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Very stable, fast doesn’t…

Submitted by: paddler820948 on 7/13/2020
Very stable, fast doesn’t drift very much, an all around good kayak

not going to stay dry…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/15/2019

not going to stay dry paddling the river water washes over and into the cockpit but it is very stable . plenty of room for gear seat is very comfortable for long days fishing


At 63 yrs old I have used a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/27/2019

At 63 yrs old I have used a variety of boats: canoes/v bottom/Jon etc. The ascend fs10 is a lot of boat for the price. I have set limb lines and trot lines using the kayak. No problems after 3 years of use. This kayak fits people under 6 feet tall. I am 5'8" fits comfortable.


Just beware, the seat will…

Submitted by: paddler467597 on 10/2/2018

Just beware, the seat will rust out within a year. Poor quality when making this seat. they will not stand behind their seat for replacement. Warranty doesn't cover corrosion. Even the hardware in the kayak is rusting. replacement seat are expensive


I'll compare my Ascend FS10 to my Old Town Trip10 Dlx Angler. Pro's:…

Submitted by: Tiltonm on 9/1/2016
I'll compare my Ascend FS10 to my Old Town Trip10 Dlx Angler.

Very Stable Kayak, large cockpit made it easy to get in/out. Seat is extremely comfortable for hours on lake or river. Cockpit dash has plenty of room, dash has two cup holders. Makes a little awkward if a single cup is used since they are connected. Had a Yeti cup full of ice water and a Diet Coke from Mcd last outing. Center holder I used for bait. On the left is a screw in deck plate. I kept my phone there.

My model had the Bass pro spin rod holder on the right. Newer 2016 drops this and adds the accessory rails on both sides ( I would prefer that feature). Two recessed rod Holders behind seat and large open storage in back, with room for crate and bucket. Paddle holder on both sides( wished OldTown had this). For lake fishing I like this Kayak.

last trip to lake, I had my son with me in the old town. Fs10 has a low bow, gentle slope up to dash. Middle of the lake on a windy day, waves kicked up. Nothing bad, but waves would wash up the bow into dash, and onto my legs. Water in cup holders and center holder. Phone was safe under dash screw plate. Was able to compare side by side. Waves break on the higher bow of Old Town, son never got wet. Had a river trip with a friend with Perception Angler, similar situation in mild Rapids.

Hull seemed noticeably softer for scratches on my FS10 versus Trip10. I can see a difference despite my trip10 being a bit older and more used. Local river has gravel on some of the stretches.

if you're wanting a sit in angler Kayak with lots of room for gear, and will be mostly using on lakes, and you want a comfortable all day seat. Get it!
If you might want dual use kayak for river running and fishing, I would suggest looking at other options.


I took the fs10 out and had a blast. Good quality…

Submitted by: Robkonowitch on 8/18/2016

I took the fs10 out and had a blast. Good quality at an even better price. Looking at the options, you get a tank of a kayak and don't have to pay top dollar.


The ascend FS10 is a very…

Submitted by: paddler237015 on 8/10/2016

The ascend FS10 is a very stable and comfortable kayak it is very good and suitable for fishing it has two fishing rod mounts and a great place to put a fish finder in in the front the only complaint I have is the water congregate at your seat but over all it is a very good yak.


I bought the Ascend FS10…

Submitted by: WeltMG on 5/4/2016
I bought the Ascend FS10 Sit-in from Bass Pro in Springfield, MO on 2/28/15 during a nasty blizzard. I couldn't wait for the thaw but, it gave me time to rig the kayak with a fish finder and an anchor system. I've fished the Big Piney, Little Piney, Gasconade, Meramec, and Niangua rivers, Lake of the Ozarks, and several small local lakes and ponds with this kayak with awesome results! The "sit-in" can be somewhat cramped but, I'm the type who loads every type of lure and rod/reel I think I might need for that particular season and after all, it is only a 10 footer. This kayak is very stable and tracks extremely well. Whoever said that this kayak doesn't track well apparently needs to fine tune his paddling technique. All in all, I'm very satisfied with my choice.

I use my Trophy 126, for a…

Submitted by: JDD on 4/27/2016
I use my Trophy 126, for a fishing kayak. Dose really good for me. Tracks well, seem fairly fast getting across to the hot water outlet, at the power plant lake I fish at. Have been caught out when the water gets real ruff and I made it back keeping the nose pointed into the white cap waves. So I feel save in it. I do wear my life jacket all the time just in case. I have a 14 foot john boat but never use it sent I got the Future beach trophy 126. It is just to easy to use.

I have been paddling for 40…

Submitted by: JDD on 4/27/2016
I have been paddling for 40 or so years and have enjoyed everything from whitewater to touring but I purchased the Ascend FS10 strictly for fishing in the rivers and lakes of western North Carolina.

Normally I would reserve a rating of 10 for a truly special product (or a huge payoff from the manufacturer) neither of which is the case here but this boat ticks the box for every requirement for a light, inexpensive, sit-in fishing kayak so I couldn't find any point deductions.

You can get all the technical data from Bass Pro ( so I'll just hit on the highlights.

First of all it looks good. 'Nuff said there.

Next, it is very stable, you're not going to stand up in it but it is not at all overly tippy. If you don't, as my grandmother would say, "act like an idiot", you'll be fine in most water conditions.

It's light but not flimsy at 56 pounds. I can take it on and off a roof rack easily enough by myself.

It comes set up for fishing with a large open cockpit, three rod holders (two flush mounts behind the cockpit, one rocket launcher type centered forward), a small dry deck plate storage area (listed as "weather proof" I'd still put keys and phone in a real dry bag) and a space behind the cockpit for a tackle box or 5gal bucket.

It tracks well in a current or on flat water, not like a ruddered touring kayak but way better than a lot of rec boats that I've paddled. This is attributable to the hint of a full-length keel it possesses.

It is pretty comfortable with adjustable foot braces and a camp chair style seat that is actually removable for fishing on the bank.

Lastly, at $550 the price is right.


The seat is good and was a…

Submitted by: paddler236601 on 11/25/2015
The seat is good and was a big selling point. The FS10 does not track straight and is not maneuverable. I've done several river trips and one lake fishing day. This thing is a waste of good plastic. A pine log would float a river better. Do not waste your money this boat is a real piece of crap. My friend bought an el cheapo kayak from Dicks ($175) and it's world's better than this garbage.

I recently purchased the 2015…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/3/2015
I recently purchased the 2015 Ascend FS10 from Bass Pro and I must say I like my old town vapor 10 much better. They have the same weight capacity but the Ascend sits way lower to the waterline and is nowhere near as stable as the Vapor. The new cockpit leaves a lot to be desired, they could do without the huge dash in it the rod holder is poorly placed, if you have a rod in it, it hits your leg entering and exiting. The only plus is the seat is wonderful which is the only reason I bought it. On shorter trips I will be taking my Vapor as the seat is much better for long trips on the Ascend...

I have kayaked many times on…

Submitted by: jsiemins on 7/29/2015
I have kayaked many times on several different kayaks and this one I found to be the best for me. It's stable and cuts a straight line through the water. It's easy to paddle and has plenty of storage. I give it 10 stars!

I would have to give the…

Submitted by: brownwallet04 on 9/8/2014
I would have to give the Ascend FS 10 kayak an overall 8; it is a great kayak for any fisherman. the kayak is very versatile it has several rod holders cup holders plenty of storage space and even dry storage space. the only suggestion that I have is that the Sitting area be a little wider for easy access to be able to stand while fishing, for the price it is a great buy and also just an overall great kayak I do recommend the FS 12 But the FS 10 is just as good

First I want to say that I…

Submitted by: paddler235473 on 8/29/2014
First I want to say that I have had this boat for going on two years now. I still love it as much as I did the day I bought it. I have no desire to replace it any time soon. It's a little on the heavy side, but but makes up for it by being nearly indestructible and extremely stable...great for landing larger fish if you don't mind putting them in your lap for a minute. You can fit (one at a time) a milk crate, a smallish cooler, a 5gal bucket or a 5lb waterproof dog food container. Used it for a 5 day trip(I pack light) and had a blast. Super stable too. I can stand up and paddle it like an sup.

The Ascend FS10 is a great…

Submitted by: paddler235720 on 7/6/2014
The Ascend FS10 is a great kayak. Perfect for fishing lakes but also fun on rivers. well thought out. stable due to the flat bottom.. I have recommended this boat to several of my float trip buddies.

Handles great, very stable.…

Submitted by: paddler235643 on 7/2/2014
Handles great, very stable. Easy to fish out of. Love the rear compartment for my cooler. Two extra rear rod holders allow me to bring multiple rods. Room up front for a small tackle box and two drink holders. Side cleats are perfect for my small anchor. Padded seat is very comfortable, and adjustable foot braces make it easy to handle.

The FS10 sit in is my first…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/28/2014
The FS10 sit in is my first ever kayak. I researched "fishing" kayaks extensively, and this model is full of value. I fish Lake St. Clair in Michigan, which is very large. The FS10 is stable, even in high winds and 2ft. waves. I've paddled high-flow rivers as well, and the craft handled well in some areas where I would have had problems with a canoe. I like the space - I'm 6' and 240# - and there's still room for my fishing gear. I would recommend a longer paddle, as the beam on this craft is wide. I installed all of my accessory fishing gear - fish finder, gps, tackle storage, 12V battery, wiring, anchor trolley, etc... without drilling the hull and voiding the warranty. I've had it in the water when there was still ice flowing out, no problems. For the price, I didn't find another kayak with the features, durability, versatility, and capability of this model. Even fully geared up, she still can be picked up and loaded into the back of my vehicle. I'm happy with this rig.

I have two Old Town Vapors…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/26/2012
I have two Old Town Vapors (which we love) and two Ascend FS10 Angler kayaks ~ and we enjoy each tremendously on lake and (light) river trips ~ but, it is important to note that I have the 2010-2011 Ascend models!!

The Ascend is a bit heavier and has a smaller cockpit opening, but overall is just as comfortable/stable without having to paddle heavily. Tracks well too... It also is a bit more durable it seems. Plenty of leg room on the my models, but... the newer (2012) models are a bit more shallow for leg room, and the the (inside) back of the kayak was cut out to make it lighter.

Overall a good buy for the price, but just make sure your feet/legs will fit under the front of the cockpit.

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