Name: Stabeez

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We purchased our Delta 12AR kayaks at Frontenac Outfitters and were amazed at the service provided to allow us to try the boats of our choice. The kayaks are stable and handle well. We use them on small rivers, creeks and lakes. The 12foot length is good for steering in tight areas such as small creeks. As geocachers who need to get out of the boats in less than ideal conditions to reach a cache, it is nice that the kayaks can be tipped a fair distance to enter/exit in deeper, muddy, rocky or steep bottommed areas without flooding. The cockpits are a perfect size for me, being a large guy with a hip that cramps easily, so that the boats are easy to get into and out of and allow some repositioning for comfort. They aren’t so large as to allow water to be shipped in easily in rougher conditions. Seats are fairly comfortable and have a good degree of variance available. Storage areas are ample and well sealed. The thermoform material is fairly quiet when paddling and light for carrying.

We purchased our Werner Camano Carbon paddles from WildRock Outfitters in Peterborough, ON. The staff was a great assistance in our choice of paddles. Being hesitant on buying paddles with bent shafts, we ordered and purchased one for my wife who paddled with a straight paddle. She loved it on the first try. I was a bit hesitant but upon putting it in the offset position, I decided that I would order one as soon as we got off the water. She tried the offset position when I returned the paddle and paddles in offset to this day. These paddles are light, the bent shaft allowing for changes in hand position and reducing fatigue and aches. Our distance of travel has increased substantially as our arms and wrists no longer tire as easily.