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Versa Board Reviews

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Was looking for a board that…

Submitted by: paddler443726 on 6/19/2018

Was looking for a board that was a hybrid that could be used for stand up paddling as well as kayak; a board that I could fish standing up or sitting down. Found this great board that fits those needs. It’s heavy, about 55 lbs., but has tag-along wheels for easier transport to water. The weight gives it extra stability for fishing. Purchased a removable wedge seat for added comfort while sitting. It has a paddle board clip to clip your paddle to while transporting from vehicle to water. This paddles fine as a SUP or kayak. If you are looking for being able to sit and stand paddling and also enjoy fishing, highly recommend this. Had it for about a year and been holding up great.


Owned the same board (Liquid…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/8/2016
Owned the same board (Liquid Logic) for 2.5 years. It was a HEAVY boat. , seemed much heavier than the spec weight. Very hard to paddle in the wind and very slow while standing up. Has almost no glide. It is pretty much a tank of an SUP. One of the biggest problems I had with mine is drainage. It doesn't drain even with the scupper holes, instead the second you pull the plugs it fills with water and your stuck with it until you find a place to tip the kayak to drain it. That was very frustrating while fishing from it. If your using it to gust go screw around in calm water then it's a decent boat but if you plan to fish out of it be prepared to get very wet, work your butt off to paddle any kind of distance and be aware of how loud it is. Lots of haul slap in the front. There are a couple fun factors with this boat but they do not out weight the cons. I sold mine a few months ago and replaced with a Jackson Kraken and cannot believe how happy I am. It has left me scratching my head on how the Versa Board with the first class seat could possibly cost the same as my new Kraken????? Pros Open platform for dog or to pull fish up on the the boat. Good construction. Can jump off boat to swim and easily get back on. Open deck is nice. Cons Heavy, awkward to carry, no side handles, slow, floods easily and won't drain. Water comes in through scupper holes and not out. Lots of haul slap. Usage Fishing, as an SUP on rivers.

I rode one of these when they…

Submitted by: spirit4earth on 3/18/2016
I rode one of these when they were made by Liquid Logic. The board is big and heavy, but once on the water it seemed to paddle okay. I think it would be a great board for it's intended use, which is camping and fishing. Not recommended as a recreational paddle board for uses other than fishing. I guess it could be used for anything, but it does seem to be a board to be used almost like a sit-on-top kayak. Pros It paddles well enough. It has the sit-down option, which some people might find useful. Cons Very big, and VERY heavy. Not that maneuverable. Usage Fishing, camping, just tooling around.

Great board for Kayaking and…

Submitted by: jskuno on 8/6/2015

Great board for Kayaking and SUP. Blends both activities in one board. Light weight, easy to handle, especially with rear wheel, tracks well and stable handling.


Great board. My 70lb German Shepherd and myself have gone to…

Submitted by: paddler236259 on 6/9/2015

Great board. My 70lb German Shepherd and myself have gone to the tides and surf of the outbanks NC to the coastal NC rivers and upstream along the Yadkin river of NC.

Stable, tracks great and I can sit, kneel stand as my mood changes along the journey.


Bought this board this…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/27/2015
Bought this board this winter, so I've only had it out twice. It is heavy to carry, but not difficult to paddle. I have only used it on flat water, and having the skeg down helped track straight. I'll take it on moving water when it warms up, and try that with the skeg up. Pros versability ability to add a seat Cons the board is heavy, but does come with a wheel Usage recreational

Nice boardProsLong, wide,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/28/2014
Nice board Pros Long, wide, made of polyurethane,wheel on back, places to strap items,not heavy. Cons The wheel needs lubrication alot Usage Mostly in the river, creeks, alittle ocean, easy to loan out hard to damage

Best purchase I've ever…

Submitted by: paddler235466 on 3/20/2014

Best purchase I've ever made! I know that's a bit grande but I absolutely love it. Yes, may be a little heavy, but I really don't find it that unmanageable. Tracks really good - I've had it in the ocean - small waves and out on the lake in choppy water and it is so stable. Only problem for me is it took me 4 months to get it shipped to Australia


Was able to borrow a Versa…

Submitted by: badmoose61 on 3/16/2014
Was able to borrow a Versa board for an afternoon of fishing here in WI. The Versa board is very stability as a kayak or as a SUP. Sit down and zoom to where you want to fish, the rudder really helps you keep you moving straight. The tag along wheel makes it so easy to move and nice not to drag the bottom along. Pros The swivel seat was a day saver, I can only stand so long and having the option to sit down on and off was great. Flips up and out of the way when you’re on your feet fishing. Cons Would like to have had a strap or something to help stand and sit. Or maybe a bar that would fold down. Usage Fishing along the Fox River.

I demoed the Versa board…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/20/2014

I demoed the Versa board today in Tampa Bay along with several other stand up boards. It has some very nice features and seating options along with some drawbacks.

It was very stable and tracked ok with the skeg down. It was very roomy/comfy. It was also very very heavy. It feels much heavier than it's claimed 55 lbs. The tag-along wheel also doesn't work well because the front handle flip flops around. It has bad hull slap and is terribly slow with zero glide. It feels like constant drag!

I also tried the Ocean Kayak Nalu which felt much faster and tracked better cost less and was lighter so I bought the Nalu.


Tried the Versa out this…

Submitted by: seark on 9/21/2011

Tried the Versa out this past weekend as well as a NRS Big Earl inflatable SUP. Compared to the inflatable, the Versa was much more stable - and much heavier. The Versa has greater versatility and I liked the sculpted sitting area. I was on a lake and really liked the Versa. I see it has a real option for paddling my dog and I. I like the options of being able to alternate between sitting and standing (and laying down for a nap!).

The inflatable SUP required greater balance and did have more flex. Had lower weight capacity and I can't see paddling the dog and a cooler out to my favorite island on it. I could see doing that on the Versa.

I have been a touring kayaker for several years and have done some races. Paddle mostly big rivers, swamps, lakes, bayous, estuaries and occasionally mild surf on trips to the coast. I could see using the Versa in almost all those conditions. Really like the idea of an inflatable that I could carry in the trunk for spur of the moment trips, but think I would probably use the Versa more often.


My wife and I recently…

Submitted by: paddler233935 on 4/5/2011

My wife and I recently bought the Versa Board and the Deuce Coupe. We absolutely love both. We have been using them on the lake, and for most things the Deuce Coupe can't be beat. But when the water is flat and shallow, the Versa board comes into its own. The Versa is almost as fast as the Deuce except when it gets choppy, then the wide flat bow really slaps the water and slows it down. Gear storage is possible with the bungees, but you need dry bags. I only point this out because it is a hybrid yak/paddle board. Seating positions with or without the optional seats are comfortable for me, and the deluxe seat I have quick detaches so you can flip it back out of the way for stand-up paddling. Standing is a blast, although at my weight of 215 lbs I notice some flex under my feet in certain sections of the board. This board is very stable, tracks great with the skeg down and is very maneuverable with it up. This will definitely be the one I choose for use is bays and flat water, and can't wait to try it on slower rivers. My wife is planning on using it to follow and assist triathlon swimmers.