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I recently purchased a set of 3 SEA-LECT replacement hatches for a Valley Avocet. As most know, Valley Hatches are notorious for falling apart after a few years.

The company Sea-Lect is a small and growing company however they provide superior products. I was reading a thread on replacement hatch covers for the Avocet and Sea-Lect was highlighted as the best option. They have 2 types of covers. One is a very strong and extremely tight fitting locking hatch. I purchased 3 and loaded up from Chicago to do a major trip in the Pacific Ocean with serious wave pounding surfing and a tour around Channel Islands . The hatches were amazingly tight and waterproof however I had an issue with my day hatch that blew off. I have a polyethylene boat. I contacted Jed from Sea-Lect and reported the concern. After a few correspondences they determined that I should use a new product made of Santoprene for plastic boats.
Not only did they send me 3 new hatch covers but they also let me keep the composite hatches. I was in constant communication with Jed the Sales, Dealer Services, Product Development.

Sea-Lect products and customer service are state of the art and they treat every customer and order with a personal and professional attitude and demeanor.
I recommend Sea-Lect for any paddling related needs.

I bought this boat used off Craigslist for $600. I immediately fell in love with it before I paid for it. It has superior tracking and is accurate on the dime. This boat handles well in any type if water, and can take a beating. It also glides and can pickup quite a pace when used as a racing kayak. I've tried Eddylines and Current Design boats, nice, but with a plastic warship like this there are no worries. If you have a chance to buy one of these, or know of someone that does, let me know, I'd love to buy two.