NRS Boundary Shoes

by  NRS

NRS Boundary Shoes Description

The NRS Boundary Shoe is a high-top, waterproof and warm shoe. Great for those wet, soggy put-ins and portages. Individually tested to ensure waterproofness. The waterproof 5-mm neoprene upper has glued, blind-stitched and double-taped seams to keep your feet warm and dry. Comfy 7-mm neoprene insole atop a high-traction wrap-up sole provides the protection and support you've come to expect from our footwear. The ladder buckle strap at the top and the sturdy instep strap ensure the shoe stays in place even in the muckiest conditions.

NRS Boundary Shoes Specs and Features

  • Material Description: Neoprene & rubber

Additional Attributes

  • 2-mm plastic shim for even more protection from sharp, pointy objects.
  • Each shoe is factory tested to ensure waterproof performance.
  • Whole sizes only. Women order one size smaller. 1/2 sizes order one size larger.

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NRS Boundary Shoes Reviews

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This review is for the new…

Submitted by: ryedinak on 12/7/2021

This review is for the new redesigned style of the Boundary Waters boot by NRS.

I already had the old style of the Boundary Waters boot that I had worn on a few canoe trips to Quetico. The old style has the "moccasin" style foot form. When I saw the new style of the Boundary Waters boot that has more of a "boot" style foot form, I thought that would be an improvement over the old style to give my foot some extra support. However, the new style failed miserably on my trip to the Boundary Waters the week of July 4, 2021. I wore the new boots a couple of times at home for muddy dog park visits before my Boundary Waters trip. The boots fit and felt fine. But once I was on the portages in the Boundary Waters the boots became a big problem. When I was walking over the rocks on the portages, if I hit a rock on an angle, the sole of the new boot grabbed the rock and the whole boot turned on my foot. I ended up with the sole of the boot on the side of my ankle and me standing on the opposite side of the boot. I had to constantly try to get the boot back in position several times on each portage with the canoe on my shoulders. Between portages I tried to tighten the boot laces as tight as I could get them, but the problem persisted.

I ended up abandoning the Boundary Waters boots after the first day and wore my camp sandals and socks for the rest of the trip. I packed the boots at the bottom of my pack and didn't wear them for the rest of the trip. The boot fit is not the problem. Before my trip I ordered a size 12 of the new designed boot from Amazon, as that was the size of my old Boundary Waters boots. The size 12 was too large. Amazon did not have a size 11 that could be delivered in time for my trip. So I returned the 12's to Amazon and ordered a size 11 from Olympic Outdoor Center. I believe a size 10 would be too small for me. I think the problem with the new design is the new sole that is glued to the bottom of the boot. Since it is a stiffer foot bed, and has enhanced traction, the new sole grips to the angled rocks and then the whole bottom of the boot would turn on my foot. With the old style boot the sole is thinner and wraps up the sides of my foot so I did not have this problem. And as I said above, I tried tightening the new boots as much as I could, but that did not fix the issue.

This was not just my isolated problem. When I went to the NRS website to return the boots under their satisfaction guarantee, I saw that another purchaser posted a low rated review because he/she had the exact same problem with the boots on a trip to the Boundary Waters

It is too bad because I was hoping for an improved experience with the new design. And I am concerned that once my old boots wear out, I won't have a good replacement option. I will stick to my old style of the Boundary Waters boot and hope I can get them to last several seasons. If you can find the old style in stock anywhere in your size, I recommend them.


I bought these boots about 3…

Submitted by: FTCricket on 6/20/2018

I bought these boots about 3 years ago for cold weather paddling and they are still in great condition. They keep my feet dry and therefore warm up to just below the knees and are not so big and bulky that they cause problems inside the boat. There is a plastic shim in the insole that protects my feet from oyster beads and sharp limestone rocks. They are just about perfect for me but I can only give it a 4 since they are only available in men's sizes which are wide for most women's feet.


I bought these because my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/24/2013
I bought these because my feet get really cold due to poor circulation. NO MORE! The high tops (just below my knees) mean my feet stay dry stepping in and out of my boats; wool socks inside plus the thick neoprene keep my feet comfortable even on the coldest days (down south at least). The heavy rubber soles seem like they will stand up to years of wear. They are also very comfortable. The adjustable top strap means they stay up securely, even though they are very easy to get on.

Nice pair of boots; it is…

Submitted by: prospector_rich on 5/29/2013
Nice pair of boots; it is nice getting in and out of the kayak without wet feet,would highly recommend them. Good company to do business with.

I would agree with the other…

Submitted by: outlier on 11/27/2010
I would agree with the other reviewers. The only complaint I have about the boot is the arch support. There does not seem to be much. In fact, I usually do not have an issue with shoes/boots in that regard but after wearing these boots for several hours I note some foot pain. I suspect that an insert will take care of the problem but have not yet tried that approach.

This is the second pair of…

Submitted by: paddler230939 on 11/24/2010
This is the second pair of NRS Boundary booties my wife and I have purchased: first pair is ten years old and still in pretty good shape: this yak bootie is warm, light weight, not bulky like rubber boots and such. And they are very comfortable, much like a jogging shoe without the thick profile: we use them in the winter to yak fish: feet stay dry and warm in our sit on top fishing yaks. If you wear a half size street shoe, buy the next whole size up: they will fit like a glove: excellent product. We shall never again be without them.

Good design, very functional…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/22/2009
Good design, very functional and comfortable. Dry feet are a great thing and this boot does the trick,and I would have given this boot a 10, however, I sent the first pair back because of a silicone like residue that came off on my socks and transferred to anything I stepped on (wood floors, other shoes) making them slick. It will clean up off the floors but when trying to clean it out of the boots, it didn't all come out. They sent me a new pair which was much better but the residue is still there a little. I'm keeping them because I like the boot a lot and hopefully it will wear off but in the meantime I'll be bringing an extra pair of socks.

I recently purchased a pair…

Submitted by: DGW on 4/25/2008
I recently purchased a pair of NRS boundary shoes to provide a little more protection for my dry suit. The thought of walking in a pair of wet shoes with sand and or what ever grinding away at my suit’s gortex socks didn’t set real well with me. So I purchased a pair of these boots and have been using them ever since the ice has melted off the local lakes.

So far the socks have been dry and clean. However the protection is only good as long as you don’t step into water deeper than the boot is high. If you find yourself swimming, these boots provide an additional layer of thermal protection. The strap that goes over the top of the foot helps keep the boot in place, and I did not find my feet sliding around inside the boot when walking either up hill or down. I’ll be using these boots even when I transition from the dry suit to a wet suit, the boots are that comfortable. I would give these boots a rating of ten.