Camano Carbon

Camano Carbon Description

The Camano features Werner's most popular award winning blade design. Providing the perfect combination for paddlers who want enough power to cover their day's journey with ease, using the relaxed all around low angle stroke. Matched with ample fit and design features, you can outfit yourself for a lifetime of paddling. Available in Straight 1 piece, 2 piece or 4 piece and Bent 1 piece or 2 piece. PRices range from $335-$425 depending on which option you choose.

Camano Carbon Specs and Features

  • Material Description: Carbon Construction

Additional Attributes

  • Premium Performance uses material choice and manufacturing skill to allow for a perfect combination of light swing weight and stiffness
  • Carbon blade construction gives you our lightest swing weight option
  • Mid-size blades fit the widest range of paddlers
  • Dihedral allows for smooth and stable forward paddling
  • Optimized flex and strength.
  • Available in every paddlers favorite color, Carbon black
  • The Smart View Adjustable ferrule is the most simple, precise fitting on the market

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Camano Carbon Reviews

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Excellent all-around paddle.…

Submitted by: blueQpaddler on 7/29/2020
Excellent all-around paddle. Lightweight and efficient for ocean/lake/pond paddling.

This is the best all around…

Submitted by: shenai on 7/8/2020
This is the best all around paddle out there. You can use this one all day and not tire holding it. Just hang onto it in the wind!

We purchased our Werner…

Submitted by: Stabeez on 5/3/2020
We purchased our Werner Camano Carbon paddles from WildRock Outfitters in Peterborough, ON. The staff was a great assistance in our choice of paddles. Being hesitant on buying paddles with bent shafts, we ordered and purchased one for my wife who paddled with a straight paddle. She loved it on the first try. I was a bit hesitant but upon putting it in the offset position, I decided that I would order one as soon as we got off the water. She tried the offset position when I returned the paddle and paddles in offset to this day. These paddles are light, the bent shaft allowing for changes in hand position and reducing fatigue and aches. Our distance of travel has increased substantially as our arms and wrists no longer tire as easily.

I recently ordered a Werner…

Submitted by: RPTV on 9/4/2019

I recently ordered a Werner Camano paddle with the American Flag on each end. It looks great and it performed great for me in a 22 mile kayak race I used it in the first weekend I owned it. I bought it for the race and beyond for the weight. It is very light and was VERY sturdy as it took a beating (much more so than I wanted) in the race and got some scapes but still looks great. The race was down a narrow river with fallen trees and brush so it was more like a kayak race and 4X4 race all in one. LOL The paddle is expensive but very light and very sturdy. Glad I got it.


I am very pleased with this paddle...

Submitted by: gchambers on 9/1/2016

I am very pleased with this paddle. I have the all carbon model with a bent shaft. There are numerous combinations of material choices between shaft and blades. I will limit this review to the all carbon model as I have not paddled the fiberglass blades or fiberglass shaft models.

The bent shaft vs. straight shaft is a matter of personal preference. Some paddler like one or the other and both sides have good reason. I will not go into the shaft choices other than to say the paddle is available in both bent and straight shaft models.

I have a 230 cm paddle because of the wider boat I owned when the paddle was purchased. The current fleet of boats and my size all fall into the category of 220 cm being a better fit. The paddle is available in lengths from 210 cm to 240 cm for the bent shaft and 205 to 260 cm for the straight shaft.

The all carbon model is very light and has been durable for thousands of miles of paddling. The two piece model has a quick release splined center that allows for easy feather adjustment. The one weakness of this paddle and most other two piece paddles is salt can cake where the paddle fits together, making it hard to separate the two pieces. It is important to rinse the paddle and take it apart immediately after paddling in salt water.

The blades and shaft are stiff and very efficient with proper technique.

This is a low angle paddle that is most efficient with a short stroke that ends before the blade reaches the hip. If the paddle stroke extends too far backward, the blades lift a lot of water when raising the blade out of the water. This causes an energy loss and the later part of the paddle stroke does not efficiently add to forward propulsion.

This is not the lightest carbon paddle on the market, but it is sufficiently light, well balanced and durable. A good choice if you are looking to move up to a high performance low angle touring paddle.


I reviewed this paddle 10…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/24/2013

I reviewed this paddle 10 years ago in bent shaft all carbon configuration. That paddle is still in use and still a very nice paddle. Over the years Werner has made several improvements and offers additional options.

First let me say that the Camano is a low angle, recreational paddle. Let me say that this is exactly what I need in a paddle, but you should first decide your use for the paddle and your paddling style before making a decision about what paddle to buy.

Back to the Camano, whereas my old one offers two positions, feathered or not, the new ones feature multiple angle adjustments for feather. This feature can help some people find a comfortable level of feather and it is exactly repeatable because there is an indexing scale built right into the paddle. The new Camano carbon is a few ounces lighter than the old ones. There are configuration options too. I recently bought a bent shaft carbon Camano with bright yellow fiberglass blades. It is not much heavier than my old all carbon fiber Camano and offers both greater durability for river use, and greater visibility for use in high boating traffic situations.

I keep trying different paddles, but for me, my use, my paddling style, the Camano continues to perform better than any other. Highly recommended.


220cm bent shaft, small…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/10/2011

220cm bent shaft, small diameter, carbon fiber Camano paddle - WOW. Had several paddles, AT, Werner Kalliste and this one is just absolutely a dream to use! Can paddle super long distances and I can't stop smiling.


I have been using a Werner…

Submitted by: paddler230433 on 12/23/2003

I have been using a Werner Camano, carbon, bent shaft for almost 2 years. Periodically I swap with friends to try other paddles and this always leads to discussion. The following comments and observations are respectfully offered:

1. If you are just getting started a bent shaft paddle is the way to go.
2. Bent shaft is difficult to adjust to for those who started with a straight shaft.
3. Straight shaft is easier to adjust to for those used to bent shaft so it is feasible to use a bent shaft as a primary, with a less costly straight shaft for backup.
4. For those used to bent shaft there are never any times when it is not an advantage over a straight shaft.
5. Hand placement is perfect on the bent shaft Camano and it is very easy to control this paddle even in difficult surf or high wind conditions.
6. The Camano is more rugged than the similar Kaliste, both have slight flutter in some situations, easily controlled and not a problem.
7. The light weight of the carbon really starts to matter on long days on the water, but is probably not as critical for young, strong paddlers, or those who only go out for short, leisurely excursions.
8. People who are used to aluminum or fiberglass paddles find carbon very nice. People who prefer wood paddles find carbon unpleasant.
9. The people at Werner are great, their customer service is faultless, and their products are well made and generally trouble-free.
10. I think any high grade paddle from a reputable company would prove satisfying for a paddler who has no prior experience. For experienced paddlers the issue of which paddle is the best one for them becomes more difficult. So for anyone reading these comments who is just starting out recognize that your first paddle is critical. For a wide variety of uses and users the Werner Camano, bent shaft is a very good place to start.
11. In my opinion we spend too much time worrying about which boat to buy. In reality our paddle choice is much more important.


I just upgraded from a $70…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/29/2001

I just upgraded from a $70 paddle to the Werner Camano Carbon Fiber. I think I could paddle any boat fast with this paddle. It is so light and feels great. I have a Greenland-style kevlar boat and chose the 220cm length. It felt short for the first day and a half but I wouldn't go back to a longer paddle now. By the way this is the most beautiful paddle that I've ever seen. I wanted before I even picked it up. Get one or two so that you can hang one on your wall.


I recently was talked into…

Submitted by: mcollect on 6/25/2001

I recently was talked into spending the extra money for the Carbon fiber Camano. I paddled the fiberglass for years in rental sea kayaks and loved it. When I purchased my own sea kayak the dealer convnced me to spring for the carbon model: that is the best money I ever spent. Paddling for ten to twenty miles a day, the few saved ounces add up by multiplying the number of strokes times the weight. During parts of the trip the other kayaker on the trip asked to try my paddle, what a mistake that was. Towards the end he whined so much that I had to let him use my carbon blade, he did buy the beer as a rental fee. Upon returning to shore he said he would go back to our dealer and see if they would let him trade up to a carbon. A 10 in my book,no flutter and a joy to use. One trick to ease the assembly and disassembly try using some of the oil from your nose on the ferules.