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I have 2 14ft SOT kayaks. The Eddyline is by far my favorite, primarily due to superior construction and a much better seat. I bought a silver/silver version in summer 2019.

Likes: The carry handles are all placed perfectly and are very good quality. The Cloud 10 seat is the most comfortable I've ever been in or on a kayak, no butt/back pain after several hours. The hull responds to leaned turns well but still tracks really well. Fit and finish is superb. It is not as fast as my Eddyline Fathom but I can keep up with the groups I paddle with just fine. Lots of fun to play with in the waves! I only day-tour and I don't fish but I can see how it would be a great fishing platform. Also, since it is light and well balanced it is pretty easy to take out and load on the vehicle. Easy on and off for swimming or snorkeling.

Gripes? The forward hatch could seal better - ants got in and started laying eggs, they were a hassle to wash out.

Bought my Skimmer 14 in 2016, my first of 2 thermoformed 14ft SOTs. It is a pleasure to paddle - light and responsive, likes leaned turns but tracks straight. The seat does start to hurt a bit after several hours, but a seat pad helps considerably. Light weight makes it easy to car-top.

Construction is good but not as sturdy as comparable boats (the plastic seems thinner). Same with fit/finish and hardware. Its almost like this is the Toyota and the other plastic 14ft SOT is the Lexus (with pricing to match). I had to re-caulk the hull/deck seam after 3 years, hopefully that was an anomaly. I think this is only made as a tandem now (2022) which is sad because it is a fun boat for day trips.

I bought a 220cm version of this paddle 2 years ago and love it! It is light, doesn't flutter, and has a superb joint. The texture on the shaft keeps it from getting too slippery but it's not rough either. Overall $$ well spent.

I've had my Fathom for 2 years now and it was worth every penny! I went to a demo day fully planning to fall in love with the (then new) Raven. I tested it and enjoyed the responsiveness but not the accommodations - my feet did not like the angle they were forced into. (Note: I'm 5'11" / 235 lbs with a size 10W shoe.) So, I tried the Fathom and I knew I'd found my new boat. 20 years in a Prijon SeaYak which served me very well. But, I'd always wanted a nice fiberglass boat, maybe a P&H. Now, I really have no need for such a craft.

The Fathom tracks really well, glides really well, and is very responsive to leaned turns. The skeg is nice to have for a cross-wind or following seas, but is otherwise rarely used. I've had it out in some 3 foot chop on a windy day and it is secure yet responsive, with fantastic secondary stability. This is a fun boat to play in!

The seat is comfortable for hours and I have plenty of room to move my feet and legs. My sprayskirt is easy to get on and off the cockpit coaming yet it stays in place while paddling with no worries. The Carbonlite 2000 is holding up amazingly well and requires very little maintenance.

If I could change anything, I would make the cockpit a bit wider to make entry and exit easier. I do plan to reconfigure the deck rigging to make it easier to use a paddlefloat, but that's about it.

I so impressed with the Fathom that I'm seriously considering an Eddyline Caribbean 14 SOT for a warm-weather surf/swim/play boat.

1993 Seayak - my first kayak. I bought it new in '93 in Rhode Island and began paddling all around Long Island Sound.

PROS: Responsive handling, extremely durable.
CONS: Foot peg adjustment, sprayskirt grip, kicks up spray.

This is a fantastic boat. It handles very well, responding to edging nicely. It is perfect for day trips and rock gardens. The raised hatches do kick up some spray in the chop - especially since the boat tends to punch through waves more than go over them. The hatches are small pods so storage in them is a bit tight. They have neoprene covers with plastic lids - I have replaced them 2 times in 20 years. The foot pegs are a pain to adjust, so swapping paddlers is a hassle.

I began paddling doing quite a bit of "offroad" paddling. This boat has been over more rocks and mussel beds than I care to think about. It is very tough.
#1 drawback (besides that I'm now too fat for it's 225lbs limit) is the cockpit coaming has a hard time holding the skirt on.

Given how great this boat is, I'm surprised I don't see a ton of them on the water.