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This is a follow-up to my earlier review... I have since paddled many brands of stitch and glue but the Glen-L is still the most comfortable and stable stitch and glue sea kayak made... it would make an amazing Mississippi River long haul boat or rough bay crossing boat.

I am a male, late 50's, 185 pounds, average athletic ability. The Epic V10 Sport, performance model with factory installed drop down rudder has been awesome. I paddle in the Tennessee River, 2-3 mph current, large boat waves from tubing, people on skies and barges. The V10 Sport has been the awesome. I have paddled the WS Tarpon, Necky Elaho plastic, Looksha II, Epic 18X performance kayaks. I have tried Mako6, Think Legend, Think Evo (before paddling the 18X). Having stepped up the ladder of stability I could maybe enjoy the other skis better now and I will post it if I get a chance to paddle them. Brian Defouw and the people at Outdoor Inc in Memphis were awesome (as was the local BBQ) and the service I received from Epic Kayaks, Inc in Charleston was refreshing. Vince Bechet helped me get my kickup rudder installed and advised me on the best way to do that. Waylon Willis did a great job on the install and Beverly Hill was very helpful with the paperwork for my repair of my Epic rudder system... a great experience and an amazing paddling experience... as close as I have ever come to riding a magic carpet (music please :o)...)

I have paddled my Epic 18X for over a year now and it was sweet enough for me to do the unthinkable... I sold my Looksha II to a good friend. It is light and fast and has handled weather/water conditions that would be considered very dangerous... flooding downstream and 24mph winds blowing upriver creating washing machine conditions in the Tennessee River where I paddle. I am 5-10, 185 average 59 year old male paddler... I love my boat.

Just an update after the 2008 Phat Water Race in Natchez, MS.
Awesome glide, tracking and speed. It took great care of me during the 42.5 mile race. My only regret is that I would love to see a qualified paddler use it in the Mississippi race. Who ever designed it did a super job for what I want in a boat (plus character)

My numbers are 5'10", 185 lbs, size 11 shoes and pushing 60 years old.
The boat has been a joy. It tracks true, has great glide, fair initial stability, great secondary stability. I did a 30 mile paddle in rough Tennessee River water with 25 mph wind from back and side at times and stayed dry, safe and comfortable. It looks like a classic out of an Ernest Hemmingway Film and rides like a '68 Cadillac. I have trouble with leg circulation in some boats but not this one yet. I would recommend it to a friend.

I am 5'10" tall, 180 lbs. 55+male. Have owned 3 touring boats and a couple of SOT's. I have paddled almost 2 years. I love the response, fit speed and comfort. It comes as close as I have paddled to being perfect for 4mph river, 1/2 mile wide river long touring and workouts. I paddled in 2 foot mixed, choppy water in high winds and felt very secure. Skeg is great for having option to track or maneuver. I have not yet timed it for top speed but it seems to keep up with faster paddlers.

The Brown Pelican is an awesome design. It is 14 inches tall in the front and 7 inches in the back. At slow speed the rear is out of the water but drops down to track at paddle speed. It's workmanship is typical mid-eighties Phoenix (great layup work). It is front heavy when on land but is still about 28 pounds and easy to carry. Has good stability. Not much cargo space and no bulkheads but great for day paddles. Like no other boat I've seen. Looks like front end canoe, back end racing kayak.

It is a classic looking, natural finish, about 25 lbs, responds to body shift, planes out and tracks well at higher speed, handled 18" choppy waves, is 23 inches wide.
Discontinued, don't know why, maybe no mass market appeal. Not a beginner kayak although decent stability.

My Espirit by Northwest Kayaks was marketed 8-12 years ago by Wilderness Kayaks. It is fiberglass/composite. It is just over 16 feet long and is the joy of my kayaking life. It took all of 20 minutes to feel in sync. Who ever designed and built this boat is to be commended. I have paddled beside some awesome kayaks, but my boat still draws positive attention.

I would consider buying a new one if Northwest were to return to production and be true to the original. It has a purple-gold metal flake paint job (original) that is a bit faded but it is a wonderful experience each time we go out. I have grown attached to this kayak and unless stolen or lost I will keep it for a very long time and I would advise people to buy one if possible.