Manta Ray Carbon

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Manta Ray Carbon Description

With its beefy blade, the Manta Ray Carbon is a great choice for high-angle paddlers, those looking for more power, bigger boats, and moving water. This power is balanced out with an ovalized, 100% carbon composite shaft, which means less fatigue and joint strain. The Manta Ray Carbon has two ferrule options. In addition to a snug 3-hole snap-button ferrule (0° to 60°, L and R feathering angles), this paddle also offers the Posi-Lok® ferrule system which clicks into position firmly and securely. The Posi-Lok® features strong, corrosion-free composite construction, convenient dual-button release, and infinite feathering angles.

Manta Ray Carbon Specs and Features

  • Material Description: Carbon Reinforced Nylon Blade

Additional Attributes

  • Comes in both 2-piece and 4-piece models

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Manta Ray Carbon Reviews

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I bought a 220cm version of…

Submitted by: ChiefPaddler on 8/8/2022

I bought a 220cm version of this paddle 2 years ago and love it! It is light, doesn't flutter, and has a superb joint. The texture on the shaft keeps it from getting too slippery but it's not rough either. Overall $$ well spent.


Pros: This paddle is a good…

Submitted by: KayakingCowboy on 7/24/2020
Pros: This paddle is a good value for those looking to own a "performance level" paddle. This paddle is lightweight and has good buoyancy so it helps lift itself out of the water on the upstroke/ transition. The blades are carbon reinforced nylon. and the shaft is ovalized for ergonomic grip. Has a 2 year manufacturers warranty. I've done testing on this paddle versus my other paddles and it is consistently the fastest speed vs effort paddle I own. I never would have guessed though. Cons: It's black. Would like to see this paddle produced with a little bit of color or a yellow strip or yellow tips just for visibility. (I ended up painting mine.) The blades are nylon looking so you don't get a sexy looking paddle either. It's all business. I have a "buddy boat" and will likely buy another one of these as the main paddle for that boat as well.

I am a recreational and…

Submitted by: bockian on 5/23/2020
I am a recreational and fitness paddler. I paddle a Wilderness Tarpon 140. I paddle pretty regularly averaging about 12 miles a week. I recently bought the Aqua-Bound Manta Ray Carbon. What first attracted to the Ray series of paddles was the price. A carbon paddle under $200, that’s value. I used Aqua-Bound’s website to help me choose the shape of the blade. I was concerned at first because I thought I might have overestimated my athletic abilities and ordered too much paddle. I’m 73 an have a slight shoulder problem from a previous injury. Once I started using the paddle my concerns were gone. It’s powerful and smooth. The blade is stiff with no discernible flex. It’s light weight and easy to move and the shaft is slightly oval in the grip areas. Overall it’s a great paddle that will really move a kayak and not wear out the paddler.

Really nice paddle. Very…

Submitted by: wrenway on 9/4/2019

Really nice paddle. Very smooth assembly and I love the ribbed shaft.


I had a non carbon Aqua…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/15/2019

I had a non carbon Aqua Bound Manta Ray paddle for 5 years and was my first paddle so when I wanted something lighter overall I looked to Aqua Bound again since I had nothing but good results with my original Manta Ray paddle. My new carbon version Manta Ray with the posi-loc ferule setup arrived and immediately felt a huge difference in weight at 29.50 oz. (250cm version to use on my Kaku Wahoo 12.5 SOT). I really like the posi-loc ferule as locks the 2 paddle halves together tightly and zero twist, flex or any looseness at all. I have used the paddle a few times and I really like the overall feel and performance of of my Manta Ray Carbon with posi-loc.


This is my first CF paddle…

Submitted by: nilejam on 5/30/2018

This is my first CF paddle and what a treat. The paddle is not only much lighter, but the grip and feel of the shaft is excellent. The posi-lok joint offers a nice adjustable and secure joint. I got a longer length (240cm) for use with a sit on top and in my canoe. After using it for a season I purchased a second one for use in our tandems. Now no one gets "stuck" with the heavy paddle.