Hiker water purifier

by  Katadyn

Hiker water purifier Description

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Hiker water purifier Reviews

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The Katadyn water purifier…

Submitted by: paddler237060 on 8/25/2016
The Katadyn water purifier filters out the impurities in stream water and the result tastes great! Have used it for 2 years now. It's also small, lightweight and easy to carry.

I have owned the Hiker Pro…

Submitted by: pgh124 on 3/17/2016
I have owned the Hiker Pro for several years, it has been to BWCA, AT for extended trips and used on many weekend trips. It has never failed is easy to maintain in the field, and the water tastes good too.

This water filter is very…

Submitted by: DRPOOL on 10/19/2015
This water filter is very lightweight and compact so it is great for extended kayaking trips that require a lot of gear. It is very reliable, easy to use and purifies a lot of water in a short period of time for its size.

I really like this filter as…

Submitted by: spwhite24 on 8/19/2015
I really like this filter as well as the reasonable price tag. It packs up small and is very easy to use. With a large family I am most often with multiple people and this filter cares for the needs quick and easy.

I am currently on my 2nd…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/6/2014
I am currently on my 2nd hiker pro...if I get one item to take, this is it! I have filtered water from the streams in GNP and even a swamp in the Ozarks. I drink bottled water when at home because I do not trust tap water, however I have never had a bad drink on the trail! I do not even have any suggestions to improve the product...it is PERFECT for me!

After searching through many…

Submitted by: paddler235670 on 7/3/2014
After searching through many filters, we chose this one based on recommendations from other hikers and camping outfitters in our area. It works great. The water comes through clear and clean. Had some actual pure spring water just recently on a trip in the Ozarks. Kept us from hauling around extra weight from multiple water bottles or coolers.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Owning 2 Katadyn Hikers and a Pur, which are the same…

Submitted by: RikJohnson on 5/6/2014
Owning 2 Katadyn Hikers and a Pur, which are the same thing, and a MSR Mini, I keep going back to the Hiker. Although the filter is expensive ($40) and the filter openings not as small as some others, the Hiker is easily the best pump system I've used.
However, if you filter mud, you will clog your filter! Thus I am a fanatic about pre-filtering your water.

One 5-day trip around Apache Lake and my Hiker was barely taxed. I was able to use that same element on a number of trips and was months later before I bought a replacement filter.
BUT, one weekend on Sahuaro Lake did the job. Although I chose the cleanest water and prefiltered it, after two days, the filter was done! Stuff I could not see had clogged my filter even through my prefilter system. I suppose that had I not used the prefilter, the filter would have clogged the first day which made me glad I used the prefilter and the water filter!

The point here is that sometimes, muck you cannot see will clog your filter on some lakes so use a filter system and always prefilter your water. This applies to any and all water filters.


We have found that buying…

Submitted by: TheNatureGroup on 7/21/2013
We have found that buying filters costs as much as clearance prices on entire units. For extended outings (more than ten days) we need a second filter. If it is rainy, making the water murky, a filter replacement every few days is required.

REVIEW UPDATE: Last month I did a 4-day trip around Apache lake and…

Submitted by: RikJohnson on 12/31/2012
Last month I did a 4-day trip around Apache lake and the first time I used my Katadyn, the intake valve broke. Now I must confess, I suspect that it was probably my fault and I may have leaned the filter at an angle that snapped the intake. But I was able to jury-rig the thing and finished the trip safely. When I got home, I sent an e-mail to Katadyn explaining the problem, confessing that it may have been my fault and asking for a replacement valve. The response the next day was that they couldn't replace the valve but had to replace the entire body (ca-ching$$$$$) and asked for my mailing address.

The next weekend I did another overnighter on Lake Pleasant for an Eagle Watch trip so epoxied the valve on but that failed in the field so I resorted to my back-up filter. When I returned home, I found the new body in my mailbox. NO CHARGE!

You have to LOVE a company that puts so much effort into that kind of customer service.
NOTE: when iread other reviews for the Katadyn, all complain about the filter clogging. Yet, when I re-read the reviews carefully, it is clear that the owner is trying to filter mud! So long as I try to filter clear water I have no problem and if I cannot find clear water, I pour dirty water through a coffee filter into a bucket into which I put my intake tube and have never had any problem.

Would I recommend the Katadyn to everyone? YES!
Would I buy another? I did! I now own two Katadyn Hikers so I will always have a back-up or a loaner.


Being a desert paddler, I am…

Submitted by: RikJohnson on 1/2/2009
Being a desert paddler, I am familiar with the adage, "Hydrate or Die". Having spent too much time overseas with the Air Force, I have seen and drunk a lot of bad water (and lost a lot of weight because of bad water) so was in the market for a small dependable water filter. I chose the Katadyn Hiker simply because my local store recommended it as the best all-purpose system for the money and size @ about $80. I bought two (one at a yard sale with a new filter) and tossed one in my camping bag, one in my emergency bag and forgot them.

Normally, I carry a gallon of water in my boat for day trips (two gallons for summer paddling) but this time we planned a 3-day campout. About halfway to the campsite, Joann fell apart so I took from her 45# of her drinking water, then an hour later, another 15# of her water. Thus lightening her boat but overloading mine. THAT is when I decided to test my Katadyn.

I found a clear place on the lake, poured water through a handkerchief to filter most of the gunk (why stress the katadyn filter?) then tossed the filter that comes with the filter into the 'clean' bucket and pumped water into my drinking bottle. I then refilled my 'clean' bucket as needed.

The filter was simple to use, easy to use, filled my drinking bottle within seconds and I never got sick. One suggestion though... it is important to NEVER switch the intake with the out-flo hoses. So as soon as I got home, I took my sharpie and wrote on both ends of both hoses "intake" and "outflo" so I would never mix them up. I figure that a combination of this plus a UV Steripen would be the best solution to the problem of drinking water.