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The Apex 100 is a great kayak…

Submitted by: Spectre on 9/18/2016
The Apex 100 is a great kayak for calm lakes and slow-moving rivers.

This kayak tracks well in calm waters. The kayak can sometimes get off course in rivers that are moving at a brisk pace. It is still possible to get it to track well when water is moving briskly, but it will require a lot of paddling.
For a 10 foot kayak, this kayak is quick. It can also turn on a dime which is handy for avoiding obstacles and preventing collisions. It takes very little effort to get the kayak up to speed.

This kayak cuts into waves very well if you face the bow towards oncoming waves. As with any other kayak, take care to not get hit on the side by a large wave. In one instance, my father was using this particular model and he was blindsided by a wave that came from a passing boat, and it caused him to flip.

This kayak has two rod holders, and it is possible to install a small hatch directly in front of where the seat is located. The seat it comes with is actually pretty comfortable. Back support on this kayak is excellent. This is probably due to the stern deck of the kayak being high up in relation to where you are sitting (it is quite easy to push the back of the seat against the stern deck; this provides firm lower back support.
This kayak is very light and is easy for one person to launch. I would say that this is one of this kayak's biggest perks.

This is a good kayak for a $250 price point. There are more stable kayaks, and there are ones that have more bells and whistles, but this kayak maneuvers well, is stable enough to handle rivers, lakes, and sheltered waters on calm days, and it is easy to launch even when you are by yourself. If you are someone who is looking for a kayak that is easy to use and easy to move in and out of the water, this may be the kayak you are looking for.


Our family loves to do…

Submitted by: citemgr on 8/24/2016
Our family loves to do recreational kayaking. We float the Skagit, Stillaguamish, and Snoqualmie class II rivers near Seattle, set crab pots in Dungeness Bay, and take day excursions on Lake Washington, the Sammamish River and Lake Entiat. Often we include family or friends who may have little kayaking experience.

The things that matter to us are safety, fun and budget. We have 2 Apex 100 kayaks in our collection and have found them to be an ideal fit for what we do. I am 5'10" 190 lbs and my wife is 5'3" 105 lbs and yet both find the boats comfortable, stable and easy to transport. They are bomb proof so we never worry about pulling them up on rocky river bars or dragging them over the sand dunes to launch in a saltwater bay.

We have put novice kayakers in them to paddle to New Dungeness Lighthouse on the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and float class II rivers. Even the least experienced have had no difficulty maneuvering safely and efficiently.

Two years ago we added an Apex 130T tandem which has been a great fit for our excursions. This summer we used it and the Apex 100s to set and retrieve 2 crab pots full of Dungeness crabs from a mile off shore. The water was choppy and both models performed better under the conditions than our sit-inside boats. The self-bailing feature is ideal when you get splash water from the waves and crab pots.

A couple years ago I rolled the A100 in some early spring white water and had no difficulty swimming it to a bar where I flipped it upright, got back in and caught up the rest of the party. Two lessons learned that day were; having a small personal items dry bag clipped to the bungee lacing is a great idea but wearing prescription sunglasses without retainers is not.

The Apex 100s have been a great value for the water lifestyle we enjoy


Easy to load and launch. …

Submitted by: disp44 on 8/15/2016
Easy to load and launch. Enough room for all my camping gear for over night stays along with fishing gear for river floats. Only problem is my grand son is likes to borrow it so I end up using my sit on top which I don't enjoy nearly as much.

I bought the Apex 100 for my…

Submitted by: tcsamples on 9/3/2015
I bought the Apex 100 for my wife's B-Day in July. She has enjoyed this relaxing time on the lake very much. She allows me to use the Apex 100 as well and I have to say it moves very well through the water. It is a great exercise program and a very relaxing activity.

I recently purchased a…

Submitted by: sailor67 on 8/26/2015
I recently purchased a Pelican Apex 100 after extensive research. This is my first Kayak at age 68 and I am enjoying it very much. Things that influenced my purchase are Cost, easy to carry by myself, very stable, easy to control and fun. I have installed a anchor trolley, paddle holder, dry hatch, scotty mount, for a water video camera, and rod holders. Would recommend this Kayak for anyone that enjoys getting out on the water.

I bought this a week ago and…

Submitted by: paddler236380 on 7/20/2015
I bought this a week ago and took it out on Georgian Bay, ON Canada last night, it was a bit choppy out maybe 1 ft waves or a bit less but a beautiful day and I was really impressed at the stability of the kayak, I didn't feel like i was going to fall off. The seat isn't that comfy but not terrible. I really like the sit on top style. I'm really pleased with my Pelican Apex 100 and it's affordable. I highly recommend. 5 stars!

I absolutely love the Pelican…

Submitted by: beth13 on 7/3/2015
I absolutely love the Pelican Apex 100. The seat is very comfortable and it tracks great! I would recommend this kayak for all ages!

I bought this kayak for me,…

Submitted by: perezmerino on 7/1/2015
I bought this kayak for me, it's my first kayak. I like it but I feel it a little unstable, maybe my inexperience makes me feel it that way, but for the price is a good kayak.

My first kayak, retrofitted…

Submitted by: paddler236146 on 2/25/2015
My first kayak, retrofitted with 2 in-hull fishing rod holders and swivel rod holder. This is a great fishing platform, really sneaks up on the Bass, very stable, highly recommend

We just purchased two Apex…

Submitted by: paddler236019 on 9/26/2014
We just purchased two Apex 100 kayaks for recreational use. They worked great on trip from a slow smooth river into Puget Sound where they were stable and maneuverable, and we had no problems keeping up with friends in sea kayaks. We also used them to float the class 2 Snoqualmie River with our daughters. Two were in the Pelicans and two in an Advanced Elements Dragon Fly tandem. Everyone preferred the Pelicans. I’m 5-10 190lbs and my wife and daughters are 5-0 to 5-3 110lbs and they worked fine for all of us. Great value for what we enjoy doing.

The Pelican Apex 100 was my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/3/2014
The Pelican Apex 100 was my starter Kayak, and at under $200 it was a good choice among the other cheaper boats. The Apex has a decent hull design compared to the other boats in its price range. It was very stable under my 200 lbs. + gear but still moved better than my friend's massive barge like Tamarack kayak. It was also much lighter and easier to carry, load and unload from the truck.

At this price, negatives should be taken with a grain of salt. The molded in side carry handles are not great, so I added a true strap style on one side. I also added a paddle holder and a front bungee net (that I really didn't need or use).

The hull was tuff, it held up great scrubbing rocks in low water in my local river run with just cosmetic scratches. It got dragged, banged and run aground hard with me in it and it was fine.

I'd recommend this to anyone starting out. I used it for river running to fishing on big water and it was really capable. Compared to a better boat it could track better and it isn't very fast, but it wasn't bad enough to ruin a day on the water. Until my buddy got a faster boat I wasn't planning on buying anything else, but getting left behind got old fast! If I only went out alone, I'd still own this boat!


My family recently bought a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/21/2014
My family recently bought a couple of the Pelican Apex 100 Sit On Tops for the adults in our family to use. They are so easy to steer and maintain your balance. I especially like these, the cut the water beautifully and handle well even for beginners.

great small boat very stable…

Submitted by: Litebread on 8/11/2014
great small boat very stable I added 2 flush mount rod holders and a storage hatch in front of the seat and mounted a Lowrance depth finder also. The 10' length is very easy to handle in the water and out. The Ram-X hull is very tough and will take a beating; I love this boat

So far I have taken this…

Submitted by: paddler235756 on 7/18/2014
So far I have taken this kayak out on a calm lake as well as the ocean. It did great in both situations. Very stable and fairly lightweight. I definitely recommend it.

I Got the Apex 100 Angler for…

Submitted by: paddler235711 on 7/5/2014
I Got the Apex 100 Angler for an awesome 199$ price at Dicks Sporting Goods on a boat sale. For a beginner boat on a budget, this would be the absolute minimum i would recommend for a sit on top.

-Stable. you seriously have to intentionally flip this thing over. I've been out in choppy lake waters, and got hit by some serious wake from jerk boaters, and if anything riding the "surf" made it more fun.
-Lightweight, I put this on my roofrackless civic with foam boogie boards and ratcheting straps, easily by myself carried to and from the water.
-Gear space, I can throw all my fishing shit in the back, 2 rod holders are nice, the bungee cords are pretty legit. could use a small bungee area in the front, may do this myself.
-Has a lot of spots to attach cleats, anchor trollys, more rod holders, and other accessories. Also can add a well if you're a good craftsman.

-Tracking. everyone says this, and I'll vouch for it. give it 20 seconds and you'll be turning in a strange direction. an anchor trolly would fix this. But for now i just dip my paddle in for a second to adjust, when i stop to relax. fishing gets a little tough when you have to keep paddling to stay straight.
-Seat. my lowerback always hurts when i use this thing. I usually stop and stretch every 45 minutes or so to fix that. I'm thinking of ways to currently fix this seat, or attach a new one.

Overall, this thing is very fun to get out and paddle around. Def worth the money.


Not a bad yak for the money I…

Submitted by: paddler235693 on 7/3/2014
Not a bad yak for the money I have owned on now for almost 4 years of pretty hard abuse! And still in very good shape. Only complaint I have is that the factory seat was not very comfortable had to install my own, other than that no complaints

A great little relatively…

Submitted by: paddler234727 on 8/7/2013
A great little relatively inexpensive recreational entry-level boat. Very stable and with good capacity for a boat of this size. As I have suspected even before I used it, tracking isn't good because of it's short length. I though a skeg might just make some significant improvement. So I modified a skeg originally for the Advanced Element Airfusion and attached it through the hole at the stern of the Apex with some modification and reinforcement of the hole, etc. Walla! Now this little boat tracks like my 15 footer! I love it.
Bottom line: a skeg of some sort will definitely help the tracking.

I got the ten ft. Kayak for…

Submitted by: rickwar04 on 8/5/2013
I got the ten ft. Kayak for fathers day this past year from Dicks Sporting goods. The first time we went on the river I knew that this was a winner. Tracking is good and in a choppy sea it's better. They say that this is for the person less than 185 but I have friends that have used it and it was fine with over 250 plus man.

The kayak is easy to paddle and there room for lunch and drinks in the back as well. Best part about this kayak is the clean up a little soap and water and it's ready for the next trip I use this one when I am just running off for a quick paddle (I also have a 12 Woodduck) this keeps it simple. Try it and you'll see.


Great beginner Kayak. Turns…

Submitted by: 24tesla on 7/24/2013
Great beginner Kayak. Turns and handles, but tracking is not as great. Was the wife's first Kayak, and great for her to learn, but now passing it down to my 11 year old, who handles it quite well.

I enjoy this kayak each time…

Submitted by: paddler234886 on 1/29/2013
I enjoy this kayak each time I put it on the lake. It's a basic yak without the added options (easily added) and it is light enough to carry over your head or in one hand at your side. There are convenient molded-in carry handles on both sides and the kayak seems well balanced when you need to use them. There are carry handles on each end as well.

I like the built-in footrest over my other kayak's adjustable footrest rails. I enjoy being able to easily change leg & foot positions any time I need to get more comfortable. This is a dry kayak that tracks & glides well. It also turns on a dime with ease. I use a Werner Shuna 215cm paddle and have a fairly high angle stroke and this boat will flat get it done. Plus, I was able to buy it locally for under $300 at The Academy.

I bought this kayak because it was so different than my Heritage Angler 10' (which is awesome too). The Apex 100 is just sportier. I will be purchasing a 12-14' kayak as my third boat and I am glad that I will have the Apex 100 for our guests to enjoy on the lake. I recommend it.


I just bought this boat for…

Submitted by: Edwin on 8/2/2012
I just bought this boat for my 13year old and he loves it. We took a 7-mile trip down the river and he was all over it picking up trash and bottles. It handled like a dream. This was his 2nd time in a kayak, and first time in a sit on top. It's light enough he can carry it about 50 yds by himself. This boat tracks well, easy to maneuver, and fun to play with. I will recommend this boat to a friend

Bought this canoe not really…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/28/2011
Bought this canoe not really knowing what I was getting since i really don't know that much about canoes. I'm a big guy and probably come close to maxing out the weight limits and was worried, but I got it at a steal and figured if it didn't work out, I'd keep it around for my son when he was in town.

First of all, I shouldn't have been so worried. This is a VERY stable Kayak. When I got the Kayak, I first put it in my swimming pool so I could get a feel of the canoe, how far I can go before it rolls, etc. I was surprised, I almost had to intentionally tip the canoe over. It's very stable. Next to Rhodes Pond, same thing. The canoe is stable, tracks well (from my beginner standpoint anyway).

IMO, this canoe is an excellent starter canoe, for someone just getting into the sport, not wanting to sink a lot of dollars and is a real confidence builder for a newbie. I can see the day when I'll probably want another better performing kayak. But for a starter kayak, this little boat can't be beat.


This Kayaks is the best. It's…

Submitted by: paddler233392 on 2/2/2011
This Kayaks is the best. It's light not bulky and it's easy to use.