Delta 12AR

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Delta 12AR Description

The Delta 12AR combines the stability and performance of our proprietary Fusion Hull technology with an easy-entry cockpit and premium outfitting geared toward all-day comfort. The fusion design adds some ultra-stable catamaran DNA under the waterline, delivering the effortless glide, precise handling and exceptional stability that sets the 12AR apart from other open-cockpit recreational kayaks. It provides ample space for gear and puts safety first with sealed hatches at the bow and stern. All this adds up to an ideal platform for anglers and paddling enthusiasts, especially those seeking a comfortable cockpit with room for a furry companion.

Delta 12AR Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner

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Delta 12AR Reviews

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Phenomenal boat.Best small…

Submitted by: paddler2407895 on 10/17/2022

Phenomenal boat.Best small kayak with big cockpit and 2 huge storage compartments.Extremely stable.


Beautiful kayak, seat could…

Submitted by: paddler2351340 on 9/6/2022

Beautiful kayak, seat could be more comfortable.

Let me say at the outset that my review is biased by my advanced (80's) age. I love the color, fit & finish of the new Delta 12AR. The lighter weight of the Delta makes for much easier handling out of the water and is easy to keep looking new.
Having been spoiled by the comfort of my previous Pungo 12, I found that I missed a flat floor to rest my heels on, and that the backrest digs uncomfortably into my lower back, regardless of its vertical position. To remedy these issues, I fashioned a 10 x 22 inch removable plywood with yoga mat covered floor with a tapered spline to keep it in place, and I’m using a 2 inch thick memory foam pad for some back comfort. The yoga mat overlaps the plywood by an inch or so to blend in better with the kayak floor.
Performance-wise, the AR-12 is very light to paddle, easy to get in & out of, and when the winds are light, it tracks nicely. In a strong cross-wind however, the flatter catamaran-style rear end gets blown sideways and one must compensate by paddling stronger on the windward side.


I have loved my experience…

Submitted by: paddler2220990 on 7/26/2022

I have loved my experience with my Delta 12AR I generally paddle on a small lake near Stratford Ontario and it handles well in light choppy water and on a smooth day. I bought it for the large cockpit and easy access in and out. I find the seat comfortable as I have a bad back and like the fact that I can adjust the foot rests and seat while on the water. The double rear hull makes this kayak track wonderfully and it cuts quickly through the water. Best of all it’s incredibly stable unlike one I rented 2 years ago that tipped me into the lake. A great investment for my health and enjoyment of nature and being safe on the water. At 66 years old this kayak is still light enough to lift and a joy to paddle in!


Love, love, love my new…

Submitted by: paddler1453219 on 5/18/2021

Love, love, love my new Delta 12AR. Best kayak I ever paddled. Now 65, I was looking for a more stable lighter kayak and one that was easier to get into, this beauty was it. She is sleek in the water, tracks straight as an arrow, and responds quickly to body turns in current. Oh and she is surprisingly fast. I paddle my Delta 12AR with the camano werner carbon paddle (so worth the money) on the lake I live on in MASS and she displaces and handles choppy water very well.
I’ve owned 4 other kayak brands but this by far is my absolute Favorite. It was time to say goodbye to my perception shadow which served me well as a sea kayak but trust me I now wish I would have investigated Delta's kayak line up sooner. Happy Paddling. One request from Delta, please make an easier to get on cockpit cover for the 12AR one that is elastic vs belts you need to wrap around the hull, while the one you currently offer fits beautifully its hard to get on! (May 15, 2021).


I've owned my 12AR since…

Submitted by: jimfire on 11/21/2020
I've owned my 12AR since June, 2018 and have used it primarily on lakes and protected saltwater. My initial reason for purchasing it was to have sufficient cockpit room to take my dog along and still have room to wiggle. The cockpit size also makes it very easy to enter and exit the boat even for a 74 year old. This is a very stable boat that tracks extremely well due to the hull design and offers a surprising amount of speed for a 12' boat. It's flawlessly made. I haven't even had to tighten a nut or screw. I've paddled kayaks for over 50 years and this is one of my favorite boats.

Beautiful kayak that tracks…

Submitted by: paddler896725 on 11/13/2020

Beautiful kayak that tracks well in flat water and is a blast in even class 2 water! Only rating it a 4 star because I've only had it for a month, but loving every minute paddling in it! Started with a 10 ft Advance Frame inflatable kayak, but I wanted more space and stability while doing an over-niter and this fit the bill. The two water tight hatches at the bow and stern have plenty of space for all your gear and I really like the larger cockpit. I have lower back problem so it makes it a breeze to get in/out . Best part is it's made near my home here in Maple Ridge, B.C. Canada so the money spent goes back to our economy eh!


We purchased our Delta 12AR…

Submitted by: Stabeez on 5/3/2020
We purchased our Delta 12AR kayaks at Frontenac Outfitters and were amazed at the service provided to allow us to try the boats of our choice. The kayaks are stable and handle well. We use them on small rivers, creeks and lakes. The 12foot length is good for steering in tight areas such as small creeks. As geocachers who need to get out of the boats in less than ideal conditions to reach a cache, it is nice that the kayaks can be tipped a fair distance to enter/exit in deeper, muddy, rocky or steep bottommed areas without flooding. The cockpits are a perfect size for me, being a large guy with a hip that cramps easily, so that the boats are easy to get into and out of and allow some repositioning for comfort. They aren’t so large as to allow water to be shipped in easily in rougher conditions. Seats are fairly comfortable and have a good degree of variance available. Storage areas are ample and well sealed. The thermoform material is fairly quiet when paddling and light for carrying.

Just purchased this kayak as…

Submitted by: wkabean on 7/29/2019

Just purchased this kayak as I am having a knee replacement and was worried about getting into my other kayaks. Chose this kayak as it has a long cockpit and I am able to move my legs around and into it. I had looked at a SOT but they are heavy and I kayak all winter since we live on the ocean and did not feel this would provide much protection. This kayak fit most of my criteria. It is light and easy to lift, it has good storage and easy to adjust the foot pedals. It is not as fast as my Fusion Lightspeed but it moves well and with the catamaran hull it provides good stability. It is also a good looking kayak and made in Canada. I am able to take my dogs and a child between my legs if needed. All in all I am happy with this purchase.


I have owned and paddled…

Submitted by: paddler458571 on 7/30/2018

I have owned and paddled Swift Canoes and Wilderness System Kayaks for many years. This is our first experience with a thermoformed kayak. We have had this kayak for two months. The kayak is beautifully made, light and enjoyable to paddle. It requires less effort to lift and paddle than our Pungo 120 and Tarpon 120. The unique feature of this kayak is the hull design with a sharp V-shaped bow and a catamaran hull in the stern which works well. The boat is stable, tracks well and easy to turn. The cockpit and seat are comfortable and relatively easy to get in or out of. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a beautiful, light and easy to paddle kayak.

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