak delivers increased performance out on the water at an improved value. Designed to meet the needs of all kayakers, this Ascend kayak starts with an advanced tunnel hull design for maximum stability and easier paddling. The comfortable, removable system gives you the option of using the seat on land. The large open cockpit gives you greater flexibility in cargo management as well as easy entry and exit at the shore. Adjustable foot braces provide maximum flexibility and accommodate kayakers of all sizes. The large, multipurpose sternwell has an adjustable mesh cover and enough storage space for up to a 36-qt. cooler. Quick-rest paddle holders let you set your paddle down momentarily without having to secure it away in the paddle keeper. A bow bungee secures gear. A deep-molded cup holder and 2 large catch-all trays provide storage right in the cockpit. At the end of the day, the threaded and sealed drain plug allows you to quickly drain excess water, while the molded-over rubber grip handles at the front and rear make carrying the D10 a breeze. 9'10"L x 29"W. Weight: 50 lbs. Max Wt. Cap: 300 lbs. Made in USA.

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My wife surprised me with…

Submitted by: Tfite on 5/3/2022

My wife surprised me with the Ascend D10 this past Christmas and I have been extremely happy with it so far. I have had no issues paddling it in lakes and the Gulf of Mexico even on windy (wavey) days. One of my first purchases was a bailing sponge and bilge pump though. The seat is extremely comfortable but I purchased a pad for an upcoming camping trip and its even better. Overall I'm happy she picked the D10.


I recently bought a d10 from…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/24/2021
I recently bought a d10 from bass pro. Overall I am absolutely thrilled, the boat tracks very well and glides through the water nicely with decent speed. I personally love the open cockpit and the amount of storage this boat has, however I paddle ALOT of deep and large lakes, and didn't think of how quickly I would take on water. The boat does pretty well in waves but I need to find a decent bilge system to feel confident in the large waves of the weekend warriors.

Tracks well but due to open…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/15/2020
Tracks well but due to open concept hull, takes in water easily. Had I known this, I would have passed on this model.

Bought this kayak 5 years ago…

Submitted by: emsp76 on 7/10/2020
Bought this kayak 5 years ago and have not been disappointed since. Got it to use while my sit on top was being repaired. I was very suprised for the pricepoint how great this kayak is. Tracks well and my favorite feature is the seat is actually a beach chair! I use it all the time when we go ashore to picnic. I've had friends of all sizes tell my they were all comfortable in it. A couple have even purchased their own after using mine. I feel this is a great kayak for first timers or well seasoned paddlers.

The kayak I own made by bass…

Submitted by: paddler237143 on 9/26/2016
The kayak I own made by bass pro shop I use almost weekly as a fishing kayak here in south Louisiana it is a great kayak it is durable glad to write along the lake it is held up structurally as much as I've used it I have caught many fish going into areas that larger boats cannot get in. I recommend this kayak to anyone who likes to fish by themselves

I have owned a red/black…

Submitted by: paddler237129 on 9/20/2016
I have owned a red/black Ascend D10 for about 4 years. It has been paddled down the Brazos River from Lake Whitney dam twice and has completed 50 miles of the Buffalo National River. It makes a decent weekend touring kayak if I pack fairly light.

The seat is comfortable at first. After hours of sitting in it, I do begin to feel uncomfortable pressure points. It is manageable, however. The seat back is adjustable and I have not had it fail yet. I can see how it could if treated with anything other than finesse, but it should be easy to repair with standard 1" webbing hardware.

Most of the storage space is behind the seat. Even with no gear in the back the kayak floats slightly stern deep. The seat is NOT adjustable forward/backward so trimming can be difficult without storing gear (weight) on the bow deck (raising your center of gravity) or between your feet in the bow which feels cramped to me anyway.

For rigidity the kayak is molded with a full length keel. I have learned to really not appreciate this "feature". I understand it's needed to keep the hull from flexing, but it catches on rocks or other obstructions causing unwanted turns in currents. The keel just sticks down too deep for my liking, but the overall draft is not terrible.

Because of the open design and low freeboard (when loaded with camping gear), the D10 is somewhat of a wet float in anything but calm flat water. I weigh 220 lbs. and typically carry about 20 lbs. worth of gear for camping out. I would not want to take it up to its advertised 300 lbs limit without being able to perfectly distribute the weight.

This may sound like a lot of negatives, but I actually think it has a great cost to benefit ratio. It is extremely durable and I have scraped many boulders and rocks with it. It is in great shape and I have no worries about its resilience. How many kayaks will take you touring down river for $450.00?

In hind sight, I think the A10 may be a better value. I do not think the rear "cover" or foot pegs are worth the extra money.


After several years in a…

Submitted by: paddler236943 on 7/13/2016

After several years in a canoe, I bought my first kayak this winter after looking for a kayak for several months. The big selling points were the price, seat, overall comfort, and cargo capacity.

I have had it out about a half dozen times on relatively calm water. The kayak seems to track well and is easy to maneuver. The boat is light enough and well balanced to carry short distances. The seat is extremely comfortable and can be removed and used as a beach chair.

Only complaint is that any water crossing the bow comes right into your lap. My brother has the same model but added a bow storage bag and does not have the same issue.


This is a great sit on top…

Submitted by: grant_brower on 6/28/2016
This is a great sit on top model. It is fairly heavy (about double a sit in at 66lbs). It is fairly slow but I do mostly down river stuff so it works well. It is a real good gear hauler with a max capacity of 350lbs.

My wife wanted a purple kayak…

Submitted by: tjyoung63 on 6/15/2016
My wife wanted a purple kayak and this was the only dark purple sit in we could find. beautiful kayak. she loves the way it handes in the springs. well built and comfortable. good storage area and dashboard

I recently purchased the…

Submitted by: paddler236778 on 5/19/2016
I recently purchased the Ascend D10 from Tracker Marine for $400. For the price it's a great kayak. It tracks straight, it can move at good speed, and has plenty of room for gear. It's 29" wide but very stable. It does not feel unstable or "tippy" while paddling but I'm able to turn in a tight circle. The draft is very shallow. I was able to pass over submerged logs that were only 4 inches or so submerged without issue. I like the light weight (50lbs or so )and short length(9.5ft). It makes it easy to manage on shore and get to remote areas on the water. This kayak is great for getting into the small coves and tight areas that larger boats cant access. I'm sure there are more expensive sit in kayaks that will do a great job but the entry level price tag this kayak along with it's solid performance keeps me happy.

I have used 3 different kinds…

Submitted by: Debac52 on 5/6/2016
I have used 3 different kinds of kayaks and the Ascend d-10 sit in is the best. It's very easy to maneuver in the water and the seating is comfortable with a large hull.

Just got the Ascend d10…

Submitted by: paddler236643 on 2/3/2016
Just got the Ascend d10 2015/16 model.very disappointing. I own the 2010 model and love it. The 2016, has a nice seat, and can handle shallower water better... that's why I gave it a 5. Unlike the 2010 it does not handle high winds water comes up over the bow with 10 mph winds. Will keep it so as not to hurt hubbys feelings but would not be disappointed if the boat is stolen.

As for Ascend and their customer service... awful, just awful. Trying to get information about my 6 yr old boat, basically was told I'm SOL... bass pro will never get my buss. Again neither will Ascend. Would not of bought the 2016 model, hubbys surprise. If I could find another 2010 model I would snap it up in a sec. Otherwise, find another brand w/ better C.S. Avoid Pelican as well.


UPDATE from 4/23/14 review: This kayak is still a decent value, but I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/24/2015
UPDATE from 4/23/14 review:
This kayak is still a decent value, but I wouldn't purchase another. It now tracks hard to the right when you stop paddling, and I've had numerous issues with the comfort level of the seat. The seat is a drop in with straps, meaning it's adjustable. However, recently both straps broke within two hours of each other, making the seat nearly useless as I was practically laying horizontally.

I got the runaround from BassPro Shops, Ascend Kayaks, and ultimately Tracker Marine, who won't/don't sell the cheap plastic clip needed to fix it, but rather they want me to purchase a new seat for $60. So, my initial joy from this boat has been tempered by their awful customer service and somewhat low-quality product. I'm in the market for a second and third kayak, but I can promise you they will not be from Ascend.


The Bass Pro Ascend D10 is…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/22/2015
The Bass Pro Ascend D10 is quite an incredible kayak at a very affordable price. My girlfriend and I kayak quite a bit and she just had to get a purple colored Kayak. The only one I could find in her price range was the D10. This kayak has proven to be a performer. It has quite a comfortable "Lawn Chair" style seat and she has yet to get fatigued in it even after long paddles. The yak is pretty light and easily transportable from vehicle to shoreline. In the water, this kayak tracks very well and is quite fast.

The secret luxury to this kayak, at least for us, was the first time we took it kayak camping. Because the cockpit is generously opened up both in front and behind the seat, the amount of gear you can put in this is amazing. No dry storage so dry bags are a must, but my girlfriend had no problems putting all of her gear, and other camper’s gear on her yak without feeling cramped. The only downside that I can see for some yakers would be the inability for this yak to be fitted with a spray skirt. But, we have had it on the water in when it has been in the 40s, and all she does is wear rain gear. She is a little more observant on how she works her paddle to minimize drippage inside the yak, but kayaking is a wet sport. She nor I have had any issues with colder weather paddling with the lack of a spray skirt. That being said, we are not taking it on the ocean either, LOL.

This kayak is a great entry/ intermediate level kayak for the price and I have used several models to include dagger, Old Town, and others. I actually own an Old Town Vapor, and I think the D10 performs a little better with tracking, speed, storage, and stability.


Me and my wife own two sit in…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/3/2014
Me and my wife own two sit in d10s, we use them very often during summer months. The d10, is light weight and durable, we calm water float in deep to shallow water, they offer exceptional move ability and can carry enough gear to be able to spend the night on a river bank. I would recommend this kayak to anyone calm water floating.

Overall, the Ascend D10 is a…

Submitted by: bridgland77 on 4/23/2014
Overall, the Ascend D10 is a great beginner/intermediate kayak. I've never been in a Pungo, Dagger, or Prodigy or any of the higher end popular models, so I can't compare it to those, but the Ascend is a great kayak for $400. Tracks very well, is relatively fast, is stable, and light enough to easily hoist in/out of the bed of a truck. I've been on lakes with it and it tends to turn to the right a bit if you stop paddling, but it doesn't stop like an anchor as I've seen in plenty of other similar models. I generally use it on slow to moderate flowing streams in Michigan. Usually a lot of bends on the rivers I paddle, and a lot of timber in the water that creates challenges. This kayak turns on a dime and can move quickly on long straight reaches.

Seat is well made and comfortable. It feels like you sit low in the water, but I'm still amazed when it glides over shallow waters that I expected to bottom out on. I'm 5'11 and 185 lbs - I've been over water that is less than 1 feet deep plenty of times without issue.

I researched most top models before purchasing this kayak. For the money, it's excellent. If you have $700 to spend, definitely try out one of the higher-end models mentioned above, but also give this one a trial run. It's great for not only slow moving rivers, but lakes as well.
Highly recommended.


This is a decent yak with…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/7/2013
This is a decent yak with lots of room. I am impressed with the handling in the water, though a tad on the heavier side compared to our other Kayaks.
Ascend D10 sit in

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