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Performance Hatch Cover

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Performance Hatch Cover Description

The Performance Hatch Cover is a accessory brought to you by SEA-LECT Designs. Read Performance Hatch Cover reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other accessory recommendations below or explore all accessories to find the perfect one for you!

Performance Hatch Cover Reviews


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Performance Hatch Cover Reviews

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I recently purchased a set of…

Submitted by: GetKayaking on 2/18/2016
I recently purchased a set of 3 SEA-LECT replacement hatches for a Valley Avocet. As most know, Valley Hatches are notorious for falling apart after a few years.

The company Sea-Lect is a small and growing company however they provide superior products. I was reading a thread on replacement hatch covers for the Avocet and Sea-Lect was highlighted as the best option. They have 2 types of covers. One is a very strong and extremely tight fitting locking hatch. I purchased 3 and loaded up from Chicago to do a major trip in the Pacific Ocean with serious wave pounding surfing and a tour around Channel Islands . The hatches were amazingly tight and waterproof however I had an issue with my day hatch that blew off. I have a polyethylene boat. I contacted Jed from Sea-Lect and reported the concern. After a few correspondences they determined that I should use a new product made of Santoprene for plastic boats.
Not only did they send me 3 new hatch covers but they also let me keep the composite hatches. I was in constant communication with Jed the Sales, Dealer Services, Product Development.

Sea-Lect products and customer service are state of the art and they treat every customer and order with a personal and professional attitude and demeanor.
I recommend Sea-Lect for any paddling related needs.


Hatch covers don't shed water…

Submitted by: kozmikarl on 9/18/2014
Hatch covers don't shed water like a roof; they seal against water coming with great force from every direction. Theirs is a hard life and a big job. Valley Canoe makes great but short-lived hatch covers that cost a mint. I won't add to VCP hatch cover failure stories here, but I replaced 3 patched and gooed VCP covers this year with a set from Sea-Lect that seals beautifully, is easier to use and should last longer.

Mine are Performance grade, with a soft, pliable rim surrounding a rigid, domed center which scratches easily but shrugs off UV and crashing waves. They replace VCP exactly but other common sizes and different constructions are also available. I'm not sure what they cost normally because mine came from the NFCT auction, but I believe it's < VCP's. I also bought one in even-less-expensive Recreational grade, which is homogeneous (all one material) similar to VCP and original Kajaksport covers.

I wanted to keep my hatches from flooding. With the Sea-lects in place, after rolling repeatedly, not a drop had gotten by them. I never count on that degree of watertight, but it's impressive.

Two notes:
• these 2 grades float, but just barely. A 3rd grade (Classic) may not float. (It's hard to tell because the company is positively laconic about their products, even in their print catalog. Website and catalog simply say Injection Molded Polymer about all 3 builds; packaging says Black Inj Mld Nyl (as if they're charged by the letter) for the 2 I got.) In any case, unless you only paddle in swimming pools, don't neglect fastening covers to deck lines or hull.
• durability, both of the product and of the company, is unknown. The company distributes a range of good, useful, boat-related items, but we all know strong, balanced, high-quality companies that aren't around any more. The covers fit perfectly (which affects durability: stretched rubber deteriorates faster) and are apparently extremely well made.

My advice: if your hatch covers are cracking, try to find Sea-Lect replacements now.