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Paddles Reviews

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I picked up a WWII paddle…

Submitted by: paddler234461 on 3/20/2012
I picked up a WWII paddle last year after being told by FoxWorx that they had dealt with the tip delamination issues that some friends had experienced. Needless to say, after a couple dozen river trips down II-III water, I had the tip delaminate. I repaired with dynel fabrix and epoxy and it appears to have done the trick. It's a shame. Their customer service is very good. The paddles are a little on the chunky side, but otherwise well-made. If they come up with a better design for the tip, this would be a stellar paddle for this price point

I purchased a white water II…

Submitted by: paddler234305 on 9/28/2011
I purchased a white water II and a WW III for class III OC-1 paddling. Both T grip handles lossened to the point of having to remove the T Grip, and re-attach with a stronger adhesive. 1 paddle's T-grip actually came loose while hanging vertical on paddle rack in my garage. I was fortunate to have seen the distortion and repair prior to a lwr "yock" paddle. I also would prefer an ash or other hard wood be used for the T-grip handle, as the balsam is far to soft for a WW paddle handle, especially w no protective coating on it.

Other than the T-grip issues the paddles perform well, however I believe the WW II is 6oz or more heavier than spec's say.. Just giving my honest review, no sour grapes. With mods, they do the job for me.


Decided I'd take a chance,…

Submitted by: mickjetblue on 9/13/2010
Decided I'd take a chance, and ordered a Vixen ergo paddle sized at 230. I gave custom shaft width sizing for the ergo bend dimensions, as some ergo grips are wider than I prefer for touring use.
The paddle has carbon blades with a wood shaft that is oval, and it is a well made work of art. The spoon shaped blades have the right combination of bite, grab, energy used, and power returned for me.

The performance is great! For a few hours of paddling, it compares well to the all carbon paddles I have used. My rating is based on how I felt at the end of a few hours of paddling, and I felt a yearning for the next time. The ergo grip is a winner!
Big pluses for me are the aesthetics of the wood/carbon combo, and the ergo grip comfort. Very smooth throughout.


I emailed Dale Fox my canoe…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/12/2008
I emailed Dale Fox my canoe paddle requirements and measurements. He replied with several suggestions and I ordered a Guide for myself and a Microlight for my wife. The paddles were made and then shipped on the exact day he promised. Both paddles are beautifully made, very light, feel good in the hand, and work well.

Dale and Bev communicate very well with customers and are a pleasure to do business with. FoxWorx paddles are a good deal at a fair price.


Have used FoxWorx paddles for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/24/2006
Have used FoxWorx paddles for six years as part of our canoe trip outfitting. They are very light weight, nice wide blade, have a thin fiberglass coating on the blade, and hold up extremely well. They are a joy to use as a paddle and our customers love them.