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Name: KayakingCowboy

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Pros: This paddle is a good value for those looking to own a "performance level" paddle. This paddle is lightweight and has good buoyancy so it helps lift itself out of the water on the upstroke/ transition. The blades are carbon reinforced nylon. and the shaft is ovalized for ergonomic grip. Has a 2 year manufacturers warranty. I've done testing on this paddle versus my other paddles and it is consistently the fastest speed vs effort paddle I own. I never would have guessed though. Cons: It's black. Would like to see this paddle produced with a little bit of color or a yellow strip or yellow tips just for visibility. (I ended up painting mine.) The blades are nylon looking so you don't get a sexy looking paddle either. It's all business. I have a "buddy boat" and will likely buy another one of these as the main paddle for that boat as well.