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Just bought a carbon Chatham 17 and taken it out for it's maiden voyage. Just super! My wet exit and paddle float re-entry was the easiest I've ever done and the boat fits like a glove in the heavy chop. It's black, too-very sexy

I really like my Ellesmere but wonder why I get tons of water in the cockpit-is is the flat deck? there are no leaks anywhere-I've checked. It rolls very well but I have injured my hand on the rope skeg control knob. I may move it further back. Getting a bit long in the tooth I sometimes find the ocean cockpit a bit of a challenge but with the help of yoga classes it's getting easier. A superb boat.

I have had my Gulfstream for about five years and in fact it's the only kayak I've ever had. Over the years I have acquired the necessary sea kayaking skills in it (I still haven't learned to roll) and have had it out in terric seas with nary a pang. I am 65, weigh 174 and am five six. I would like to buy an 'Eskimo' kayak, and feel closer to the water, say and 'artic hawk' but everyone say's stay with what you've got.