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The magellan 12 FT kayak is…

Submitted by: Paddle_Marco on 10/19/2020

The magellan 12 FT kayak is the same as the perception pescador 12 FT kayak - it's great, same mold just a different name. Academy outdoors had 500 of them made and too bad its discontinued forever :(


This was the second boat we…

Submitted by: jweier111 on 7/15/2020
This was the second boat we picked up this summer. We've been upgrading our little fleet of rec boats to touring kayaks over the last few months. Obviously this is an older boat we bought second hand. But for anyone else considering the same, here are my observations: Pros: -Great primary stability -Good secondary stability -Tracks very well -Very well made bulkheads Cons: -Hatches aren't very durable against UV damage and replacements are expensive -Cockpit is a little cramped but not bad for a mid sized paddler -Hull is more prone to oil canning than the other roto-moled boats we currently have, but doesn't seem to affect tracking much. This boat is primarily used by my wife. But I have to say I really like it too. It tracks extremely well even in wind. It turns quite well for such a long hull. Primary stability is good and it seems to take far less effort to hold steady when getting in and out than the kayak I primarily paddle. The hull does seem to deform easily when placed on a kayak rack if exposed to heat. This hasn't affected tracking much (or speed) but it is a bit of an inconvenience (the kayak can't be left on a car for long). Overall we're very satisfied with this kayak.

I have owned this boat for…

Submitted by: wvbowman on 9/4/2019

I have owned this boat for over ten years. It has seen many other kayaks come and go. This boat does everything well. From small rivers to the ocean, it has never failed me. I would by another tomorrow if given the chance. I am 6'1" and weigh 215 lbs. I can get in and out of the cockpit easily. The only thing this boat needs after ten plus years is a new seat.


I have three Dagger Magellan…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/30/2018

I have three Dagger Magellan sea kayaks all in poly. They are sized big enough for larger folks and comfortable. Tracking and handling are excellent with or without the rudder deployed in almost all conditions. This is an older design, but a good one. If you can find one of these full sized boats - buy it.


Excellent boat with huge…

Submitted by: armortodd on 4/19/2011
Excellent boat with huge storage capacity. I do week long trips on Lake Powell and can easily fit everything I need and them some...essentially no leaking in hatches or bulkheads, rarely use rudder, but it works well when necessary...very comfortable (I added thin high density foam to seat) worries about a bit of dragging up on rocky shoreline...reasonably fast, tracks very well...just a great all around plastic boat...lighter would be wonderful. but durable is great as well.

I bought this boat used off…

Submitted by: GetKayaking on 4/28/2010
I bought this boat used off Craigslist for $600. I immediately fell in love with it before I paid for it. It has superior tracking and is accurate on the dime. This boat handles well in any type if water, and can take a beating. It also glides and can pickup quite a pace when used as a racing kayak. I've tried Eddylines and Current Design boats, nice, but with a plastic warship like this there are no worries. If you have a chance to buy one of these, or know of someone that does, let me know, I'd love to buy two.

The 16'6" Magellan was my…

Submitted by: dregsfan on 4/15/2009
The 16'6" Magellan was my first sea kayak after owning two rec boats. This kayak would make an excellent first boat. It is plenty fast and stable. Tracks straight and true. Glides over the water rather than plowing through it. I was able to lap the small lake by my house twice, when I normally could do it only once in my 11 foot rec boat.

The rudder is only needed in windy conditions, but is very convenient and easy to use. It is much more effective than a skeg. Ergonomics are just fine. If you desire a little softer seat, it is easy to place a gel pad or as much foam as you want under the standard cushion. Foot pegs/rudder pedals work fine and should be able to handle anybody from 5 to 6 feet tall. My boat has the soft neoprene inner hatch covers with hard outer covers. This is a very nice and dry set-up, once you get the hang of popping on the soft covers. They are superior over the cheaper Dagger rubber covers. Storage room in this boat is unbelievable. The hard plastic bulkheads take up much less room than the foam versions.

The Magellan is built to take a lot of abuse. That is why they were so popular with rental fleets. All in all, a great boat and highly recommended.


I have had this boat about 8…

Submitted by: paddler231456 on 2/15/2006
I have had this boat about 8 yrs now and used it mostly on the Lower Colorado, lakes Mead and Powell. I'm very satisfied. Great storage space and speed. I did 34 miles on Lake Powel and had time for a hike before sun set. I don't like the oil canning on the bottem, but that isn't much to complain about. I'm hard on boats and fiberglass would be great but I would probably break it within a year.

Had my Magellan for about 4…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/11/2004
Had my Magellan for about 4 months. Love the ride. Paddled in the ocean harbors, chop to 2 - 3 feet, stayed dry. Paddled on the Colorado river flatwater, awesome. I made a kayak rolling cart, so no problem with carrying the boat from my full size truck to the water's edge. With Hully Rollers, easy to load on top of the truck. All in all, very satisfied.

GREAT BOAT! I'm 6-2 and 265#…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/8/2003
GREAT BOAT! I'm 6-2 and 265# with size 13 shoes. Fits well although the foot rests could be moved another inch or two down. Have paddled Lake Superior with 4' waves and it hasn't failed to bring me back yet. Take it to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and have ample space for several days provisions including a cot to sleep on. Put a skeg on it for improved directional stability. Fast, fun and forgiving. No problems with "oilcanning" if you take even a little care with how you store and transport it. Email with any questions.

Picked up the Magellan last…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/26/2003
Picked up the Magellan last summer and have paddled it in all kinds of weather. Tons of fun. Handles waves as high as 6 to 7 feet, tracks well. Of all the boats I've tried over the years, the most repsonse of the plastic type. A little tight for my size 12 shoe. Very quick. Great starter boat for the mediume to large paddler.

The Magellan has proven to be…

Submitted by: paddler230020 on 12/26/2002
The Magellan has proven to be capable sea kayak. It is my third kayak and I intend to keep it for a long time to come. It is roomy and well suited for medium to large paddlers. Dagger offers thigh braces that bolt right in and offer modest to aggressive fit. Handling is crisp and predictable. This boat is surprisingly fast considering it falls on the heavy side of the scales. Its bow design facilitates a smooth ride over waves rather than through them. When a wave does break over the deck, water sheds down and out around the cockpit via gutters. This boat is well designed with details that make paddling more enjoyable. Examples: the deck employs an anti glare surface in selected areas, full perimeter lines and generous tie downs. Hatches include both rubber covers and hard "hurricane" hatches(may be retrofitted to older boats). The combination provides a safe,dry storage system. I found without the hard hatches it was possible to implode the rubber rear hatch when self rescueing(no fun). Having that rear compartment flood while at sea or in cold water would be catasrophic. No boat is perfect so I'll list the room for improvement. Kayak seats could have been tools of the Spanish inquisition. This one is no exception. It is an easy fix with the availiable seat cushions/ backbands. My boat is equipped with the Seal Line Smart Track rudder system. The stock rudder works fine but the aftermarket system has its advantages. I have used this boat in coastal and inland paddling. It has proven to be stable and durable. Last year (2002) was the last production run for the Magellan. The parent company that merged Dagger and Perception trimmed down the Dagger model line at the expense of many fine boats. If you can find a Magellan I suggest you buy it. It offers a great deal of boat for the money.

Deception. At first I thought…

Submitted by: paddler229758 on 6/24/2002
Deception. At first I thought that the Magellan would be a good all around boat. I brought 2 up-North to paddle wide rivers and rough seas of Nunavik. But after the leaks, the broken handle, the uncomfortable seat for the lower back, and the oxydated rudder that wouldn't go back to its place after 3 years of sea salt...I sold them. I am still looking for better and I guess I am hard to satisfy!

12 months of happy ownership…

Submitted by: paddler229133 on 11/26/2001
12 months of happy ownership see me as a continued happy Magellan paddler. I know that there are lighter, faster, tighter Kayaks available and I have had the chance to sample some. But I also know that fit and feel can be very subjective and reviews can only express opinion in this. I find the Magellan an absolute joy to paddle in a range of conditions - from the local lake to rivers to coastal hops in mixed conditions. I still can't find a better Poly Kayak for such a range of uses.

I have had no problems with leaks or any other "kayak quality" issues. I beleive that the newer Magellans (my vintage) had welded bukheads versus glued ones one of old. I suspect that the reviewers with leaks had the earlier guled ones. Everything works and well. My upgraded, thicker, deck cords and personal upgrade of the seat pads made all the difference to comfort. I haven't had problems with the Poly deforming or dinting due to my storing the Kayak with slings, transporting it with specific Thule Kayak cradles and just taking care. I have seen the effect and learned that such proper care and handling is the fix. So once again I give the Magellan a high rating. For value, performance at that value, and jack-of-all-trades" function it is a fine choice.


Despite the egotisitical,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/12/2001
Despite the egotisitical, arrogant and elitist attitude of the previous reviewer, I like this boat. Both my wife and I are intermediate level paddlers and have paddled many other boats. We both find the Magellan to be a good all around boat, tracks reasonably well, turns quite well if you are not afraid to lean a bit, and will handle waves/winds with the rudder down. I am sure that there are better boats for the self styed 'expert', but I am also sure that most folks would be happy with this boat for the real-life paddling that they do. I have used it for weekend trips, and had no problem fitting all my gear in it. The fact that it is a bit loose in the tracking department is also the reason that it will turn well.

High points: quick turning with a bit of a lean, tracks reasonably, good spped for its size (long waterline), good initial and fairly good final stability. My hatches and bulkheads do not leak, but some of the deck fitting screws will unless you take them out and seal with Lexal. Plastic is quite sturdy and has shown no tendency to dent, even after spending four warm days and nights strapped on the Jeep.

Low points: tight foot room for size 12s, needs rudder in higher winds & waves if not going directly into the wind. And yes, it is a bit heavy on land, but is still lively on the water.


Had this boat for 5 years,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/21/2001
Had this boat for 5 years, now I 'm replacing it. It served me well, but is not as responsive or rugged as I would like. Stern Carry toggle pulled out last year. Bulkheads needed silicone to reseal them (large leak). Rudder cord occasionally jams if it isn't straight when being raised/lowered. Thing weighs a ton (compared to fiberglass/kevlar boats). In the handling department: boat does not respond to leaned turns. Bottom is much too flat, causing inward dents from cartop carriers to persist, and affect tracking. Also difficult to edge into larger waves. It is a quick boat though, and has a lot of initial stability. This usually sells the boat to beginners (like me), who then outgrow it if they continue on. You don't see many experienced sea kayakers in these. In the words of a very well known kayak instructor "DH", I am outpaddling this boat. Compliment would have meant more in a better boat.

I have had my Magellan for…

Submitted by: paddler229133 on 3/5/2001
I have had my Magellan for just over three months and many paddling days within this time. I find the Magellan an excellent handling boat (although I have a rudder I only use it occasionally) yet it tracks well in most conditions and is very comfortable for flat river paddling to moderate surf conditions.

I find the seat position comfortable but the seat pad that comes with the Magellan moves around too much unless glued / strapped down. The cockpit is a good size, perhaps a little large for my 5 foot 9, 165Lb frame so I will add some additional thigh support. Dagger offers options in this regard but at a relatively high cost. But I am yet to feel uncomfortable on between 2 to 5 hour stints. In testing other Kayaks I experienced numb legs and feet with some boats. Never a numb foot or leg with the Magellan.

The rubber hatches are excellent and haven't leaked more than a few drops even while learning to roll for five hours on day. I updated the front deck lines and elastic cord more to my taste as the original ones were a little thin (although were functional). The deck lines work well for paddle float re-entry (compared to my Wife's Necky and Brothers Dagger Apostle that has a day hatch in the way!).

Before buying the Magellan I tried many other designs and makes but like the balance the Magellan provided.

Things I'm not enjoying include: The rudder rails / pedals need constant attention as they stick with only a little sand or dirt. The slippery seat pad as mentioned above. And, the scratches on the Plastic that accumulate over time. Of course I'd also like a lighter weight!

All in all I can say the Magellan is an excellent poly kayak and is equal or better than most others I tried in its price range and size (and I tried them all). I can see why Dagger kept the Magellan in its stable of Kayaks for so long its a good all around boat.


Love my Magellan, being my…

Submitted by: paddler228668 on 6/12/2000
Love my Magellan, being my first boat I made a good decision.Initial stability is great,I could paddle this boat for hours. I'm learning how to roll her now and having some fun!!! If Dagger made this boat in fiberglass I'd have two of them. I've been in every kind of water with my Magellan,and every time I paddle her,she just gives me more.

I own a p&h capella poly of…

Submitted by: paddler228409 on 1/6/2000
I own a p&h capella poly of which I am pleased with so this is the boat I will compare in my judgement with the magellan. I do like the magellan. its a confident boat in rough seas and lies higher in the water than the capella. it takes all the luggage i need and has an ok deck layout. The shock cords were pretty poor and didnt feel tight when pulled so they were exchanged for some better cords. Nice and roomey cockpit although the nuts/bolts under the deck that secure the recessed shock-cord holders can scratch your legs ouch!. Nice strong deck. The midsection on bottom of the boat under your knees reminds me of the dagger canoes. It warps upward and does at times get a small inward bulge even after having landed carefully on a beach. Some warm water and left to cool for a few hrs and she is back in shape. The boat in light condition does weather cock however is simple to straighten back in line due to the rockered bow. I feel the boat does need a skeg that can be deployed as a rudder but does not need a rudder as such. keeps up with bigger longer glass boats and tackles big waves rough conditions well. The bow doesnt spray either. cosy seat and smart 'see-thru' bulkheads. Hatches are almost 99% water resist. Another good feature is she can be rigged like a whaitewater boat with the same padding as the ww dager boats (if you like a snugger fit for sufing etc..) overall a good sea kayak.

Like the others, I think that…

Submitted by: samelnyk on 10/6/1999
Like the others, I think that the Dagger Magellan is a real "gem" of a boat. I am a big boater (6' 2.5", 230 lbs) and this boat is comfortable, stable and responsive. It is well built and a true pleasure to look at. This is a boat that is just 'right' -- I seem to feel confident when I am in it. As previously stated, the initial stability is great; secondary is even better. However, if you decide to get it, make sure that you get it with the rudder -- it does make a world of difference.

There are some many small features on this boat that indicate the presence of a great deal of thought. For example, the rudder has a tie-down bungie. This is nice because it simplifies car topping the Magellan. With the bungie, the rudder is located. As another example, there is decent thigh padding in the Magellan. This is one plastic boat that I really don't want to get rid of. Enough said.


The good: Overall I agree…

Submitted by: paddler228311 on 10/1/1999
The good: Overall I agree with the other reviews...the Magellan is a relatively fast, responsive, and fun boat. The controlled leans are really can carve some nice turns, yet it tracks straight as an arrow. It does have a tendancy to weathercock. I have yet to paddle it on big open water and fully loaded. I paddle on the Mississippi often and the Magellan handles the river, the current, and the boat wake with ease.

The bad: My "electronically welded" bulkheads leak...not enough to be a safety hazzard, but it's annoying. Also at 62 lbs....the Magellan is a bit of a load. I can get it on/off my SUV alone (thanks to the Yakima Sweet Roll) and carry it to the water, but it's a chore (and a decent workout).

The ugly: Doesn't apply...It has pretty clean lines for a plastic boat, and Dagger's done a nice job of getting away from the "tupperware" look. The blue and white swirls in my boat are really cool.


Rack system is well thought…

Submitted by: paddler228231 on 8/10/1999
Rack system is well thought out, sound solid construction. Changes from canoe carrier to bike carrier are very simple. The whole unit can be mounted to vehicle in minutes and due to the design of the load bars only requires one person to align and install. The entire unit has a unique and very modern look. Doesn't have the appearance of a curtain rod like other units. Only drawback is that the unit and accessories are pricey.

The first kayak our family of…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/31/1999
The first kayak our family of three bought was a Dagger Seeker. After paddling it I decided I wanted a Seeker also. My husband got a Dagger Magellan for himself, but I assumed it would be too tippy and too big for a petite woman. I took my husband's Magellan for a spin and changed my mind. The Magellan was not too big and I really enjoyed its agility. I now own my own Magellan. While the Seeker is stable and a work horse, the Magellan is faster in straight-aways and quicker in turns--a fun boat to paddle. I'm very satified with this excellent kayak.

When I was looking for a…

Submitted by: paddler228041 on 3/31/1999
When I was looking for a kayak I wanted one that I could use in tough conditions and a kayak that would withstand the rigors of an expedition. I chose the Magellan for many reasons. The first thing I liked about the Magellan was it's seaworthy hull design. It looks ready for big waves and winds. The recessed deck lines are excellent for rescue maneuvers. There is plenty of room inside the hatches for lots of gear and the hatch covers themselves are made of rubber to make a tight waterproof seal. This type of hatch cover makes putting them on with cold hands much more enjoyable than the other hard covers with neoprene seals. The Magellan has a great balance between stability and the ability to have controlled leans. This kayak also turns with ease,even better than boats smaller than it. This is nice for rivers and for making corrections in wind and current. Overall I would recommend this as an excellent sea kayak that can handle anything that you can handle and in most instances more!